Mario/Mickey Mouse Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign for Mario. Also in honor of his 35th anniversary.

Campaign name: Mario and Mickey Superstar Saga

Mario/Mickey Mouse

Allies: Megara, Judy Hopps, Yzma

Friend Dilaogue Level 1

Mario and Mickey are now friends!

Mario: I noticed you seem to get into character when you put on a certain hat. How do you do it?

Mickey: Well it just comes naturally to me.

Mario: If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if it was magic.

Campaign Story: Mario and Mickey team up to save Minne and Princess Peach.

Mickey: Mario, gosh I’m glad to see you.

Mickey: Maybe you can help me. See, Minnie’s been gone a while

Chapter 1: A Mouse in Distress

Chapter 1-1: Mario asks Mickey where he last saw Minnie.

Chapter 1-2: Mickey tells him, she was heading down to the covered Market.

Chapter 1-3: The two head there, but are quickly ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: Mario pulls out an ice flower and freezes the creeps.

Chapter 1-5: After the battle, the two search. But they found no sign of Minnie.

Mario: Boy, sure is crowded today.

Mickey: But still no sign of Minnie. I just hope she didn’t get kidnapped.

Mario: Kidnapped? Hmm…

Mario: Maybe we should talk to someone who knows a lot about being kidnapped. Let’s go talk to Princess peach.

Mickey: Good idea. They have been hanging out a lot lately.

Chapter 2: Mouse and Princess Chat

Chapter 2-1: Mario and Mickey head to Peach’s City castle.

Chapter 2-2: They have their fingers crossed that the princess and Minnie are there.

Chapter 2-3: But when they arrive, the castle is invaded by creeps.

Chapter 2-4: Mario puts on a tanooki leaf and hit the tail at the creeps. Mickey transforms into Musketeer Mickey and slashes his saber at the creeps.

Chapter 2-5: When the dust clears, they looked around the castle. But there was no sign of Peach, that was when Toadsworth comes in saying the princess has been captured.

Mario: Mamma mia… Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse.

Mickey: First Minne, and now Princess Peach?

Mario: Whoever kidnapped Peach, probably also kidnapped Minnie.

Mario: And I haven’t seen Bowser in several days. Plus, any of the villains here could’ve taken her under our noses.

Mickey: Mario, you seem to have a rather unfriendly relationship with the villains. Maybe they took Peach and Minnie?

Mario: Way ahead of you, Mick.

Chapter 3: Where the Villains Hide

Chapter 3-1: Mario and Mickey learn that all the villains mostly gather in a secret spot at the Black Market.

Chapter 3-2: Mickey suggests they plan their strategy out. But Mario jumps into the fray.

Chapter 3-3: Mario gets the villains’ attention and demands an audience with Bowser.

Chapter 3-4: The villains don’t take kindly to Mario’s threats, especially since he found their hideout. So they engage Mario in battle.

Chapter 3-5: That’s when Mickey steps in. They didn’t come to fight or rat them out, they came to find Minnie and Princess Peach.

Mickey: Stop this madness at once! You’re behaving like children!

Mario: Sorry, it’s a habit for me to engage in battle that tried to harm others.

Mickey: That’s understandable. But you forgot all about finding Princess Peach.

Hades: Princess Peach you say? I did see that meathead Bowser haul off with her and some mouse in polka dots.

Mickey: Minnie!

Mario: I knew Bowser was behind it!

Hades: Hold up, I’m not finished yet. Shortly after, they surprisingly were able to break free from Bowser.

Mickey: Did you see where they head off too?

Hades: Nope. I lost interest after they escaped. Won’t be surprised if they were captured by Bowser again.

Mickey: Well, thanks Hades. Come on Mario, maybe if we report this we could find someone who can help us.

Chapter 4: Missing Princess and Mouse Report

Chapter 4-1: Leaving the hideout stumped, the duo heads to the ZPD to file two missing person reports.

Chapter 4-2: Judy is surprised to hear about this and tells the two they weren’t the only ones to file a missing person report.

Chapter 4-3: She points to Scrooge McDuck who recently reported his nephew Huey, Dewey, and Louie missing.

Chapter 4-4: Scrooge says the boys saw something strange at the Park but were gone shortly after.

Chapter 4-5: Mario and Mickey realize Bowser got Peach and Minnie again. But he now has Scrooge’s boys hostage. They have a lead!

Mickey: excuse me, Mr. McDuck. But what was it that your boys saw strange?

Scrooge: The boys told me they saw some giant lizard, and he was taking off with a mouse similar to you and a princess in a pink dress.

Mario: Mamma mia! Bowser got the princess, Minnie, and three innocent kids that saw him!

Mario: That koopa’s gone too far this time.

Judy: Wait a minute. Mario, do you know him?

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Mickey: Mario, I’m sorry that our vacation day got ruined by creeps.

Mario: It’s alright. At the very least it wasn’t ruined by Bowser. You won’t believe how many special occasions he’s ruined.

Mickey: Gosh, I can only imagine.

Chapter 5: Superstar Saga

Chapter 5-1: Mario explains to Mickey, Judy, and Scrooge everything about Bowser.

Chapter 5-2: Now that they know Bowser is truly behind the kidnappings. They need to figure out a plan.

Chapter 5-3: As they were brainstorming, they hear creeps outside the precinct. They head outside to fight them off.

Chapter 5-4: Mario and Mickey take on a row of hover bots and turrets. While Judy and Scrooge take on some brutes.

Chapter 5-5: After the battle, Mario sees some creeps target Scrooge’s Number One Dime. At that moment, Mario gets an idea.

Mario: Scrooge, isn’t that your number one dime?

Scrooge: Indeed it is. Recently the creeps have been after me lucky dime.

Mickey: Mario, what’re you trying to imply?

Mario: I might have an idea of how we’re going to stop Bowser.

Mario: Now here’s the plan, everyone.

Chapter 6: To Bust a Bowser

Chapter 6-1: Mario explains his plan, step by step.

Chapter 6-2: Step one: They find the quickest path to Bowser’s castle.

Chapter 6-3: Step two: Scrooge and Judy will use the dime to lure a group of creeps.

Chapter 6-4: Step three: Once Mario and Mickey give the signal, they fill the castle with creeps. It’s foolproof.

Chapter 6-5: The heroes make their way to Bowser’s castle to put their plan in motion.

Mario: There it is. Bowser’s castle.

Judy: Does everyone know the plan?

Scrooge: Aye, you two on ahead. Officer Hopps and I will find a group of creeps and meet you back here.

Mickey: Will do. Good luck.

Mario: Want to bet the princess and Minnie are in the throne room?

Mickey: Gosh, I’d say those odds are in your favor, Mario.

Chapter 7: Creepified Castle

Chapter 7-1: Mario and Mickey enter the castle in search of Peach and Minnie.

Chapter 7-2: It wasn’t on before they encountered some of Bowser’s troops. They engage the two in battle.

Chapter 7-3: After fighting off the minions, Mario and Mickey stumble upon the throne room.

Chapter 7-4: Now or never, they rush inside to face Bowser.

Chapter 7-5: But to their surprise, Bowser wasn’t their. But they do see Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Princess Peach, and Minnie in hanging cages.

Peach: Mario!

Minnie: Mickey!

Peach: We’re so glad you came!

Mario: Don’t worry, Peach. We got this under control.

Mickey: Mario, give Judy and Scrooge the signal while I-

Minnie: Oh no! Look out!

Friend Dialouge Level 10

Mario: So how’s it going with trying out the power-ups from my kingdom?

Mickey: Feels a little strange. Like when I bit into a fire flower, it tasted like gasoline and my hands felt like they were on fire.

Mickey: And then with the Bee Shroom, I felt a little lighter. Do you sometimes feel that way, Mario?

Mario: First time through it was strange. But I got used to it.

Chapter 8: A Tase of His Own Medicine

Chapter 8-1: Mario and Mickey looked behind them and saw Bowser right behind them!

Chapter 8-2: But before they could clash. They hear a crashing at the entrance.

Chapter 8-3: Bowser sees that Scrooge and Officer Hopps have let creeps flow in his castle.

Chapter 8-4: While Bowser was distracted, Mario and Mickey free Peach, Minnie, and Scrooge’s boys.

Chapter 8-5: The heroes were able to get through the creep horde to confront Bowser.

Bowser: Ok, you guys, let’s be reasonable. There’s gotta be a deal we can make…

Scrooge: Nice try, kiltnipper. But we don’t make deals with crooks like you.

Bowser: Mario, you’re the ring leader. You can come to some agreement, right?

Mario: Actually Bowser, there is. Me and my friends will fight the creeps off for you.

Peach: BUT you have to agree to not kidnap me as often!

Bowser: That’s it? Deal!.. For a minute you had me worried.

Minnie: I don’t know about this. What if Bowser doesn’t keep his end of the deal?

Mickey: Mario, you told us all about him. Do you think we can trust him?

Judy: We’re not done just yet. Bowser Koopa, after this you’ll have to go with us to the City Jail.

Mario: Judy has a point, Bowser. Maybe some time behind bars will shape you up.

Bowser: You think that’ll get rid of me easily, Mario? I’ll just keep coming back!

Blue Mage: Purge the error!

Bowser: Garrgh! Fine! I’ll go. But I won’t forget this.

Campaign “Mario and Mickey Superstar Saga” complete.

“Magical Powers” unlocked.

Just so you know, there may be a new friendship system. But I’m keeping it all the same as it was before. I just love the dialogue of the characters from leveling up.

I hope you enjoy!


I read all of Mario’s lines in his voice lol, same with Mickey


I can’t stop imaging it now. Lol.

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