Make Friendship Campaigns Easier

Sigh Look, i’m going to skip the whole speal about what character i’m having trouble with this time and how i tried everything under the sun but nothing works and get right to the point.

This is how friendships work for me:

  1. I get everybody to the proper ranks that the campaign wants and level and power up their skills which takes from weeks to months to get them prepare.

  2. I go through the friendship until i hit a road block and takes me thousands of try with different strategies and eventually prevail about almost a few weeks later.

  3. Almost Immediately after that i hit another road block with a very different situation and take me another thousand tries to get through THAT one.

  4. Repeat 2 and 3

I can’t keep doing this and pretty sure it’s only going to get worse when i hit Yellow rank with the battle badges. There has to be some way to make friendship campaigns a little easier instead of spending everything you have just to defeat that one enemy that makes friendship campaigns less enjoyable.

Disable red skills and battle badges, replace characters, ban characters, wait for character refreshes (which takes like another month or so to do that). Something. Anything!

Just please make friendships easier so people like me who are having a hard time with friendships can move on and enjoy the stories.


I so agree with you!

Sadly the only response you will get is to use the hero power ups brought in through the last refresh.

It boils down to forcing people to level up all characters, which is only achievable if you spend money.
If it was easier people wouldnt bother with low tier characters because they could complete everything without them which will mean less spending…

I think what is needed is to lower the overall enemy level and such like they did in the 1.4 update:

I can’t remember if we had had any actually enemy level reductions in the Friendship Campaigns since since then, but I remember at least that one time the unlock and enemy levels were reduced.

Unfortunately it seems like Perblue rather monetize the Friendship Campaigns’difficulty by making us want to buy the green flame power-ups given how long it takes to get enough green flame power-ups.
Overall a bad UX(User Experience) decision in my view as having the Friendship Campaigns unlockable, but basically unbeatable for average player is unfriendly UX design as not being able to do anything in the Friendship Campaigns will just cause frustrations.

In my view the enemies in Friendship Campaigns shouldn’t be over level 125-130 as that’s when we players unlock the Red skills and currently be a decent mid-level challenge.
When we get the Friendship Mission Stories back I think they can technically be unlockable right away when we unlock the friendship, that way we players can get something out of the Friendship while we wait to get strong enough to get strong enough to take down the enemies.

Since the new Friendship Campaigns have such high leveled enemies I basically don’t care about them and just level up characters I am personally interested in getting good.
Not interested in dealing with the frustrations of having a Purple character try dealing damage to Yellow enemies. Yes, we do have the green flame power-ups, but I rather focus on getting Disk Power for the characters I do use.

That’s my view, so yeah would be overall appreciated if PerBlue lowered the Friendship Campaigns’s enemy level to be more accessible for more players like in the 1.4 update, especially for those who are mainly interested in the story and not necessarily the disk.


See here my latest problem.

I’m on Megavolt/Finnick friendship campaign and i’m on the second episode with Judy as my ally. And my latest problem is Simba and Nala. They charmed Megavolt immediately after the battle starts so i’m already in trouble. If that’s not bad enough, they continuously use there white skill and the battle over. I even used a campaign power-up and THAT didn’t even work.

See, i’m a sucker for crossovers. It’s like a chemistry project, blend one element with another and your bound to get an interesting reaction. And Disney is a unique case because the only people that get to crossover within each other is either of 3 franchise.

  • Mickey and Friends
  • Princesses
  • Villains

The rest are all trapped in their own personel bubble until one of the 3 of these franchises arrive. It’s a rare occassion that other franchises crossover with each one. And having mutiple franchises (and more on the way) all at once and interact with each other the way they do is extremely rare.

That’s why i like friendship campaigns so much and all i want is to actually see the mutiple characters interacts each other on this momentus occasion.

But, i can’t do that if i have Simba and Nala tusseling and charming my team to death, Sally using her red skill and essentally overdoses my team with her poison and my favorite Darkwing Duck and his colossally, incredibly, stupendously, ludacrise, over-powering, extremely annoying skill set.

And in the process i basically give away everything i have. My gold, my gems, my bits, and i don’t have any money to get all that quickly nor do i have any VIP perks and Lord knows that those bundles and VIP stuff aren’t cheap either.

So you can guess my frustration as i level up, enchance, promote, raid, and power-up the holy living tar out of my heroes like a crazy person day and night for weeks on end so i read a story that can never be read. All because of that one specific enemy for some strange reason can NEVER EVER BE HIT OR DEFEATED NO MATTER WHO YOU USE OR WHAT YOU DO!!!

So tell me, what can i do to make this a tad bit easier so i and others who also like crossovers can enjoy this rare opportunity?

(Sorry for yelling and pulling an Alyssa a few times, i know it’s not your fault but i’m just very aggravated with this situation right now.)


Yeah, I’m really getting sick of every new character’s friend campaigns getting harder and harder. Pocahontas’ were painful enough to get through, but Esmeralda’s are absolutely impossible. Even with the entire team at max level and color rank, I can’t get past level 4 in the last chapter of the Robin Hood one, because stupid Sally’s gas keeps annihilating the whole team. And I haven’t levelled up Dr. Facillier, Fear, or that Kim Possible bad guy, so they’re useless to me in the Goliath one. (Who comes up with these assigned allies anyway?)

Edit: and don’t even get me started on Quackerjack’s. I spent $100 to unlock him, get him up to red, and get him 5 stars - and another $50 for enough gold to get his skills maxed. Isn’t that enough?!

Also, if and when I complete a campaign, could I please re-read the entire story, and not just the dialogue? My VIP rank is causing me to miss out on what happens in the first level of each chapter, and the entire first chapter, of each one. I’d like to be grateful for that, but I’d be more grateful to not be confused as to what’s going on.

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Seriously, some of these are just way too hard to win or especially time-out

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