Walugi (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Waluigi (from Super Mario)
This tall, lanky man will cheat and lie his way throughout the battle field, making the creeps wish they never underestimated Waluigi.
Quote: “Wah he he time for Waluigi.”
Entrance: Rides in on The Duke before it gets hit by a red shell, knocking him off it before it glitches out of existence.

Victory: Waluigi does his signature crotch chop
Death: Waluigi sits down Indian style and slumps with a sad expression on his face
Trial Team: Red
Stars: 2
Role: Frontline Damage


Basic attack: Kicks the enemy

White skill: Dance of Destruction: True damage
Waluigi puts a rose in his mouth and charges through enemy line while doing pirouette dealing damage to all enemies and applying one stack of looser to all enemies
Stacks of looser cause enemies to be healed less whenever they are healed. There can only be five stacks of looser on an enemy

Green skill: Item Box
Waluigi pulls out an smuggled item box from Mario kart. It can give Waluigi one of five items at random.
Green Shell: Waluigi will throw a green shell at the closest enemy deal X fantastic damage. This will also apply one stack of looser
Banana peel: Waluigi will throw a banana peel into the battle field. If an enemy steps on it, it will deal X normal damage and stun the enemy for five seconds
Bomb-Omb: Waluigi will toss a bomb-Omb into the battle field, when it blows up it will deal X normal damage and apply shatter
Super Star: This will give Walugi attack up and invincibility for 6 seconds
Blue Shell: Waluigi will throw the blue shell, it will then fly to the enemy with the most health and slam onto them dealing X True damage

Blue skill: Waluigi Pinball
Waluigi will pull out his Tennis racket and launches a tennis ball that ricochets off each enemy, dealing X damage to all of them applying a stack of looser to all of them

Purple skill: WAH
If Waluigi gets a kill, it will apply cheater to him. Cheater gives Walugi X reality and speeds his attack up. He has this until the wave is over

Red skill: Sneaky Gent
Waluigi will always have cheater applied


Waluigi and Captain Hook
Disk: Wreaking Crew
Waluigi can stun opponents with his Bomb-Omb
Hook needs new recruits so he brings in Walugi to join the crew. So they work together to take Pan down
Allies: Captain Amelia Jim Hawkins Peter Pan

Walugi and Nick Wilde
Disk: King of Cons
Waluigi gains attack speed up with the Super Star
Finnick has other plans this week but Nick needs someone to help with his Pawsicles. Luckily Waluigi is ripe for the taking, although Nick later realizes how difficult he is to work with
Allies: Judy Hopps Winnie the Pooh Chief Bogo

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