Luca & Alberto (Luca Hero(es) Concept)

Luca & Alberto


Luca and Alberto are sea monsters traveling around the City on their Vespa and putting their enthusiasm on the table.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Tank
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “Take me, gravity!”

Entrance: Luca and Alberto, both in their sea monster forms, roll into the battlefield on their Vespa, and shake themselves off to transform into humans.
Victory: Luca and Alberto cheer.
KO: Water balloons splash over Luca and Alberto’s heads, turning them back into sea monsters. (When Purple Skill is unlocked, they simply gasp in fear.)

Basic Attack: Luca and Alberto bump into enemies with their Vespa.

White Skill - Triathlon Challenge - Normal Damage
Luca and Alberto perform in a Portorosso Cup Triathlon challenge, each one respective to the role of the last enemy that attacked them.

  • Damage
    Luca and Alberto ride their Vespa through enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy hit.

  • Control
    Luca puts on the underwater diver helmet, making himself and Alberto immune to debuffs for 7 seconds.

  • Support/Tank
    Alberto scarfs down a plate of pasta, granting himself and Luca X additional HP.

Green Skill - Silenzio, Bruno!
Luca and Alberto shout out loud, making themselves immune to debuffs for 5 seconds, and also canceling debuffs already applied to them.

Blue Skill - Singing Lady Machine
Luca and Alberto play the record player, granting allies X HP and increasing their attack speeds by 45% for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Underdogs Forever
If Luca and Alberto reach 0HP, they regenerate their HP by 50% and continue the battle as sea monsters, taking 25% less damage from enemies with a lower Hero Level than them.

Red Skill - Challenge Accepted
Luca and Alberto increase all allies’ max HP by 20% each time they perform a skill that enhances allies’ performance.

Luca & Alberto + Vanellope
Campaign: Team of Three - Vanellope thinks she can win in the Portorosso Cup triathlon, but Luca and Alberto tell her it’s more than just a race. She needs the gut and the exercise to claim the cup.
Disk: Elements of Chaos
Disk Memory: Each time Luca and Alberto perform their “Triathlon Challenge” skill, they steal X energy from the enemy with the most HP.
Disk Power: Z armor

Luca & Alberto + Hank & Dory
Campaign: Fish Out of Water - Luca and Alberto meet Hank and Dory in the park. Having never encountered talking fish before, they reconsider their superiority over fish in general.
Disk: Fish Are Friends
Disk Memory: Any HP Luca and Alberto give to allies are tripled.
Disk Power: Z reality, Z Basic Skill power


What an interesting choice!

Really like the concept one thing is that red skills are usually a bit more than that but it’s a really good concept overall.

Luca and Alberto are a good guys but they are heroes!

They look cool!

Nice :smile:

How did you put the picture on the concept

  1. Why are you replying to me with that post? I didn’t make the concept.
  2. You’re trust level isn’t high enough to post them.
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I know I’m talking to the one who made the concept

Then why did you reply to me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You gotta wait some time after posting something on the forums in order to reach Trust Level 1. Only then will you be able to put up photos from your camera roll.

I think that is better a “tank” hero

You’re right

Good concept but will u make a raya one two

Once I see the movie, then maybe I’ll consider making one or more.

Ok I didn’t really like raya but I might want to watch it

Wait I replied wrong

There’s a pencil icon dedicated to editing your reply to what you meant to say, btw

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