Milton Krupnick (Kickin’ It Hero Concept)

Milton Krupnick


Milton Krupnick arrives from Seaford to use his karate, pianist skills, and spy gear to subdue the enemy.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Backline Tank
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “Holy Christmas nuts!”

Entrance: Milton walks into the battlefield, rolling his piano in front of him.
Victory: Milton strikes an epic final pose.
KO: Milton sneezes cheese all over his piano.

Basic Attack: Milton punches enemies.

White Skill - Return of Spyfall - Normal Damage
Milton points his laser pen at a line of enemies for 5 seconds. Each enemy standing within the line is damaged every 1 second.

Green Skill - Jazz Hands
Milton performs the piano for 3 seconds, giving allies X stacks of hardy.

Blue Skill - Power-Hungry
Milton links with an ally of the player’s choosing, absorbing all attacks and debuffs dealt on that ally for one wave.

Purple Skill - Performance Machine
Every second Milton uses “Jazz Hands,” he heals himself by X% and deflects a debuff back to the enemy that tried to use it on him.

Red Skill - AP Lunch
Milton’s max HP is increased by X%, and each enemy that attacks an ally Milton linked with through his “Power-Hungry” skill is stunned for 2 seconds.

Milton Krupnick + Darkwing Duck
Campaign: Espionage Training - Milton joins Darkwing Duck in tracking down a thief creep, who is stealing valuables from all across the City.
Disk: Terror Notes
Disk Memory: Every third attack Milton lands using any skill will give him X additional HP.
Disk Power: Z HP, Z Basic Skill power

Milton Krupnick + Jack Brewer
Campaign: Family Tree - After landing in the City, Milton is worried about the safety of his family. As a good friend, Jack volunteers to join him in his search.
Disk: Krupnick Kilt
Disk Memory: While Milton is using his “Return of Spyfall” skill, he does not take damage.
Disk Power: Z shield power

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