March 2021 Dev Q&A Questions for Perblue - Responses

March 2021 Questions from Players

We compiled the questions from the Questions for PerBlue thread and have organized them together! In some cases, if there were multiple instances of the same question, we’ve consolidated it down to a single question, or summarized it so we can give a more general answer. If you don’t see your specific question, likely we lumped it in with another one on the same topic or it’s something we can’t answer.

There are some questions that we can’t answer. We won’t talk about datamined heroes - there are sometimes bits in the game data that aren’t finalized or approved, and we can’t talk about heroes until they’re announced. There’s a lot of questions asking about future heroes - will we add Anna, will we add Cars characters, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about heroes that haven’t been approved yet. We do watch your requests, and we work to fit as many as we can into the roadmap.


  • Any plans to make guilds larger than 50? Do you plan on making the guilds bigger (holding at least 60 players)? are there going to be extra slots for guilds?
    • [Leaf]: No plans currently
  • Thoughts on limiting making of new guilds on older servers so already established guilds can be filled more often?
    • [Polaris]: There’s a lot of different play styles in the game and limiting new guild creation would be a hamper to players who are looking for a specific experience. For example, some people want to play only with their friends or family, and if they can’t create a guild they’d be missing out on so many game features!
  • Could we get a GUILD BANK as a feature? You can give 5 hero chips of any character you don´t need and in return take 5 chips of a character one of your guildmates present. Totally fair, totally balanced (elite campaign can get you roughly the same, shops even more). Something similar could potentially be for skill chips. IF NECESSARY, Exclusive Heroes, Sign-In, VIP Crate, Guild Crate and Diamond Crate Exclusives could be banned from posting in Guild Bank.
    • [Polaris]: We get requests from time to time to add trading or other similar player to player mechanics and that isn’t something that we’re planning to do.
  • Can you guys add more features to the guild aid system? You could increase the maximum amount of hero/skill levels that can be requested at one time (keep the “1 level for 1 request chance”, but add more levels; ask for a 5-level raise for 3 requests chances, and a 10-level raise for 5 request chances). You can also allow players to request hero chips or badge bits. The current setup just doesn’t help weaker players catch up.
    • [Leaf]: Refreshing the Guild Aid feature isn’t something we’ve currently scheduled, but you’re right we could probably take a look at this!
    • [Commander Jack]: Aside from hero chips or badge bits, are there any other resources that you’d like to see added to Guild Aid?

Guild Perks

  • Can Check-In give Ultra XP drinks? Can you add Cosmetic Crate, Guaranteed Cosmetic Crate, Normal Campaign Double Drop as consumable items?
  • Can you make higher chapters of Campaign giving 3% chance of double drop?
    • [Commander Jack]: Thanks for the nudge on this one, we’ll take a look at adding more chapters.
  • Can the Badge Booster Crate be given the rid of (or shortened) cooldown?
    • [Leaf]: The Badge Booster Crate cooldown is there so that we can absolutely make sure we’re giving you the badges that you need! Without the cooldown, the game might give you a badge it just gave you that you don’t need anymore, so it’s important that the cooldown exists.
  • There is a need to provide more ways to spend this (more perks, more consumable etc). Also perhaps consider changing the perk (Team XP catch up) that gives players extra team so below certain levels from a level based perk to the bottom x% of Guild players… as it stands by the time a Guild has unlocked this the members have probably all exceeded the level cap already.
    • [Commander Jack]: Adding some more team levels to the Team XP Catch Up perk is something we can definitely take a look at. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Could you add more consumables to guild perks for guilds who are maxed in perks? Like maybe a double drop backpack once a month or double gold, double Xp ? I never have more than 1 backpack and I never get them in weekly quests anymore.
    • [Commander Jack]: Adding more consumables is definitely something we can take a look at and consider adding. Thanks!
  • Can the discounts at stores and such be extended?
  • Extra Port Chance(s)? More Extra Trial Chance(s)? Raising the drops of old badge bits in Trials progressively (aka not stopping at 5-6, but stretching upwards)?
    • [Commander Jack]: Good ideas! We’ll include these on the list when we take our next look for new perks to add.
  • The character roster has expanded a lot but the number of mercs we can post has remained the same, could we maybe add another merc or two or give the guild a way to set a maximum number of mercs they could hire? Like 10, 20, 30 or 40?
  • Is there any reason why guild crate perk so expensive even though that crate is useless? And why there has been no change even after we said it was horrible?
  • Can we have notification when consumable perks cool down is over? It is hard to keep track of and know when to buy them
    • [Commander Jack]: Sending a notification and/or mailbox message when perk cooldowns expire shouldn’t be hard to do. We’ll add it to the list…thanks!
  • Will the types of guild parks expand?
    • [Commander Jack]: Do you have any ideas for new types that you’d like to see?

Guild War

  • When will war matching be addressed? Mid level guilds are dying because of the system.I always get support messages saying thanks for input we are working on it.So When will it be revamped??? Hasn’t happened yet for sure.
    • [Commander Jack]: Thanks for the question! We haven’t forgotten about matchmaking and we definitely want it to be as good as it can possibly be. Hopefully some of the server merges we’ve recently done have helped with this a bit, but we’ll still be taking a more focused look at improving this in the future.
  • Also, have better war rewards ever been a thought? We bust our butts every war, but don’t feel like the rewards are worth it.
    • [Commander Jack]: Guild War Boxes were refreshed fairly recently (2.4 release) and we currently don’t have plans to do another pass on these at the moment.


  • Can there be a way to search by disk level or skill level for when try to to increase these in these? You can search power, rank or level and check mod levels or red skil chips in the items but these wil also be useful for powering up characters.
  • Please add more ways to filter hero page (maybe even multiple filters?)
    • [Commander Jack]: We’ll actually be introducing some new sorting and filtering options as part of the suite of Hero Management and Hero Information features we’re working on. Stay tuned!
  • Madam Mim was changed back to default as crocodile for an invasion but she was way more fun as dragon in other game modes. Can she be changed to dragon default in other modes?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We do want her to be consistent between modes but we understand how some players want her to default to her Dragon form and others to her Crocodile form. This gives me a few ideas, however. We’ll keep this in mind!
  • In average, how long do exclusive crate hero last? Slinky and Baloo has stayed in their crates for more than 6 months now. When can we expect to have them released like normal?
    • [Polaris] These are very exclusive hero crates and having the heroes in the crates for 6 months is not unexpected. We can’t say specifically when Slinky Dog and Baloo will move out of the crates, but we’ll announce it on the forums ahead of time!
  • Will you find a way to display Red Skill Bonuses in Skills?
    • [DoubleBeans]: The clarity of the Heroes screen is something we’d like to tackle. We hear you here and we’ll let you know if there’s any developments in this department.
  • Do you plan on doing hero refreshes in the future/near future?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We plan on doing a Hero Refresh every “.10” release.
  • Why do you guys refresh heroes who dont need it (Mim, Facilier) and ignore the ones really need it? (Beta heroes)
    • [Leaf] We don’t focus on some of the earlier heroes because we want to keep the early game difficulty/progression consistent for new players. We do take votes on which heroes to Refresh next!
  • How does a speed boost on a basic attack mod affect cool down times for abilities? I assume that by increasing attack speed you are reducing cool downs of abilities.
    • [DoubleBeans]: Attack speed does not affect ability cooldowns, no.

Hero Design

  • What lead to the decision of adding the first villains (Maleficent, Scar, Hades etx.) to Disney Heroes, a game for Disneg Heroes?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We simply love these characters and wanted them in the game!
  • One of my favorite things about this game is its inclusion of obscure characters (Treasure Planet stars, Rocketeer, etc.). What made the team decide to use these forgotten heroes instead of just the obvious ones?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We also love less mainstream properties like Treasure Planet and Rocketeer. The simply answer is we just wanted them in the game and we thought players would appreciate them too.
  • I would like to know when a hero skillset is created, if you have a specific team / mode in mind where it will fit in. I know a lot of heroes are created as a direct counter to other heroes (Fear as a freeze team counter; Tron counter Timon&Pumbaa back in the day, Jumba countered Randall, etc.), but I would like to know more around usefullness around skills as such:
    • Did you anticipate that Jim-Slinky-Fear would be a good combination when creating these heroes?
      • [DoubleBeans]: We design heroes to fill very specific niches that often rely on other heroes providing support, certain effects, or extra damage based on those effects. We design them in this way to create more organic team synergies. Sometimes we are surprised when players find combinations we did not anticipate. In this instance, we did think this was a good combination going into the game.
    • For invasion for example, is it on purpose that there is no team that can one shot the Blue Invasion bot since Wasabi was nerfed and Kermit’s Jumba-bug was fixed?
      • [DoubleBeans]: We like to maintain some challenge with Mama Bot. One shotting her is something we consider a little too game breaking.
    • When red skills are created, are they also created as a specific counter to another hero/lineup?
      • [DoubleBeans]: Sometimes, yes.
  • Do y’all feel like that obscure characters are getting more attention?
    • [Polaris] Obscure characters to one person is a childhood favorite to another. It’s fun to look at older or less known characters and revitalize or even introduce them to players through the game.
  • A few Dev q&as ago I asked if you had considered putting Kermit on his Log from the rainbow connection scene. Six months later he finally released. Did my suggestion get development rolling again?
    • [DoubleBeans]: I remember you! We were in talks with development on Kermit and we weren’t allowed to talk about him at the time. It definitely made us really happy that you brought him up at that time.
  • Why was The Rocketeer added? Was it inspired by the popularity of The Mandalorian or because of the anniversary or something else?
    • [DoubleBeans]: Interesting question. We definitely didn’t add him due to the Mandalorian or the anniversary. Some on our team are huge fans and we just wanted to put him in the game.
  • Anymore freeze heroes or refreshes planned soon? They really need someone that can freeze and boost team’s survivability, Koslov doesn’t do that and skipping him for that reason. Other teams like study/silence/hardy/reflect/stun have heroes that do that, freeze doesn’t.
    • [DoubleBeans]: Great question. Yes, we will be doing more Refreshes in the future. We will add more freeze heroes as time goes on. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind.
  • There is some belief in characters following certain themes - classic characters for your anniversary, villains for February and October, etc. Do you consider this a thing? Are there any other themes you can reveal?
    • [DoubleBeans]: Those are all the themes we try to stick to! We don’t have any secret themes as far as I know.
  • Is it a priority to match up to current or recent releases? Is there a waiting period to properties like Soul, Raya, or Cruella?
    • [DoubleBeans]: This is a very tricky question. It depends on the specific property we are trying to use. There is generally not a waiting period, however.
  • Male heroes greatly outnumber female heroes, especially in recent releases. Is there consideration toward evening the balance a bit?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We are trying to get more female heroes in the game, yes.


  • Are live-action Disney channel characters even possible for being added to this game?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We don’t have any plans to add live-action Disney Channel characters at this time.
  • At the moment we know that characters from Tarzan are not coming due to licensing issues or something else, I forgot. Are there other movies/series that you can deconfirm?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We can definitely deconfirm any Marvel movie.
  • I was wondering if there will be heroes released that are from series, like angel is from the lilo and stitch series? I’m not asking specific heroes, but whether it is possible at all?.
    • [DoubleBeans]: This is technically possible, yes.
  • Here is a question for the team: Is there any possibility of Tamatoa coming into the game because of his size?
    • [DoubleBeans]: Huge characters are very tricky and we generally try to avoid them.
  • Will you add Sora from Kingdom Hearts?
    • [DoubleBeans]: Unfortunately, we cannot add any Kingdom Hearts characters.
  • Can you please add characters from the theme parks like the Hitchhiking Ghosts or Dreamfinder and Figment to the game?
    • [DoubleBeans]: Unfortunately, we cannot add any characters from the theme parks.
  • Are there any plans to implement very very little characters like Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers?
    • [DoubleBeans]: We theoretically could. Stay tuned!


  • If you think the starting heroes like vanellope , ralph and woody can not be buffed why not just buff the red skills to meta levels? Like make the red skill levels strong but leave there low skills weak? This way starting players will not encounter over powered heros until much later.
    • [DoubleBeans]: That’s a great idea. We tried to do that when we released their Red skills. We may revisit a few Red skills in the future.


  • Alternatively, any possibility to make red bits more impactful (more points for using one)?
    • [Commander Jack]: I’ll make a note to take a look at this…thanks for the suggestion!


  • Bit nerdy, but do you guys use an agile methodology for the game development? Or a more formal waterfall development cycle?. Are you in teams that keep the devs and testers and designers separate or are they in the same team? What is the location of your team?
    • [Leaf]: I love nerdy! We use both agile and waterfall development. We use agile for our feature development and waterfall for our hero development. Devs, QA, Design, Art, and Community are all one close-knit team. Currently the location of our teams is virtual, as we haven’t gone back to an in-person office since the pandemic started a year ago. We’re all looking forward to being able to see each other again though!
  • Can you release a windows store version of disney hero? A lot of people are staying home now so maybe more players can play the game on there pc.
    • [Leaf]: that’s an interesting idea! I’ll look into that.

Game Design

  • Any plans on new game features , like maybe using the fountain for a game for badges, gems, game currencies or an underground training facility to help rank up toons (and not be useable in game while in training).
    • [Commander Jack]: Hmm, the fountain…your “wish” is our command! :wink:
  • Are there any plans to change Invasion or Heist modes at all?
    • [Commander Jack]: We’ve actually made a number of changes to Invasion recently like adding Auto Quick Fights, rebalancing Progress Tier rewards and making it easier for lower level players to participate and contribute.
  • Can you guys consider adding “Quick fight” feature to Arena, Coli and campaign? And adding “Auto quick fight” in Invasion boss fight?
    • [Commander Jack]: Auto Quick Fight for Invasion bosses is something we’ve discussed as a potential improvement at some point.
  • Vip bonus features are sooooo out-of-date and don’t really encourage anyone reaching them anymore. Except for the new friend campaign system you guys added a few months ago. Any change to make Vip meaningful again? Especially for low vip lv (under 10)
  • Could you remove TEAM LEVEL LOCKS from all Chapters, Ports and Trials in every Server? It is only available for S22, should be for all servers.
    • [Commander Jack]: Thanks for bringing this up. Oftentimes we’ll release features in a limited way to “A/B” test them and collect data about how they impact various areas of the game. Sometimes these tests require longer periods of time so we can collect enough data to make a proper decision, which is currently the case with this feature. We’re now in the process of analyzing the data and should be making a decision on how we move forward with this soon.


  • Will there be more forum updates in the future like more forum avatars and unlimited or more likes? When will red badges be accessible to use as forum avatars?
    • [Polaris] I can increase the number of likes available - it was 50, but I’ve upped it and see how that goes.
    • [Polaris] We don’t have plans to add a lot more badges to the forums in the future. We only have permission from Disney to use the newer badges in the game
  • Any thoughts on making a better system on the forums to deal with flaggers, particularly when a lot don’t deserve to be when giving criticism?
    • [Polaris] The flagging system is built into the forum software we use (discourse). Whenever a post is flagged, it’s sent to a moderator (me) to review. I can agree or disagree with their flag. There’s a scoring system on how often their flags are accurate or not. If I find players misusing the flagging system, I do have the ability to block them from using it.
  • There really needs some training for your support. They dont even understand our trouble and problem facing in game, left alone helping us. I once complained how absurdly hard Kermit-Gonzo friend campaign and they told me to mix and match heroes to pass it??? Really???
    • [Polaris] The support team does have training. We regularly review performance and make corrections to replies or methods. One thing to keep in mind is that we are human and we do make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t read a message completely or we’re distracted or we just give an incorrect reply. The support team is a wonderful group of people and they do care about the game and the players. I’d ask a little patience when you get a reply like that and feel free to reopen the ticket with a follow up question or clarification.
  • When reporting the other party by chat, I want you to be able to select the specified remark and report
    • [Polaris] When you report someone the server automatically grabs the chat logs and sends them to us.

Invasion and Mods

  • Do you have some schedule on when we can see Lightning R.O.B?
    • [Leaf]: No schedule yet!
  • Could you make the Mod Power scale after Tier 35 as it does before that one? Could you add additional reward for “Helper”? My idea is 1-2 Team Crates for heroes of the team powered-up in the week.
    • [Commander Jack]: Good suggestion…it might be something we can consider adding to the Progress Tier rewards at some point.
  • Currently red skills don’t scale up like the other skills when you apply the invasion power ups, which means that the effectiveness of some heroes tales off as you progress (Calhoun is a good example) Is this something you would be willing to change?
    • [Commander Jack]: Great question and yes, we’re taking a look at addressing this in the near future.
  • Recent changes to the invasion made it easier for lower lvls but harder for higher lvls. It’s not just one-shot team that was fixed, players with the usual lineups like Pleakley team are suddenly struggling just to complete tiers. Was that intended or is that being looked at?
    • [Polaris] Our intention with this was not to make it more difficult for higher level players. I can ask the team to look into that
  • Could we get both eligible upgrade pieces for mods in Invasion?
    • [Commander Jack]: I’ll make a note for us to look into this. Thanks for bringing it up.

City Watch

  • CW is becoming too hard as our enemies’ Red skills are scaled too high. Most of the time they have max red skills making it impossible to defeat. Is there any chance red skills will not be scaled in CW,just the other 4 skills?
    • [Leaf]: we are looking at ways we can ease the use of Epic City Watch after Yellow Rank releases.

Collections and Cosmetic Crates

  • Will we get more collections soon? (Muppets, PotC, Lion King, Monsters Inc, Big Hero 6, Mulan, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, Lilo and Stitch, Nightmare before Christmas, Hercules, Mickey and Friends, Treasure Planet, TRON)
    • [Leaf]: There is a new collection coming up, and we would like to start adding collections a little more regularly in the future.
  • Can we please, PLEASE get some Costume Threads as rewards? I know the costume concept was scratched after a few were made, but it would really be nice to get the costumes that are available.
    • [Polaris] I’ll bring this up with the team and see if there’s more ways to make costume threads available


  • Can you give every server similar conditions please? In Server 1, we do earn more stamina. But there is no way people are able to keep 5000+ Diamonds unless avoiding other good stuff. Besides, no one can gain 5000+ Diamonds in 3 days. (Fortify the Network)
    • [Leaf]: Every server is its own unique ecosystem, and so it would be quite impossible to give every server the same conditions and have it be a good experience for everyone.
  • Why are contest rewards so out-of-touch with the game progress? They are not even helpful at all for long time players. Mean while, it is so hard for new players to reach 1M milestone. Contests, as of now, help no one
    • [Polaris] We do monitor the progress and points that players and guilds earn in each contest. The task points are dynamic because the game economy changes. The point structure of of a contest from the launch of the game doesn’t make sense to a more mature playerbase.


  • And also would like to know about weekly challenges, why new challenges haven’t been released in months, as we are essentially losing out on the 2,000 tokens every 12 weeks for completing a weekly “book” and just repeating old challenges, which on occation cannot be completed because it requires an event to happen that cannot happen again/is very difficult to have the right situation (i.e. gain mastery points, use only purple heroes in a chapter in normal campaign - if new heroes aren’t released that week and you have all your heroes above purple, no chance to complte it.)
    • [Leaf]: we officially retired adding new challenges several months ago; we would like to keep challenges doable every week however, and appreciate you pointing out when it’s impossible to do so for specific challenges!
  • Could we consolidate the weekly rewards of Challengers a bit?
    • Right now, one can get more when subsiding at Challenger III (Arena/Coliseum, does not matter) to be in Challenger III and win it than being in Challenger II. The reason is that Rank 11+ or Rank 21+ Challenger II weekly rewards are worse than Rank 1, 2, 3 or 4-5 in Challenger III!
    • Narrowing every Challenger Tier Weekly Rewards to: Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3 and Rank 4+ only. Rank 4+ of each Challenger Tier will be higher (or at least the same) as the Rank 1 of a tier below, thus making the calculations of whether to intentionally not promote or promote just slightly unnecessary.


  • People continue to be frustrated by players that try to start everybody’s fight almost immediately. In some cases this leads to the fight being lost without sufficient support. Even when the fight is not lost it can be frustrating if people start your fight
    • (1) if you have lost out on the opportunity to use more heroes (And get more tokens)
    • (2) you sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to give you your hero back, meanwhile their heroes stand around like lemmings as nobody is managing them.
  • Would you consider, for a short initial period, locking the ability to start fights to the player to which the hero belongs. After that anyone would be able to start the fight.
  • Will there be new difficulty levels and rules for heist?
    • [Leaf]: there is no immediate plan to refresh Heist.

Game Economy

  • Last Q&A, devs agreed that badges could be simplified and also liked the idea of rotating badges in Trials. Anything regarding these?
    • [Leaf]: We still agree! But bringing ideas to ship is a long process, and we only have so much bandwidth to make the changes we know are amazing every few weeks. This hasn’t been forgotten about, but there’s no guarantee on when it will get scheduled to be worked on.

Friend Campaign

  • When making friend campaigns (especially for new heroes), how do you guys think we, the casual players, can pass them? Some are insanely hard and considering how long it takes a 1 power-up, it will take us weeks or even months to pass. And no, we don’t have enough resources to work on ALL heroes, which you guys claimed not the purpose of this game. Prove this right fy decreasing friend campaign’s difficulty pls
    • [Leaf]: We approach Friend campaign difficulty is the same as before the Friendship System Redesign; that is to say, that certain friendships are designed to be more difficult than others, and some less. We think this is an important piece of fun challenge, and we added power-ups to let players beat friendships they otherwise would not have without leveling other heroes.


  • Do you plan on adding new language variations in the game? If so, could we help with them to an extent? (I could help with Czech and/or Slovak language)
    • [Leaf]: We are not planning on adding new languages.
  • Is it possible to add some sort of Theater Mode to look at all the story dialogues for each chapters we’ve seen in Story Mode so far? Like how you can see Friendship Dialogues when you complete their quests?
    • [Leaf]: we do have this as something we’d like to do eventually! It hasn’t made it off the runway yet, but we’d like to re-prioritize this again in 2021.
  • Are you guys considering doing another game like this, but for anime, after this game inevitably dies? Regardless of the answer to that, what are your favorite anime series? Favorite character(s) within the anime? :grin: (Unless you don’t watch anime, in which case, you have a week to pick out a random favorite.)
    • [Leaf]: I’ve definitely pitched anime games to our studio before. I don’t think the market is ready for an American-made anime game yet, but I am definitely always looking at this possibility! As for my own personal favourites, I’m going with Ghost in the Shell, Gurren Lagann, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and of course all things Miyazaki. Favourite character is “The Major” from Ghost in the Shell, no contest.
  • Does Perblue have any plans for developing other games once they’ve finished with Disney Heroes Battle Mode?
    • [Leaf]: We are always developing new games! I hope that you will be able to play them sometime soon :slight_smile:
  • Weird little question: anyone played Lego Dimensions? The game caused me to want to make a wikia account back in August 2017, and that’s the first time “Wave9Nut” appeared online anywhere. Was wondering if anyone at PB had played it.
    • [Leaf]: I have not played this but Lego games are fun!
  • How aware have you been of the whole “Mickey for Mayor@SHIRDOWS thing?
    • Watching along - awesome so far!

(I think the timing of posting this could have been better, no offense :sweat_smile:)




Say it ain’t so, PB… Say it ain’t so!


Replying to read later


Here’s a few. :thinking:

  • Higher Invasion Stamina storage
  • X% chance for double drops from gold, guild, diamond, red skill, etc crates
  • When upgrading skills, receive a red level XP drink for every X gold spent
  • Buying stamina also gives 1/2/3 stamina consumable items

So because new players are so obviously incapable of unlocking any recent heroes, and they definitely can’t get them from literally any token shop, anyone whose favorite hero is from beta gets screwed over? :roll_eyes:


Why not bookmark?


I did that too.

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Oh, that’s too bad. Marvel movies are getting more like Disney movies lately (coughing WandaVision). :sweat_smile:


@DoubleBeans Special thanks for answering most of my questions. :hugs: Wanted to say it in the other thread but already closed. :laughing:

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Darnit, by the time I read through this thread and the Live one to see if there were any questions I wanted to ask, and then composed those questions, the thread was closed. Maybe next time, I guess.

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But during today’s Q&A the idea of making creeps better was liked, and you already made hero creeps better in the first chapter(s) - Mr. Inc, Bogo and Felix. This all just doesn’t make sense.

Starting heroes REALLY needs a good refresh, or at least red skill which will make them good.


The problem THERE @Polaris and @Leaf is that the diamond income is stable throughout all the servers. And you can only get roughly (at best) 900 diamonds guaranteed in 3 days, or if you count Friday as well, it´s 1200 (bottom Challenger VII x 150 diamonds x 2 (Arena+Coliseum))
It makes no sense for DIAMOND category to be higher than 2000. That´s what detriments Fortify the Network experience. Stamina raises, yes. Diamonds never do.

Changing only some badges would be perfectly fine. I can name them and point at all of them. (Basically all badge bits necessary for each last badge of O4-R19 are an example, they should never be in Trials it´s VERY easy to craft those. While the other 4 introduced in a rank have usually 2-3 we are in serious lack of.)

Problem is that some campaigns are impossible to get through at any Powerups, because Davy Jones (chest - invincibility) or Maximus (huge reduction of damage) is there.

Idea: How about disabling red skills of enemies in Friend Campaigns? Then mainly Davy problem is gone.

Also no Badge Bazaar scaling? :frowning:


Elsa’s instant freeze is also a roadblock in some campaigns Imo… Slinky’s too… and Dash :grimacing:

Yes I like that idea


No answers for those… yet?

But it increases the speed of the animation…

No answers for those… either?

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Sad :confused:

Hero chips, skill chips, and disk power

This was never answered?

Or this…

Expanding the skill cost discount and maybe something that reduces the amount of stamina required per level for all chapters…

Funny thing is, the server merges make matchmaking worst. It’s how my old guild sank.

Also unanswered…

I’ll make sure to bug you guys until you respond :upside_down_face:

Why not in other updates, though. We get very few refreshes :confused:

Okay, but, I’ve explained to you guys before that the recent sign-in heroes contradict this statement.

I knew it

I like this interaction :joy:


Nice pun. Though I wonder if you were referring to the wish crates…


Get ready for Calhoun to be the Invasion queen of Blue team :crown:

That’s not an excuse regarding diamonds. All servers receive the same amount in purchases, surveys, and arena/coli.

Not with diamonds…


Also unanswered

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Skill Chips! (or even full Red Skill Help, if possible)
Imo Mod Power and Disk Power ain´t entirely out of question as well.

Also goes for the Elite Campaign… and btw no stamina decrease mention :frowning: You really don´t like that kind of idea.

The third one I would be most grateful for and it´s not really a perk, just a scaling issue IMO.

There are always ideas. I was thinking maybe even about 10% or such gain on CW/Surge Tokens mayyyybe although that could screw a bit with pointing system.
Free 10x Crates (Team/Role/Diamond) every 7 days?
Changing the cooldown of Badge Crate from 7 to 2 or 3 days?
Free VIP Crate (even if the guildmate does not have VIP) every 7 days?
Chapter Stamina cost reduced by 1 or more to 5 or less in earlier chapters.


Oh, one thing I am thinking about.

Is it possible to give as Weekly Challenges the ones from the book if we have the book unlocked? If there is no other available (although, since there are challenges already completed by us recurring despite having some not unlocked, I guess that´s a long stretch).

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One more thing about this. Ahem, I know I may be punctual, but Badge Booster Crate giving the badges of a hero “when you level up” should not exist by what you said about how the game is supposed to work.
It is essentially the raise-all-characters measure, while you said many times the game ain´t about raising all characters.
Besides, the cooldown is not necessary. If one is very clever, you can score multiple red badges you need at once, thus easing the frustration instead. (And many players do know how already, or if they don´t, we can teach them about the “trick” on Discord :wink: )
Unless of course the Without the cooldown, … part isn´t just misleading and you mean by it that we can´t get good badges over and over. Which is perfectly acceptable, yet the 7 day cooldown is still too high for it to be meaningful if you can score quite a good chance of scoring Badge Booster Crate every 40 hours in 6 chances of Mega Mart or Black Market (2x on Black Market, which can be doubled and 1x on Mega Mart, which can be doubled).

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So, to summarise the post… No, no, no, no and… err no.

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