Look, the Wishing Star! - The Blue Fairy Concept (Likely)

The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio, 1940)

When you wish upon a star, you just might find your wishes are answered. The Blue Fairy arrives at the perfect time to support her allies.

“You must learn to choose between right and wrong.”

Stars: :star:

Type: Backline Support

Trials Team: Yellow Team

Entrance: The Blue Fairy floats down in a blue sparkle, then appears.

Victory: The Blue Fairy smiles and folds her hands.

Defeat: The Blue Fairy disappears in a large blue sparkle.


Basic Attack:
See Passive.

:white_circle: White Skill: “Star Light, Star Bright”
Passive: The Blue Fairy does not enter battle until 12 seconds have passed. For her basic attack The Blue Fairy heals the ally with the least HP for 10% of their max health.

Active: The Blue Fairy waves her wand, healing the ally with the least remaining health for X health and granting them +200 energy.

:green_circle: Green Skill: “Brave, Truthful, And Unselfish”
The Blue Fairy waves her wand, healing herself and any ally below 50% of their max health for X health. All allies affected are also Energized for 12 seconds. Allies energized with this skill gain +50 energy per basic attack.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: “Awake”
When an ally reaches 1 HP, The Blue Fairy waves her wand, healing them for 100% of their max health, increasing their max HP by X for the remainder of the wave, and making them invincible for 5 seconds. The Blue Fairy can use this skill once per wave.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: “Blinding Brilliance”
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Upon entering each wave and upon being KO’d, The Blue Fairy Blinds all enemies for 8 seconds. When The Blue Fairy uses her Basic Attack, she has a 50% chance to Blind any enemies near the affected ally for 6 seconds. Enemies Blinded by The Blue Fairy take X fantastic damage per second for the duration of the Blind.

:red_circle: Red Skill: “Prove Yourself”
Upon entering each wave, The Blue Fairy heals all allies for 50% of their max health. Any ally healed to or above 100% of their max health with this skill gain +200 energy.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X Max HP

  • +Y Max Energy

  • +Z “Awake” Healing


The Blue Fairy and Fairy Godmother: Making An Entrance 101

Enter combat faster to better support allies

Disk Power

  • +X “Star Light, Star Bright” Healing

  • +Y “Blinding Brilliance” Damage per second


  • The Blue Fairy now enters each wave of combat after 10.8/9.6/8.4/7.2/6.0 seconds have passed

Allies: Maleficent, Kida, Negaduck

The Blue Fairy and Monkey Fist: A Test Of Truthfulness

Avoid True Damage

Disk Power

  • +X Basic Damage to The Blue Fairy and all allies

  • +X Skill Power to The Blue Fairy and all allies

  • +Y Tenacity


  • The Blue Fairy always has a 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% chance to dodge True Damage from Basic Attacks or skills even if disabled

Allies: Pegasus, Stitch, Bolt

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