Update 1.4 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.4

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.4 Update! We’ve got a TON of new heroes, features, content, improvements and fixes packed into this release. Overall it’s one of our largest releases ever, so we hope you enjoy all the various goodies herein.

As mentioned in the 1.3 Patch Notes, 1.4’s big new feature is called Challenges. Challenges are a totally different way to play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode . Compete with other players to finish the two Weekly Challenges, progress at your own leisure with Pick ’Em and Book Challenges, …or do all of the above!

In addition, we also have some new “quality of life” features designed to keep Disney Heroes:Battle Mode easy to play. City Watch Raids allow you to manage when you want to do a full run versus a simple one-tap raid.The Mission System now supports collecting and restarting multiple Missions at once. Improvements to the Friend System make completing Friend Campaigns and managing Friendships easier.

Several of these quality of life suggestions have come straight from the DH community. So thanks once again to everyone for your feedback and support for the game!


  • Villains have arrived just in time for the Halloween season!
    • Hades from Disney’s Hercules
    • Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
    • Scar from Disney’s The Lion King
  • Challenges & Stickers
    • Complete weekly quests to build out your sticker collection!
  • Easier Friend Campaigns & Updated Friend Finder
  • Mission Speedups and Collect/Restart All
  • City Watch Raiding
  • Improved Mailbox Messages for Arena/Coliseum
  • Guild Leader Chat Channel
  • Energy Bars on Enemies in Combat


“The name’s Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin’?”
Hades is a mid-line tank character! Hades’ hero chips will be available in the Diamond Crate on Servers 1-8.


Burning Rage
Hades furiously shoots flames across the battlefield, dealing damage immediately as well as damage over time to all enemies.

It’s a Small Underworld
Hades redirects a portion of damage dealt to allies to himself.

Dismal Damage
Hades does more damage the more HP he is missing.

Lord of the Dead
Once per battle, when Hades reaches 0 HP, he revives and heals himself. Hades then scares the enemy team.


“Well… quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and… oh, how quaint, even the rabble.”

Maleficent is a back-line control character! Maleficent’s hero chips will be available in Elite Chapter 11 (Servers 2-8) and Elite Chapter 13 (Server 1).


Dragon Fire
Maleficent transforms into a dragon and breathes fire, dealing damage to all enemies in an area.

Forest of Thorns
Maleficent summons thorn bushes that entangle the enemy with the most HP, stunning and damaging them over time.

Fog of Doom
Maleficent places a sleeping spell on all enemies, stunning them.

Mistress of All Evil
Maleficent curses enemies when they are damaged by Dragon Fire or Forest of Thorns.



“Life’s not fair, is it? You see… I shall never be king. And you… shall never see the light of another day.”
Scar is a front-line damage character! Scar’s hero chips will be available in the VIP Crate on Servers 1-8.


Long Live the King
Scar roars, damaging enemies and silencing them.

A Matter of Pride
Scar snaps at the closest enemy, dealing damage. This does more damage the more HP the enemy is missing.

Be Prepared
Scar begins combat prowling, becoming invisible for the first seconds of combat and receiving less damage from all sources while prowling. While prowling, Scar is untargetable.

The Lion’s Share
Scar gains damage dealt back as healing.

Hero Balance and Combat Changes

  • Quorra
    • Quorra’s specialization is meant to melt frontline tanks, but currently with a little knockback she can reach the whole team. To help with that we are decreasing the range on her “Disk Spin” (White Skill)
    • “Disk Spin” (White Skill) - Decrease range by 17%.
  • Dash
    • Our fastest hero wasn’t sticking around in combat long enough. We’ve increased his base HP and made him do more damage while he is there.
    • Increased base HP by 30%
    • “Swift Strike” (White Skill) - Increase damage by 30%.
    • “Rapid Guard” (Blue Skill) - Reduced cooldown by 25%.
    • “Confidence Boost” (Purple Skill) - Fixed a bug with that prevented it from working against high level enemies.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Jack Sparrow’s team buff wasn’t helping his crew out enough, so we made it stronger.
    • Jack’s “Hearty Crew” (Purple Skill) now grants his team 300% more basic damage.

New Content and Hero Locations

Server 1 Update

  • Team Level cap increased from 90 to 95
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Orange +1 rank
  • New Heroes
    • Maleficent will be available in the Elite Campaign
    • Hades will be available only from the Diamond Crate
    • Scar will be available only from the VIP Crate
  • Existing Heroes
    • Dash will now be available in the Guild Crate and remains in the Elite Campaign
    • Baymax will be available in the Coliseum Shop
    • Calhoun will be available in the Creep Surge Shop
    • Sulley will be available in the Arena Shop
    • Jessie will be available in the City Watch Shop
    • Mike Wazowski will be available in the Elite Campaign
    • The Genie will be available only in the Diamond Crate
  • Chapter 13: “Bottom Line” is now available
    • Elite Campaign features: Maleficent, Maui, Hiro Hamada, Mike Wazowski and Buzz Lightyear
  • Friendships & Memory Disks These unlock when both heroes reach the listed level
    • Hades and Jack Sparrow (lvl 91)
    • Scar and Maleficent (lvl 93)

Servers 2-8 Update

  • New Heroes
    • Maleficent will be available in the Elite Campaign
    • Hades will be available only from the Diamond Crate
    • Scar will be available only from the VIP Crate
  • Moving Heroes
    • Dash will be available in the Guild Crate and remains in the Elite Campaign as well
    • Aladdin will be available in the Heist Shop
    • Merida will be available in the Coliseum Shop
    • EVE will be available in the Creep Surge Shop
    • Sulley will be available in the Arena Shop
    • Jessie will be available in the City Watch Shop
    • Mike Wazowski will be available in the Elite Campaign
    • The Genie will be available in the Elite Campaign

Servers 9-12 Update

  • New Heroes
    • Baymax will be available only from the Diamond Crate
    • Hiro Hamada will be available only from the VIP Crate
  • Moving Heroes
    • Dash will be available in the Guild Crate and remains in the Elite Campaign as well
    • Maui will be available in the Heist Shop
    • EVE will be available in the Coliseum Shop
    • Calhoun will be available in the Creep Surge Shop
    • Sulley will be available in the Arena Shop
    • Jessie will be available in the City Watch Shop
    • Mike Wazowski will be available in the Elite Campaign
    • Quorra will be available in the Elite Campaign

Challenges & Stickers

  • Challenges are similar to the server-wide contests we run in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.
    • Each one requires you to do a certain task in a specific time period to complete it.
    • The rewards for challenges are unique icons called Stickers.
  • There are four types of Challenges:
    • Starter Challenges
      • Everyone gets a series of 5 Starter Challenges when they unlock the challenges feature.
    • Weekly Challenges
      • Every Wednesday morning at 5am Central Standard Time, two new Weekly Challenges will appear on your challenges screen.
      • You have all week to finish these; usually one will be easier and one harder.
    • Pick ’Em Challenges
      • These challenges are à la carte.
      • You can buy one at a time, activate them and work on them as you like.
    • Book Challenges
      • These Challenges require you to purchase a book of several challenges, but offer a 10% discount per challenge.
      • Each book has a theme or focus that all challenges within it share.

Friend Campaign Updates

  • Easier friend campaigns!
    • This has been requested by the community for a while
    • We significantly decreased the difficulty of many friendships
    • Any friendship that unlocks at Hero Level 53 or higher is now easier.
  • We also lowered the required hero level for 8 friendships:
    • Buzz & Emperor Zurg now unlocks at 62 (down from 70)
    • Sulley & Ralph now unlocks at 64 (down from 71)
    • Jack Sparrow & Nick Wilde now unlocks at 64 (down from 72)
    • Jessie & Judy Hopps now unlocks at 61 (down from 73)
    • Mike & Sulley now unlocks at 69 (down from 73)
    • EVE & WALL•E now unlocks at 65 (down from 75)
    • WALL•E & Dash now unlocks at 67 (down from 75)
    • Merida & Elastigirl now unlocks at 76 (down from 81)

Friend Finder Improvements


We’ve added the following improvements:

  • The ability to “favorite” friendships
    • Tap the heart icon on the friend row to favorite it
    • Use the toggle at upper right to hide all non-favorited friendships
      • This also hides those friendships on the Friend Campaign map
  • A little up/down arrow next to the episode info
    • Green up means you won the previous friend battle
    • Red down means you lost
    • Tap the arrow to see the date on which the battle was fought
  • More selections in the Status dropdown
    • Now you can select: “Unlocked”, “Completed” or “All”
    • “Completed” is new; it allows you to just look at completed campaigns, so you can focus on managing Memory Disks
    • “Unlocked” no longer shows completed campaigns, so you can focus on making progress

Mission System Updates


Check out the following updates to Missions:

  • Collect All
    • Tap the handy new button on the Missions main page to collect all your rewards
    • Then tap Restart All to run the same set of Missions again
    • If you’re missing any items needed to run those missions, you’ll still have a chance to obtain/craft them
    • You can now also spend diamonds to buy any items you need rather than going to the Campaign
  • Speedups
    • We have a new consumable item that speeds up your Missions
    • Keep an eye out for them in sales, events, and contests!

City Watch Raiding


You can now Raid the City Watch! It works like this:

  • Complete a City Watch manually (i.e. without raiding) to receive City Watch Raid Tickets
  • There are two types of tickets: Normal and Hard
    • If you finish a Normal City Watch, you get normal tickets and vice versa
  • The amount of tickets you get depends on your VIP level:
    • VIP 0 = 1 ticket
    • VIP 1 = 2 ticket
    • VIP 2 = 3 tickets
    • VIP 3 = 4 tickets
    • VIP 4+ = 5 tickets
  • Use raid tickets to complete an entire City Watch and receive all the rewards!

Improved Mailbox Messages for Arena/Coliseum


  • All attack and defense messages for Arena and Coliseum now show:
    • Attacker and defender lineups
    • Current and previous rank in your current league
  • You can also tap on heroes to see detailed info on their badges, memory disk, etc.

Guild Leader Chat Channel

  • This is another long requested feature from the community
  • Guild leaders (players of Officer rank and up) now have their own chat channel to discuss guild strategy and politics!

Energy Bars on Enemies in Combat

  • This is a small change, but came from the player community
  • It makes combat a little busier, but it’s now much easier to tell when enemies are going to use their main skills!

Other Improvements

  • Red “!” alerts on heroes who can be promoted now disappear after you view the Badges tab for that hero once after they have equipped a full badge set
    • This allows you to clear excessive alerts on heroes who you don’t want to/can’t promote for a while
  • Amazing new “heisty” music has been added to the Heist!
  • VIP 13 has a new benefit: +50% tokens from The Heist
  • Now that The Heist has been live globally for a while, we’ve increased the cost of Heist Tickets in the City Watch shop from 200 to 500 tokens
  • The Heist main screen icon now has a searchlight that shines when you’re in an active lobby or Heist (to remind you to pop in!)
  • DH no longer supports Android 4.0, update your Android device to at least Android 4.1
  • The “Crystal Belle” badge has been rethemed to “Calamari” with new art.
    • A new “Crystal Belle” badge has been added in chapter 13.
    • No stats changes were made to the badge
  • Mercenaries on the Choose Merc screen can now be sorted by expiration time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where City Watch shop button was unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Perk to hire Mercenaries above your level wasn’t working
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Perk to improve the Mega Mart was not purchasable
  • Fixed issue where friend pairs could become untappable from the campaign chapter map
  • Fixed a rare Heist crash that occurs when the Thief is spotted
  • Fixed a crash occasionally caused by Miguel’s “Flatten” skill
  • Fixed issue where posting heroes to chat with a message displays the message twice
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz could end up flying backwards during his main skill (we’ll miss that one)
  • Fixed an issue where Crafting tutorial arrow won’t disappear
  • Restored display of “Top %” Rankings in Contests (bug introduced in 1.3.A)

What’s Coming Next?

  • As mentioned in the 1.3 version of What’s Coming Next, we’re continuing to work on Guild War and Tournaments
    • We expect Guild War to be our next big release!
  • We’re also working on additional quality of life improvements. Next on this list are:
    • Creep Surge
      • We’re looking at ways to manage time investment in Creep Surge, especially for very active guilds
    • Heist improvements
      • Working on ways to address “AFK”/inactive players
      • Looking into feedback regarding the Thief’s tendency to steal a valuable as soon as the Heist begins
      • Looking at rare cases where the Hideout does not spawn properly
      • Reviewing Heist rewards

When does this drop?


Soon! We’ve released the app to the stores and we’re waiting for it to be available before we update the server. There will be a server update announcement once we have the exact time.


This update looks intriguing. I was really hoping for guild wars on this update though.


For all the times Polaris gets beat up on, lol, I want to be one of the firsts to say thank you. If these changes don’t show that PB is listening, then idk what will.


Thank you for all you do to keep the game fun and fresh!!


There’s a bundle to prepare for the update and it says it’s coming today.


I quite like the energy bars on enemies thing. And I’m glad the unresponsive city watch shop button was fixed ;p
And it’ll be much quicker to work on Jessie now that she’s in city watch. Overall the update seems cool (I’ll have to wait until next update so Scar is out of the VIP crate though lol) and it’s nice that PerBlue is responding to even small suggestions from players


Only 3 heroes release😢


MALEFICENT!!! I physically cannot wait any longer.


Wow, earlier than expected!

You guys dropped it like Eminem’s surprise album


Awesome update! Super excited for this


The new updates for friendship challenges sound great and I’m really keen to see what the “challenges” will be. Also glad to hear that you’re trying to address the heist issues (AFK players really bug me).

@Polaris Mike will now be available in Elite on servers 9-12 - can you confirm if this means he is leaving the City Watch shop, or will he be in both places?

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Some really great improvements and content, not to mention amazing characters! Maleficent in Elite Campaign is really generous for such a sought after character. Thanks for an epic game guys!


Mike will be leaving the shop and only available from the Elite Campaign on servers 9-12.


Incredibly excited for this. Suprised Scar is the VIP instead of Maleficent but I am a OK with this. When 1.3A came out was disappointed with Ch 11 elite but this makes up for it. Looking forward to playing this game some more.


Something popped up in my game saying that the vault was gonna disappear with this patch - is that true or does the vault continue?

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Thanks for confirming! 10 chips away from his next star, so I’m gonna go go buy them now while I can :wink:


That is true. It didn’t perform as we expected so it is being removed.


How are you guys increasing the heist ticket cost to 500 yet not fixing the insta steal gem yet? Each gem is 20 heist tokens which translates to 50 wasted city watch tokens now (based on new ticket cost). It happens basically everytime you play heist… why not just say there are only 9 gems at that point or just say there are 100 gems to lure people in and 91 get instantly stolen.

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