Mad scientist (likely concept)

Dr. Finkelstein


2 star, mid-line damage

“I made you with my own hands”

Bound by a wheelchair, Dr. Finkelstein uses his experiments to help him in the battlefield


Entrance: Dr. Finkelstein rolls into the battlefield

Victory: Dr. Finkelstein holds a skull in his hand while smiling

Defeat: Dr. Finkelstein gets knocked out of his wheelchair as he shakes his fist at the foes

Basic attack: a skeleton reindeer dashes past finkelstein and into the enemy team, dealing x damage to each foe it passes.


White: skeleton dash

Passive: Dr. Finkelstein reanimates a skeleton reindeer every fourth basic attack, everytime that Dr. Finkelstein reanimates a skeleton reindeer, the number of reindeer that is in Finkelsteins basic attack is increased by 1

(Finkelstein can only have 6 skeleton reindeer in his basic attack at a time)

Active: all the skeleton reindeer dashes through the enemy team while pulling jack skellingtons sled behind them, dealing x damage to each enemy, knocking them back and inflicting a random debuff to each enemy the sled passes.

Green: Open minded

Dr. Finkelstein opens his head and scratches his brain while looking at a plan, studying the three closest enemies for 10 seconds.

If any enemy is already studied by any source, they instead lose 1 buff they currently have.

Blue: until you taste it

When under 40% of his max health, Dr. Finkelstein taste tests the soup that was used to put him to sleep which heals him for X amount but he becomes suspicious of the soup and forces the enemy with the highest HP to taste it, this deals X continuous damage for 5 seconds and also stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.

Purple: Wheelchair-bound

40% of All buffs given to allies are also given to Dr. Finkelstein.

Red: with my own hands

Each buff that Dr. Finkelstein gets increases all allies max HP by X amount.

“Until you taste it” now gives the target enemy 4 stacks of “fatigue”. each time that a stack of fatigue is removed, the enemy is dealt X damage per how many stacks of fatigue that the enemy has been inflicted with.
+X damage to “Skeleton dash”
+X skill power
+X damage to “Until you taste it”


Dr. Finkelstein/Sally
Suspicious lunch
Continuous damage immunity
+X basic damage
+X skill power

Dr. Finkelstein is now immune to being Continuously damaged by any source.

Dr. Finkelstein/Yzma
Extract of reindeer
more powerful reindeer
+X max HP
+X damage to “skeleton dash”

“Skeleton dash” now deals x additional damage per amount of buffs that Finkelstein has gained throughout each wave.


Wow! Each of your concepts get better by the day 10/10!

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