Luigi/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker Friendship Campaign Concept

Here is Luigi’s second friendship campaign.

Campaign Name: Ghostly Combat

Luigi/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker


Allies: Disgust, Captain Amelia, Minnie Mouse

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Luigi and Bunsen and Beaker are now friends!

Bunsen: Oh look, Beaker, it’s Mario’s younger twin brother! What’s his name? Louie?

Beaker: Mee Mee Moo Meep.

Bunsen: Oh! Luigi, of course!

Luigi: Thank you, someone knows me. Well, sort of, who are you?

Bunsen: I am Dr. Bunsen Honerdew, and this is my assistant Beaker.

Beaker: Meep Meep Moop Mee Mee.

Luigi: Well, glad to meet you guys.

Campaign Story: Luigi tests Muppet Labs’ new equipment for ghost hunting.

Luigi: Hello? You wanted to see me, Dr. Honeydew?

Bunsen: Oh I’m so glad you’re here Luigi. Muppet Labs have been sprucing up new gadgets.

Beaker: Mee Mee.

Bunsen: We were wondering if you could use them for ghost hunting?

Luigi: I don’t know, Bunsen. You sure they’re safe?

Chapter 1: Polter Upgrades

Chapter 1-1: Luigi immediately starts to have second thoughts of the ‘upgrades’.

Chapter 1-2: After what he heard from Gizmoduck with some gadgets. He hopes one of them will work.

Chapter 1-3: Meanwhile, a delighted Bunsen raids Muppet Labs of ghost hunting inventions.

Chapter 1-4: Beaker tries to assure Luigi that he personally has tested them. But unfortunately, Luigi can’t understand him.

Chapter 1-5: The trio then heads to the Warehouse District to test the gadgets out.

Luigi: You sure these are safe, Bunsen?

Bunsen: Don’t you worry, Luigi. Beaker has tested them and they’re perfectly harmless.

Beaker: Moop Meep Meep.

Bunsen: Now our first gadget is the Ghost Track Detector.

Chapter 2: Ghost Prints

Chapter 2-1: Bunsen explains that the Ghost Track Detector can show a floating trail to a ghost.

Chapter 2-2: Luigi turns it on, and it shows a floating trail. The trio follows the path.

Chapter 2-3: Sure enough, Luigi finds a Greenie lurking around.

Chapter 2-4: Luigi begins to suck up the ghost while slamming it to the ground.

Chapter 2-5: Bunsen and Beaker stand back so they won’t get hit.

Luigi: Wow, can’t believe it actually worked.

Beaker: Mee mee!

Bunsen: I am bubbling with excitement that the Ghost Track Detector works! Good thing for that random ghost.

Luigi: What do we have next?

Chapter 3: Transparent Bait

Chapter 3-1: Bunsen shows Luigi the next invention, Ghost Bait.

Chapter 3-2: The Ghost Bait just acts like any kind of bait, in this case, lures ghosts.

Chapter 3-3: But when Bunsen activates the bait, they get ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 3-4: Bunsen quickly duplicates Beaker from the cloning machine.

Chapter 3-5: The creeps may have retreated, but the ghost bait didn’t attract any ghosts.

Luigi: I’m not seeing any ghosts with the bait.

Beaker: Moop! Meep! Moop!

Luigi: * sniffs the bait * Mamma mia! Bunsen, what did you use to make this bait?!

Bunsen: Why I simply used cooking spices and scented oils.

Luigi: Bunsen, I don’t think I can use this bait. It’s far too smelly for anyone, even me.

Bunsen: * sniffs the bait * Oh dear, I guess I shouldn’t have used peppermint oil with the garlic powder.

Beaker: Mee moo.

Chapter 4: Smelling Trouble

Chapter 4-1: Bunsen decides to get rid of the failed bait.

Chapter 4-2: After that, they get to the next ghost invention, a modded version of the Poltergust 3000.

Chapter 4-3: As Luigi tests it out, the thrown-out bait attracts a few Boos.

Chapter 4-4: Then one of the Boos notices Luigi and decides to warn King Boo.

Chapter 4-5: Luigi finishes the modded version of the Poltergust 3000. But he was skeptical about it.

Luigi: Beaker, I’m really sorry. I didn’t think it would try to suck you up.

Beaker: Moo mee moop.

Luigi: Bunsen I don’t think this would work for me. The vacuum part is far too strong. I mean, it nearly sucked up a few crates and even Beaker!

Bunsen: Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for this one.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Luigi: You know, all these inventions remind me of Professor E. Gadd. I should introduce him to you guys.

Bunsen: Oh, is he an inventor as well?

Luigi: He is. But most of his gadgets are in the ghost hunting area.

Beaker: Mee mee mee.

Chapter 5: Ghost Town

Chapter 5-1: After the last invention. Bunsen tells Luigi that they tested all the ghost hunting tools.

Chapter 5-2: Luigi is relieved to know that he can go back to E. Gadd’s inventions. He knows his inventions are a little safer.

Chapter 5-3: But before they parted ways. The sound of screams alerted them, coming from the Downtown Area.

Chapter 5-4: When they make it downtown, they find King Boo and some of his fellow Boos terrorizing citizens.

Chapter 5-5: Luigi even catches a familiar smell, the Ghost Bait!

Bunsen: Oh, it looks like the Ghost Bait worked after all.

Luigi: You think?!

Beaker: Mee moop meep!

Bunsen: Luigi, you caught ghosts before. Stop him!

Luigi: I’m not sure how I’ll do it with your inventions.

Chapter 6: Final Test Run

Chapter 6-1: Luigi pulls out the modded Poltergust 3000 and faces off against King Boo.

Chapter 6-2: But King Boo was ready for him and evades his Strobeflash.

Chapter 6-3: Luigi decides to put that crazy vacuum to use and suck up King Boo.

Chapter 6-4: But as he activates it he realizes it’s moving people and buildings.

Chapter 6-5: Not wanting to cause property damage, he immediately turns off the vacuum, losing King Boo in the process.

Bunsen: Why did you turn off the vacuumed? You almost had him there!

Luigi: Yeah, well I almost sucked up innocent people and nearly destroyed some buildings!

Beaker: Meep moop Mee!

Bunsen: You’re right, Beaker. Seeing as the Ghost Bait worked, we’ll use it to lure King Boo again.

Luigi: Alright, but I’m sticking to E. Gadd’s inventions from now on!

Chapter 7: To Catch a King Boo

Chapter 7-1: Bunsen quickly uses the bait back at the Warehouse District to lure King Boo.

Chapter 7-2: Luigi hurries to E. Gadd’s lab to pick up his Polter G-00.

Chapter 7-3: By the time Luigi got back to the Warehouse District, he sees King Boo cornering Bunsen and Beaker.

Chapter 7-4: Luigi quickly activates the Polter G-00 and begins to safely suck up King Boo.

Chapter 7-5: But Luigi quickly turns to see creeps approaching towards him.

Luigi: Bunsen! Beaker! I may need some backup here!

Beaker: Meep moop mee moo moop!

Bunsen: You’re absolutely right, Beaker. Time to put the clone machine to full speed!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Luigi: Bunsen have you even tried some of your inventions yourself?

Bunsen: Oh, nonsense! Beaker is always eager to try them out.

Beaker: Meep moop!

Luigi: I may not understand him. But I think he says otherwise.

Beaker: Mee moo.

Chapter 8: Old School Ghost Hunter

Chapter 8-1: Bunsen quickly clones Beaker to distract the creeps.

Chapter 8-2: With the creeps distracted, Luigi can get a grip on sucking King Boo.

Chapter 8-3: To even give Luigi an advantage, the Beakers blew up the creeps, blinding King Boo.

Chapter 8-4: WIth King Boo distracted, Luigi sucked him into the Polter G-00.

Chapter 8-5: After the battle, the three regroup.

Bunsen: Well, looks like some inventions were a success.

Luigi: I’ll admit some did work. Like the Ghost Track Detector and the Ghost Bait.

Beaker: Mee moop mee meep.

Luigi: But, in the end, I think I’ll stick to the gadgets I’m comfortable with, Bunsen.

Bunsen: Are you sure, Luigi?

Luigi: I’m certain. Besides, some of your inventions are rather… questionable.

Bunsen: Oh, well. I guess I can even learn from another inventor that you know.

Campaign “Ghostly Combat” complete.

“Ghost Tracker” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


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Alright, it occured to me and I’ve haven’t entered many contests before.

Why would I pick Luigi to go with Bunsen & beaker? But cool campaign

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