M-O (WALL-E Hero Concept)



The Microbe Obliterator, or M-O, abides by his cleaning protocol as he fights the creeps, and if that wasn’t good enough, he has help from the other seven defect bots.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star::star::star:
Quote: “M-O!”

Entrance: M-O cleans tread tracks off the battlefield floor. If Blue Skill is unlocked, he cleans the same tread tracks off the floor, but remains on the Axiom bot line.
Victory: M-O chuckles with joy.
KO: M-O chirps in anger as his light flashes atop his head, and he disappears before he can attack enemies again.

Basic Attack: M-O will clean an ally, granting them X additional HP. This can only occur after an ally takes damage.

White Skill - Defect Bots - Normal Damage
M-O is joined by one of seven defect bots, each bot having a different effect on enemies. The order of appearing defect bots is as follows, and will cycle back to the first one after all have appeared:

  • VAQ-M (VAQ-M sneezes, blinding the closest enemy for 3 seconds. The sneeze sends him flying back into enemies and dealing X damage to each one.)
  • BRL-A (BRL-A opens his umbrella function to grant shield to the frontmost ally for 7 seconds.)
  • HAN-S (HAN-S wildly lands inside the enemy group and deals X damage to each enemy for 4 seconds.)
  • D-FIB (D-FIB will deal X damage to the enemy with the most HP by electrocution.)
  • VN-GO (VN-GO flings paint onto the two closest enemies, slowing their attack speed by 20%.)
  • L-T (L-T flashes his light at the weakest enemy, blinding them for 2 seconds.)
  • PR-T (PR-T will give a makeover to the ally with the least HP, granting them X additional HP.)

Green Skill - Foreign Contaminant
M-O angrily charges at the weakest enemy, stealing X HP from them and slowing their attack speed by 35% for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill - End of the Line
At the start of each wave, M-O rides across an Axiom bot line. M-O then jumps off the line to trigger a mechanical beep that will silence the three strongest enemies for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill - All Clean
After an ally completely restores their HP, M-O goes into Sleep Mode for 9 seconds. While in Sleep Mode, he can still gain HP, energy, and buffs, but he can only use his “Defect Bots” skill.

Red Skill - Spotless CPU
M-O’s “Foreign Contaminant” skill will also inspire allies and increase their attack speed by 40%.

Campaign: Garbage Day - After seeing how much of a mess his home is, WALL-E asks M-O to help clean it up before EVE returns.
Disk: Cleaning Product
Disk Memory: The HP M-O grants an ally using his Basic Skill is doubled.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z armor

Campaign: Axiom Personnel Only - Word on the street is Auto has unfinished business with everyone who turned against him. Now that he’s in the City, EVE and M-O set out to stop him once and for all.
Disk: Ion Solution
Disk Memory: M-O gains X shield immediately after he finishes using his “End of the Line” skill.
Disk Power: Z attack speed gain


I love M-O! He’s the real star of the film :rofl:

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I would buff his buffs, a 15% slow, a 3 second silence and a 20% speed boost is underwhelming especially compared to how Perblue’s current new characters are made. This isn’t necessarily a problem though.
Also :

Typo there.
Aside from that, this is a really interesting concept, especially the white skill!

@Dapper Where’s the typo?

I found it.

It slows your allies attack speed. (assuming this is a typo lol).

I tweaked the buffs, as you suggested. Is it an improvement?

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OuT of all the stars you can apply to M-O you applied 3 why just why why why

Can you not necropost? I know you are doing this on purpose most likely but if you continue you will most likely be silenced so I suggest you stop…


Ok good point

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