Luigi (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Luigi (from Super Mario Bros)

Description: The original player two and the brave yet cowardly brother to Mr. Video Game himself, Luigi will use the equipment given to him by professed E. Gadd. Including the incredible Poltergust G-00, and all the abilities that come with it.
Quote: “Here I go…”
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: The Pixelator will create Luigi with pixels just above the ground, causing Luigi to face plant once the he is fully created. Then he will pull out the Poltergust G-00, taking a deep breath as he does before he gets ready for battle
Victory: Luigi will sigh in relief before Polterpup appears and jumps on him, licking his face happily as Luigi smiles
Death: Luigi will scream in horror before falling to the ground in a daze
Role: Midline Control

Basic attack: Luigi will shoot a green fireball out of his Poltergust

White skill: Strobulb Blast: Fantastic Damage
Luigi will charge his Stobulb before releasing it, creating a large blast of light that stuns all enemies for 10 seconds. Luigi then releases a large blast from the bottom of the Poltergust, knocking back all enemies into the back line, dealing X damage, and cleansing all allies of all debuffs and disables

Green skill: Green Missile: Fantastic Damage
The Poltergust 4000 will appear and Luigi will hop into to it, driving through enemies, dealing X damage to all enemies and stunning them for 10 seconds. This skill has a 50% chance to misfire, when misfiring, Luigi will deal 70% more damage and stun enemies for 15 seconds. Misfiring will extend current enemy stuns by 3 seconds

Blue skill: Suction Shot: Fantastic Damage
Luigi will fire a plunger at the closet enemy and pulling the enemy towards him with the suction function of the Poltergust, snaring that enemy for 10 seconds and dealing X damage

Purple skill: Dark-Light Device
When using “Strobulb Blast” Luigi will study the furthest enemy for 15 seconds, Luigi will deal 30% more damage to stunned and studied enemies

Red skill: Luigi, Number One!
All of Luigi’s skills have a 50% chance to misfire, when they misfire, Luigi will study enemies for 15 seconds. Luigi’s misfires deal 70% more damage than the normal skill


Luigi and Ooggie Boogie
Disk: Trouble Close At Hand
Luigi will scare enemies every three basic attacks for 10 seconds
Ooggie needs a new person to scare and he finds the perfect choice in Luigi, the cowardly plumber will jump out of his skin at the sight of the Boogie Man! But throughout Luigi’s like experiences, he’s become more brave and is willing to take Ooggie on, for the City’s sake
Allies: Jack Skellington Fear Tigger

Luigi and Waluigi
Disk: Purple and Green
Luigi will become invincible for 5 seconds when he is below 25% of his health
Waluigi hears of Luigi’s arrival into the City, the sneaky gent is enraged by this development. Waluigi tries everything in his power to pester Luigi but fails, Luigi is unaffected by his pranks and tricks. This culminates in an ultimate competition to see how is better.
Allies: Pete Captain Hook Mickey Mouse


This is a great concept, but you have left out some things. What are the three stat boosts for the red skill? What are the campaign names? What are the the disks’ advantages? I probably didn’t make much sense, so here is a guide to help fix those things.


Oh whoops, sorry. I never really understood how to do those boots anyways, I knew what they are. I just never can think of anything to do for them

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That’s okay. As long as the general idea gets across to the readers, it’s fine!

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They’re usually either just stat boosts or boosts to skill effects (damage, HP healed, etc.). Nothing too complicated. Just think of what boosts might benefit the character’s role and playstyle.


Thank you. One final question, how many are there per disk and how many for the red skill.

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I love this, but I’d laugh if his moveset in game was a copy and paste of his smash moveset :rofl:


Red Skills always have 3 boosts.

Friendship disks usually have 1-3.

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