Principal charming (Unlikely concept)

Principal Skinner

Stars: :star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Support
Trial team: Red

“Oh ho ho, delightfully devilish Seymour!”

hope your prepared for a unforgettable luncheon, principal seymour skinner brings his authority onto the battlefield by serving his allies some steamed hams and putting the troublemakers in detention


Entrance: Skinner enters the battlefield through a window that appears on the battlefield then he straightens his tie

Victory: Skinner chuckles to himself

Defeat: Skinner gasps in shock

Basic attack: Skinner throws a briefcase at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Steamed hams

Skinner pulls out a tray of steamed hams for his allies, increasing the attack power of all allies by 65%, increasing their reality by 70% and giving each ally 4 stacks of hardy.

Green: Strict and stern

Skinner vigilantly keeps his eye for any troublemakers on the enemy team, granting himself precise for 7 seconds, studying all enemies for 5 seconds and increasing the movement speed of all allies by 100% for 5 seconds.

Blue: Detention

Whenever an enemy deals more than X amount of damage to skinner, he sends the foe straight to detention which deals the same amount of damage to the foe that was dealt to skinner and snares the target foe for 5 seconds. When the snare wears off of the foe, they are then silenced for 10 seconds and are dealt X more damage.

Purple: Delightfully devilish

All stuns and silences dealt out by Skinner and his allies now stalls the duration and effect of all positive effects on each stunned or silenced enemy until the stun or silence wears off.

For each second that the positive effect is suppose to be in use, they instead have 15% energy taken from them and the same 15% energy being converted into damage for the same 15%.

Red: Principal charming

Allies now take 25% less damage from enemies per each stack of hardy that they gain on the battlefield.

For each 5 stacks of hardy that each ally gains, they heal themselves for X amount and increases their skill power by X amount.
+X basic damage
+X max HP
+ X reality


Principal Skinner/Dash
Prankster prince
Studied enemies deal less damage

Studied enemies now deal 35% less damage to skinner and his allies.

Principal Skinner/Groundskeeper Willie
Back to school
Longer snare and silences when studied

When principal skinner or one of his allies snares or silences a studied enemy, each snare and silence against that enemy now lasts 3 more seconds.

I don’t see an image for this concept. Is that intentional?

Forgot for a spilt second

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