Mario/Alice Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Mario!

Campaign name: City Sunshine



Allies: Judy Hopps, Ian Lightfoot, Hercules

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Mario and Alice are now friends!

Alice: Goodness, who might you be?

Alice: I saw you grow enormous, but I don’t think I’ve seen you around Wonderland.

Mario: I’m not actually from Wonderland. I’m from the Mushroom Kingdom, my name’s Mario.

Campaign Story: Mario and Alice team up to catch a vandal.

Alice: Hello, Mario. You seemed in a hurry earlier. What were you late for?

Mario: What’re you talking about, Alice? I wasn’t late for anything…

Mario: Wait a minute. What was “I” running with?

Alice: You running with a giant paintbrush, but you also looked all blue, quite literally.

Chapter 1: A Rat in the City

Chapter 1-1: When Mario hears this, he knows this is bad news.

Chapter 1-2: After Mario has been framed on Isle Delfino, he’s not taking any chances.

Chapter 1-3: To Mario and Alice’s horror, they find the Covered Market in a painty mess!

Chapter 1-4: As the two inspect the paint. A shopkeeper accuses Mario of vandalizing the area. She demands that he cleans up the act or she’ll call the CPD.

Chapter 1-5: Mario knows the only way to fix this and heads back to his pad.

Alice: I’m terribly sorry these people are accusing you of being a criminal.

Mario: Don’t worry, this has happened to me before. Luckily, there’s a way to remove the paint. Let’s go grab F.L.U.D.D., and see if we can find my imposter.

Chapter 2: Water Works

Chapter 2-1: Mario grabs F.L.U.D.D. and straps him on. He hands Alice a separate nozzle and the two head back to the Covered Market.

Chapter 2-2: As the two clean up the paint, Mario gets an idea. Some of the heroes can see into the future, so they can ask one to find out where the perpetrator is heading to next.

Chapter 2-3: Alice does know someone who they can talk to. So the two head to the Black Market to find Tia Dalma.

Chapter 2-4: Soon after they entered the Black Market, they find more paint. They began to clean up immediately.

Chapter 2-5: After cleaning the paint, they go to find Tia Dalma. It’s almost as if she was expecting them.

Tia Dalma: Ah, the curious little girl and the red hero. Looking for your imposter? Or perhaps the paint goop?

Mario: Do you know who’s impersonating me?

Tia Dalma: I’m afraid that’s not for me to reveal. Your imposter is closer than you realize.

Mario: Who is it? Tell me!

Tia Dalma: Ah ah ah.

Alice: Please, can you at least tell us where the paint is next?

Tia Dalma: Yes child. That I can do.

Chapter 3: Paint Panic

Chapter 3-1: Tia reveals that the paint has now targeted the Park.

Chapter 3-2: Mario and Alice began to spray F.L.U.D.D. at the goop. But then they get ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 3-3: Mario spins around and starts to spray water at the creeps, stunning them.

Chapter 3-4: Alice eats an Eat Me cookie and turns enormous and stomps the creeps.

Chapter 3-5: After the creeps and the paint are gone, the two regroup.

Alice: Goodness, you certainly know how to fight those creeps with that water pump, Mario.

Mario: That was just a technique I’ve learned back on Isle Delfino.

Mario: And that’s nothing compared to what I’ll do to my imposter.

Alice: Oh my. Tia said that the imposter is closer to us and is someone you might remember. You don’t think it could be… Luigi, do you?

Mario: Of course not! My bro and I love each other. I might have an idea who it could be though.

Mario: But as much as I hate to admit it. We may need help from Officer Hopps, she’s one of the few heroes I know who would listen to me.

Chapter 4: Going Downtown

Chapter 4-1: Mario and Alice head to the CPD to hopefully explain the situation.

Chapter 4-2: Much to Mario and Alice’s surprise, Judy actually believes them.

Chapter 4-3: However, Judy is still confused as to there being two Marios since the graffiti spree case happened this morning.

Chapter 4-4: So Judy asks Mario questions on what he’s been doing up to today.

Chapter 4-5: But little did they know. A figure who looks just like Mario pulls out a paintbrush.

Alice: Mario! Judy! Come quick!

Mario: What’s going on?

Judy: Is everything alright, Alice?

Alice: The CPD has been vandalized in that paint goop!

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Alice: Hanging out with you has been rather fun, Mario. I just wish your brother would take a liking towards me.

Mario: Luigi? I wouldn’t take it personally, he tends to be rather jealous whenever I have a new buddy. Especially on adventures.

Mario: I’m hoping he can find some friends of his own. That way he won’t feel left out.

Alice: Well tell him, that I don’t mean to replace him and I hope to get to know him a little more.

Mario: Don’t worry, Alice. None of this is your fault. Just give him some time to warm up to you, and who knows. Maybe he’ll tell you about one of his own adventures.

Chapter 5: Color Chase

Chapter 5-1: The trio heads out of the CPD and finds the logo covered in the paint.

Chapter 5-2: As Mario and Alice clean it up, Judy spots a paint trail.

Chapter 5-3: They also see a person who just like Mario running to an alleyway.

Chapter 5-4: Mario, Alice, and Judy make a quiet, yet fast beeline for the alleyway.

Chapter 5-5: The Mario figure pulls down his disguise and reveals himself to be a small koopa kid. He pokes his head out for a moment to see if he’s being followed, Mario recognizes him. Bowser Jr!

Mario: Mamma Mia! It’s Bowser Jr! Should’ve known he be behind this!

Judy: Slow down. Let’s take it slow.

Mario: Slow? I’m not afraid of that little brat.

Alice: Mario!

Chapter 6: A Wrong Turn

Chapter 6-1: Just before Mario can confront Bowser Jr. He runs smack face into a Brute.

Chapter 6-2: The brute swings his cricket bat before Mario could get the chance to attack.

Chapter 6-3: Alice turns enormous and picks up the Brute.

Chapter 6-4: She then throws the Brute far away from the City, and immediately turns back to normal.

Chapter 6-5: Judy and Alice help Mario back up on his feet. Mario is embarrassed about what happened.

Alice: Are you ok, Mario? That was quite a fall.

Mario: I’m fine…

Mario: I… apologize for my rash actions. I shouldn’t have taken such a risk.

Judy: Apology accepted. Now let’s catch this imposter of yours and clear your good name!

Chapter 7: All Bottled Up

Chapter 7-1: The trio quietly makes its way to Bowser Jr.

Chapter 7-2: They spotted some Ghouls and Ninjas. So they try their best to be quiet.

Chapter 7-3: Alice bumps into a trash can, rattling the lid. But she quickly stops it before the creeps could turn.

Chapter 7-4: When they get a good look at Bowser Jr. They see that he’s looking at a map of the City, he’s planning on painting the City red and frame Mario!

Chapter 7-5: Quietly, Mario grabs ahold of Bowser Jr. Judy quickly grabs the paintbrush Bowser Jr was using to spread the graffiti.

Bowser Jr: Let me go, Linguini Breath!

Mario: Quick squirming Bowser Jr. You’ve been caught.

Judy: And you’re under arrest for vandalism and identity theft.

Alice: The Paintbrush! Mario, you said this was Professor E.Gadd’s right? We have to get this back to him, quick! What should we do with him?

Mario: Oh, he’s coming with us. I’d say it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Bowser Jr: Wait, what?!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Alice: Wow, a walking cloud. How very curious.

Mario: Alice! It’s me, Mario!

Alice: Mario? But how did you…

Mario: It’s a power-up I used. A Cloud Flower. Allows me to be up in the clouds and make clouds, quite literally.

Mario: Wanna give it a try?

Alice: If I can be in the clouds. I don’t see why not.

Chapter 8: Cleaning Up his Act

Chapter 8-1: Mario, Judy, and Alice take Bowser Jr to all the sights where he spread his paint.

Chapter 8-2: Mario and Alice began to use their F.L.U.D.Ds and spray the paint.

Chapter 8-3: Judy even makes Bowser Jr clean up his mess until he learns his lesson.

Chapter 8-4: After what seemed like hours, they finally got rid of all the paint in the City.

Chapter 8-5: Judy thanks Mario and Alice for their help, and she takes Bowser Jr to the station. It’s been a long day.

Alice: I sure hoped Bowser Jr has learned his lesson.

Mario: Don’t worry. He’ll think twice before messing with a City full of heroes next time.

Mario: Thank you for your help today, Alice. I wouldn’t have been able to find out about Bowser Jr’s plot if it weren’t for you.

Alice: Oh I was happy to help, Mario.

Campaign “City Sunshine” complete.

“Strange Mushrooms” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!


That was great but this probably won’t ever happen.

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It will not because it is unlikely. Mario is not Disney. Great job Lucky!


I don’t think Protector_Lucky is Scarlet_Captain :thinking:

Yeah, change that @Imagineer_V

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