Make way for Willie (Unlikely concept)

Groundskeeper Willie


Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“If elected mayor, my first act will be to kill the lot of ya, and burn yer town to cinders!”

When he is not doing his duty as a groundskeeper, Willie unleashes his scottish agression onto the creeps with his tractor and even his rake


Entrance: Groundskeeper Willie rides into the battlefield on his tractor before he then jumps off and branishes his rake (Until B0)

Victory: Groundskeeper Willie happily rakes the ground in front of him

Defeat: Groundskeeper Willie gets mad

Basic attack: Groundskeeper Willie slashes the nearest enemy with his rake, dealing X damage.


White: Scottish rage

Groundskeeper Willie rips his shirt off in a fit of rage which shows off his surprisingly fit physique, he becomes berserk until his energy runs out, has his attack and movement speeds increased by 100% and is granted X attack power for every X amount of damage he deals while he is berserk.

Green: Be-shoveled (True Damage)

For every third basic attack, Groundskeeper Willie pulls out a shovel and whacks the nearest enemy on the head with it, dealing X true damage to the foe and stunning the foe for 7 seconds.

Blue: Mower madness (Normal damage)

At the start of every wave, Groundskeeper Willie rides through the enemy team on his lawn mower, dealing X damage to each foe he passes through and shredding 2 positive effects on each foe if they have any positive effects on them.

Purple: Save yer strength

“Scottish rage” now grants all allies 100% movement speed and X attack power per each second of the berserk on groundskeeper willie.

Red: Willie be willie

“Be-shoveled” now halves the duration of a random positive effect on the target enemy.

When Willie goes under 45% of his health, he instantly activates “Scottish rage” no matter how much energy he has at the current moment and heals himself for 15% of his current skill power.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Be-shoveled”
+X basic damage


Groundskeeper Willie/Merida
Greetings from scotland
Longer stun

The stun from “Be-shoveled” lasts 2 more seconds.

Groundskeeper Willie/Swedish Chef
Chaotic school-ducation
“Be-shoveled” reduces reality

“Be-shoveled” now reduces the reality of the target enemy by 35%


Amazing. White skill is amazing :joy:

And, just an idea, maybe Scrooge could be a friendship?

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Scroogecould make sense he is irish

… Scrooge is Scottish, not Irish.

Willie also is not Irish, rather he is Scottish.

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