Luigi/Nick Wilde Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign for Luigi!

Campaign name: Hero Rescue

Luigi/Nick Wilde


Allies: Elsa, Mulan, Colette

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Luigi and Nick are now friends!

Luigi: So, Nick. What do you usually do for fun? Besides catching criminals and hanging out with that rabbit of a girlfriend of yours?

Nick: Funny, you know. I’ve been used to my hustling days, I’m not really sure.

Luigi: Then we’ll have to work on it. Like my bro, Mario says. Life’s no fun if you’re not having any.

Nick: Something tells me you and I are gonna get along just fine, Luigi.

Campaign Story: Nick enlists the help of Luigi to save Judy from King Boo.

Nick: Luigi, I need your help. Carrots- I mean, Judy is in trouble.

Luigi: Really? What kind?

Nick: The King Boo kind.

Chapter 1: Paintings

Chapter 1-1: When Nick mentions the words King Boo, Luigi knows this is bad.

Chapter 1-2: Luigi asks Nick to take him to where he saw her last. Which was her apartment.

Chapter 1-3: On the way there, the duo is ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: After disposing of the creeps. They find one of the residents claiming they have seen a ghost.

Chapter 1-5: When they reach Judy’s room, they found the place normal. But knowing first hand What King Boo’s capable of, Luigi asks the officer what happened.

Nick: It started this morning. I was picking up Judy, for our morning patrol. But she wasn’t there.

Luigi: Seems like nothing was changed. Unless…

Chapter 2: Transparent Tracks

Chapter 2-1: Luigi activates his Dark Light and reveals tracks.

Chapter 2-2: When he gets a good look at the tracks, he finds it’s cat tracks.

Chapter 2-3: At this point, Luigi realizes Hellen Gravely is also behind this. But his thought was cut off when the tracks lead outside.

Chapter 2-4: At the end of the trail, it leads to the Parr’s residence.

Chapter 2-5: Concerned for their friends, they hurry to the Parrs.

Elastigirl: How is it that EVERYONE knows where we live?

Luigi: That’s not important right now. Your family could be in danger.

Elastigirl: Danger? What do you mean?

Chapter 3: Ghostly Condrum

Chapter 3-1: Luigi and Nick try their best to explain how King Boo could be after Elastigirl and her family next.

Chapter 3-2: But just as they finished explaining, Violet and Dash come running out of their rooms frantic about seeing some ghosts.

Chapter 3-3: Just like that, a couple of Goobs and Slammers come out of nowhere. Luigi works to suck them up.

Chapter 3-4: Nick and the rest of the Incredibles work on the remaining creeps who joined in the fight.

Chapter 3-5: As Luigi questions one of the ghosts, it tells him that Hellen Gravely is already making heroes of the City her masterpiece for King Boo.

Nick: Heroes of the City as their masterpiece? I’m so confused.

Luigi: It means that they get trapped in a portrait, literally!

Luigi: That means, Judy has already fallen victim to King Boo and Hellen Gravely!

Chapter 4: Boo Hunt

Chapter 4-1: Luigi finds another set of tracks with the Dark Light.

Chapter 4-2: Luigi is starting to get worried if King Boo or Hellen Gravely will go after Mario next.

Chapter 4-3: The trail ends at the Park, where they don’t see anyone but Boos.

Chapter 4-4: Luigi begins to suck up any Boos that try to scare him.

Chapter 4-5: Nick tries to do what he can to help Luigi. He flings some pawpsicles and to their surprise, the Boos fleed.

Nick: Wow. Can’t believe that actually worked.

Luigi: Yeah, thanks for the help there, Nick.

Nick: No problem. But that’s nothing compared to what I’ll do to King Boo.

Luigi: Mamma Mia, I wonder why exactly King Boo and Hellen Gravely are capturing heroes for a painting anyway?

Nick: I’m wondering the same thing, Luigi.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Luigi: As it turns out, Hellen Gravely was using the invite as a way to lure me and my friends to King Boo’s trap.

Nick: Seen plenty of them before. During and after my hustle days.

Luigi: boy, I can only imagine.

Nick: Though it’s nothing compared to when Bellwether pulled the wolf over mine and Judy’s eyes.

Chapter 5: Portait Chase

Chapter 5-1: Soon after the Boo battle, Nick and Luigi spot Hellen Gravely, holding two portraits.

Chapter 5-2: Luigi and Nick give a quiet yet speedy chase to see where the hotel owner is heading to.

Chapter 5-3: It doesn’t help that creeps have to get in their way.

Chapter 5-4: Hellen Gravely then sneaks inside an abandoned building.

Chapter 5-5: When they peek inside, Hellen Gravely sets down the paintings revealing the trapped heroes inside them. Luigi recognizes them. Mario, and Princess Daisy!

Luigi: No! No! No! M-Mario… D-D-Daisy.

Nick: You know her? I’ll assume you know Mario.

Luigi: Yes. Daisy is actually my girlfriend…

Luigi: Mamma Mia! I don’t know if I can do this! I once had to traverse through a haunted mansion and I don’t want to relive that. But I can’t let my bro and Daisy down.

Nick: Don’t worry. We just need a plan.

Chapter 6: Sly as a Fox

Chapter 6-1: As they brainstorm a plan they see King Boo coming their way.

Chapter 6-2: Quickly hiding, they see him with more portraits of trapped heroes. One of them is Judy Hopps!

Chapter 6-3: Luigi and Nick make their way inside without King Boo nor Hellen Gravely spotting them.

Chapter 6-4: Ready than ever, Luigi has his Poltergust ready. And Nick has his pawpsicles armed.

Chapter 6-5: The two slowly make their way to King Boo and Hellen Gravely.

King Boo: Soon, Hellen, my dearest. It’s only a matter of time before Luigi comes here into our trap.

Hellen Gravley: I know! Luigi will be in for a little surprise now.

Luigi: I wouldn’t count on it you two!

King Boo: Wha- Luigi?!? What’re YOU doing here?!

Nick: Doesn’t matter. Now both of you. Step away from the portraits and this can end in a way that doesn’t involve you getting covered in pawpsicle juice.

Luigi: Nor will it have to get you sucked up in my ‘house cleaning device’!

Chapter 7: Ghastly Battle

Chapter 7-1: Luigi manages to start sucking up King Boo. But not before, Hellen whacks him with her mirror.

Chapter 7-2: Luckily, Nick fings his pawpsicles at the hotel owner.

Chapter 7-3: But King Boo escapes from Luigi’s Poltergust and knocks away Luigi.

Chapter 7-4: Luigi lands next to the paintings containing the trapped heroes. But before he could free them, King Boo swats the Dark Light out of his hands.

Chapter 7-5: The Dark Light rolls right next to Nick’s feet.

Luigi: Nick! Use the Dark Light to free the heroes!

Nick: What about you? I can’t let them trap you either!

Luigi: Don’t worry about me! Just free the heroes. Hurry!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Luigi: So, Nick. Daisy was wondering. How long have you and Judy been dating?

Nick: I already told you this before, Luigi. Judy and I are NOT dating. I don’t even know where Daisy got that idea.

Luigi: You’ve said that. But I’ve seen you around her. You seem to always care for her and even make sure she’s safe. Reminds me of me and Daisy’s relationship.

Nick: Yeah, as friends. Not like I want to be the one to save her from any of the villains or creeps.

Luigi: Come on, Nick. I know you love her.

Nick: * blushing *…Yes. I do love her.

Chapter 8: Off Display

Chapter 8-1: Nick grabs the Dark Light and runs to the trapped heroes.

Chapter 8-2: King Boo and Hellen gravely try to stop him. But Luigi has them both pulled by the Poltergust.

Chapter 8-3: Nick shines the Dark Light on the paintings, freeing all of the heroes.

Chapter 8-4: At the same moment, Luigi sucks up King Boo in the Poltergust. But Hellen Gravely was able to escape. She cries out in sheer anger when she sees the heroes out of the portraits.

Chapter 8-5: Hellen Gravely is so infuriated by Luigi and Nick ruining her and King Boo’s plan. But then realizes that all the heroes and Luigi and Nick against her doesn’t seem fair. She claims she’ll get her revenge, just not today.

Mario: Luigi! You saved me! What is this like the fourth time?

Luigi: Come on, bro it was nothing. and-

Daisy: Luigi! You saved me! Thank you! * kisses Luigi on the cheek *

Luigi: * blushing * You guys. It wasn’t just me. I also had help from Nick Wilde of the City Police.

Nick: Come on now, Luigi. You deserved it.

Luigi: But if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have found out about King Boo and Hellen Gravely’s plot.

Judy: Speaking of Hellen Gravely. We need to go after her. She could be trapping more heroes!

Luigi: I’d doubt that. If she learns anything from King Boo, she knows when to come up with a new plan.

Nick: But next time, we’ll be ready for her.

Campaign “Hero Rescue” complete.

“Officer Portrait” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


I love it! :grin::grin::grin:

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Glad you love it. Be sure to check out my other concepts as well as friendship campaigns.

Can I say that I am loving these! They are so fun to read. Kinda makes me want do some in the future. :grin:

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