May Shop Refresh and 4.9.01-B Patch Notes

DH May Shop Refresh & Update 4.9.01-B Patch Notes


Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode May Shop Refresh and 4.9.01-B Update! This release features May Shop Refreshes, a new Battle Pass Hero, and new content for all servers!!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

May Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on April 30.

Existing Heroes

  • Chef Skinner is May’s Battle Pass Hero starting May 1st!
  • John Silver replaces The Horned King in the CW Shop
  • Quorra replaces Jasmine in the Surge Shop
  • Demona replaces Pleakley in the Arena Shop
  • Moana replaces Jafar in the Coliseum Shop
  • Raya replaces Lilo in the Heist Shop
  • Dr. Drakken replaces Robin Hood in the War Shop

Replaced heroes are re-entered into the Elite Campaign

Servers 1 & 13 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 365 to 370
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +27
  • Chapter 68: “Cooking Servers” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Megara, Goofy, Animal, Colette, Shan Yu, Evil Queen, Manticore

Servers 21 & 25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 315 to 325
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +18
  • Chapter 58: “Portal Quest” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Ralph, Elsa, Alice, Duke Caboom, Peter Pan, Miss Piggy, Randall Boggs
  • Chapter 59:”Oh My Oasis” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Oogie Boogie, Yax, King Louie, Cheshire Cat, Kim Possible, Kronk, Chip & Dale

Content will roll over automatically on May 2, 2023 at 5AM CT


Without any compensation again…
Thats fun…


Double cap raise for S21… yay PB was serious about merging the only two servers… and giving S21 NOTHING to help us keep up. Same as the other servers.

I should have started on S1…


Im going to give up because of an other doube cap raise


Um, I’m not finished yet collecting Jasmine’s Hero Chips! :confused:

Just what I need: more Chips for Drakken.

Whoever they are, I gotta check them out.


Thx for the patch notes,keep up the good work


Since 4.9 increased the generation of free stamina, the next update should increase all stamina rewards from war, invasion, weekly quest, battle pass, and other places drastically, as they give literally nothing.
All 65 tiers in Invasion give only 10 stamina packs which is 600 stamina, and everyone can get 6000 stamina for 50 diamonds and getting it for free from claiming it from quests every few hours.

Another thing, ‘‘buy more stamina’’ should always cost 50 diamonds, and not increase to 100 and then 200.


Well, that is just a visual bug, so that’s something.

Meanwhile, Joy and Donald don’t work at all, and it’s way more than 3 months.


please stop with the double cap raises on S21, especially when you aren’t compensating us to keep our heroes up. it’s near impossible to keep up as it is, and increasing the cap by 10 each time makes it even harder! A lot of players, including myself have only just caught up from the last double cap raise & many are still lagging behind! It’s even harder for the free to play players! I have loads of heroes still at Y14 because of the last double. I’ve only just caught up on skills/friend disks for the 25 heroes I use, let alone anyone else! It isn’t fair to keep throwing a double cap raise at us, let alone with such short notice. many don’t have the resources to keep up, especially being free to play, causing more people to quit playing because the catch up is just too much. That is then leaving guilds short of players and unable to find new members due to the lack of players because of your incompetence. Please think about this & stop forcing double cap raises. Single cap raises are hard enough to manage, let alone doubles.


Are you kidding me.
Just barely caught up to the new cap and already another raise?!

How do you expect us to keep up in S21?!
I am not gonna fork over alot of money to just catch up. That is neither feasible nor going to happen. Stop doing double cap raises!

If you intend on merging anyway, which I’m sure you will, you should just boost all of our characters to max rank for S1 and all skills maxed, and just start from there rather than this double cap raise each time. I have a feeling a lot of players will leave before the merge if they keep doing it this way. Myself included


Something tells me that the servers are set to overheat in this chapter. I predict this chapter will have brand new corrupted characters added for sure and the expansion of corrupted characters doesn’t get any larger.


We are not encouraging or trying to get people to quit. As stated before, the double content drops help to align the servers in terms of how content is released.


What’s the lay down on the enemies in chapter 68?

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Ofcourse you wouldnt be “encouraging us” as you would say. That is a bad business model.
No matter how you’re going to frame it, we’re not gonna be happy about it because its just not feasible/manageable.

Fact is, its deterring us from playing and/or spending.


It’s because the game is neverending.


Can’t you just release cap rise on S1 and S13 every 8 weeks instead, and keep doing them every 4 weeks on S21+? This way they will reach same max. level in the same time pass BUT WITHOUT hurting any side of players.

Or at least increase stamina gains even more.


There will be more until next winter on Chapter 77 let me help.
69, 60-61
70, 62-63
71, 64-65
72, 66-67
73, 68-69
74, 70-71
75, 72-73
76, 74-75
77, 76-77
See what I mean?


No. This new content is how they want the servers to do. Pretty soon, after the merge, they will start changing Server 1-20 to All servers. At least they could possibly offer us an increase in campaign drops for chapters 63 onward…


I can kinda see that


If we are going to keep up with double cap rises, might as well have everything set to doubles for us until it stops. Double campaign, double port, double trial and double surge gold so our resources keep on track with regular cap rises.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the players on the most resent servers are getting the same resources while being expected to keep up with double cap rises. No one is going to have enough hero chips when you get one or two for every 5 raids. Even if you did this daily it would still not be enough to support double cap rises for red skills. Let alone all the other resources needed.

There is going to be a mass exit if something fair and helpful isn’t done for 21 and 25.

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