LudWig Von Drake (Hero Concept)

LudWig Von Drake (from Mickey and Friends)
Description: Using a wide variety of gadgets, LudWig Von Drake will keep his own front in the battle.
Quote: “We’ll deal with that tomorrow”
Stars: 2
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: LudWig will zap in with a time pod and pull out a suit case that has a set of mechanical hands will come out of it
Victory: The hands will cheer while LudWig claps
Death: the suitcase will explode while LudWig’s jaw will drop to the floor
Role: Midline Damage

Basic attack: One of the hands will slap the closest enemy

White skill: Master of all things science
The hands will pull out a chalkboard and LudWig will solve an equation on it, studying all enemies and upping LudWig’s skill power by X.

Green skill: 0000.1 percent chance: Fantastic damage
The hands will give LudWig a calculator which he will then solve an equation for a percent. This will have him study the three closest enemies and applying three random debuffs to and dealing X damage to the rest.

Blue skill: Laser Cutter: Fantastic damage
The hands will pull out a laser cutter that fires a laser and will deal X damage to all enemies and apply shatter to them.

Purple skill: Hall of Science: True damage
Any skills that study deal true damage. Along with this studied enemies take 20% more damage from LudWig.

Red skill: Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
LudWig will enter each wave with full energy and will have his skill power increased by X.


LudWig Von Drake and Scrooge Mcduck
Disk: Kooky Cousin
LudWig will gain attack up after using his white skill
Scrooge hires his cousin, LudWig Von Drake, to build a new security system for The Money Bin
Allies: Bunsen and Beaker Heiro Baymax

LudWig Von Drake and Mickey Mouse
Disk: The Important Package
LudWig will have attack speed up applied after he uses his green skill
Dr Draken tries to get a hold on an important package that LudWig has so he hires Mickey to help him
Allies: Goofy Donald Duck Daisy Duck

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