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Kim Possible, a frontline Control character who uses various gadgets and cheerleading moves to avoid enemy attacks.

“So not the drama.”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a low kick

  • WHITE: "Get a Grip”, attaches a Monitoring Device to a selected enemy, damaging them over time for the remainder of combat until they are defeated. Using this skill a second time while the Device is still attached to its target will electrocute them, which Stuns. When on auto, the Device attaches to the enemy with the highest health. The Monitoring Device cannot be Cleansed. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: "Watch Out!”, dodges an attack with impressive athleticism, countering with a strong dropkick that knocks the enemy backwards. Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: "What’s the Sitch?”, calls Wade for some assistance on her Kimmunicator, Studying the target attached to the Monitoring Device, and other enemies near the Monitored target. If no enemy has the Device attached, then she Studies the closest enemy.

  • PURPLE: "Utility Belt”, allows Kim to collect half of the energy gained from the target with the Monitoring Device, increases her chance to dodge enemy attacks by 50%, and increases ally Basic Damage after calling Wade.

APPEARANCE: Based off her appearance in the Kim Possible animated series, wearing her original mission outfit.

ENTRANCE: Repels down to the battlefield via grappling hook, getting in a fighting stance.

VICTORY: Performs a quick cheer to celebrate the victory, ending in a split.

DEFEAT: Falls backwards, an annoyed expression on her face as she tries to blow her hair out of her eyes with a huff.


Kim Possible Friendships


  • Kim and Darkwing discover a plot by Shego and Negaduck to take over the City using stolen devices from old villain lairs. Having spent more time in the City, Darkwing takes the lead, but Kim finds herself helping him out of tight scrapes and traps.

  • Through it all, she unlocks the Disk “Duck Dial”. The Monitoring Device lets enemies take more damage from all sources, and allies heal when damaging the Monitored enemy. It also gives Kim additional energy at the start of combat.


  • Wade has been having trouble wiring himself throughout the City, which makes it harder for Kim to find people in trouble. Hiro offers his technical assistance to increase the functional capacity of the Kimmunicator.

  • Through it all, she unlocks the Disk “Sitch Finder”. “What’s the Sitch?” also heals all allies when used, and increases attack speed and movement speed for allies as well.


Kim Possible is already coming soon


General Thoughts on: Kim Possible

I was looking forward to Kim ever since PerBlue mentioned her offhand with Duke Caboom, and still am as I type this out. I don’t recall how others were able to get all the information on Kim (I guess data mining) but talking with several players did help me understand what she was about.

I had another older concept for Kim based on her new season outfit and Battle Suit, but decided to update it given the new mined information from PerBlue. I did make the new concept in hopes to find a Kim that feels more… Possible :smile:

Rewatching old episodes gave me the feeling that, while Kim is strong, she’s not a juggernaut or a powerhouse. She’s one slippery spy with different hidden gadgets for any situation. She’s mostly cartwheeling or backflipping away from enemy fire, so I added a chance to dodge AND a counter.

Keeping all of the different effects and buffs from PerBlue’s original concept for Kim was to honor her stance as “she can do anything”. And I still see the Monitoring Device in the game’s stat notes, so I wanted to keep that in my new concept as well.

A character who’s versatile and flexible, but you can bet you’re gonna need a friend or two to save the day. :slight_smile: I hope PerBlue takes this into consideration at the very least.

But it does feel nice to post on forums again :heart: I got some more concepts built up so stay tuned in the future~

@The_Death_Note It might not be as soon as we think, PerBlue is going to redo her to better fit their review process for final characters.

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They have been redoing her since June @Epic_Mickey

Do on another popular suggted heros

Here is kim’s skills :roll_eyes:


@Pika89 I’ll probably post one more before I leave for work today. Don’t wanna drop them all at once~

@Captain_Felinia Oh thank you! ^^

Its cool 2 see u posting again @Epic_Mickey :grin:

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I couldn’t find it…

Literally all they did was rename the skills

Can i do post on pupolar requested hero as well?

Donald Duck, a frontline Damage dealer who loses his temper at the drop of a hat, complimenting his stubborn nature on the battlefield.

“Aw, phooey!”

BASIC ATTACK: Melee, a swinging punch

  • WHITE: "Doggone-It!”, vents his frustration at the entire enemy team, attacking them in a cartoonish fight cloud. Deals Normal damage.

  • GREEN: “Flying Feathers”, rushes a single enemy and swarms over them like a duck blur, damaging them over time and Silencing them for the duration. Deals Normal damage.

  • BLUE: “Fit of Rage”, finally blows his top when at half HP, gaining Berserk status. A portion of damage given is also reserved as extra damage for his WHITE skill.

  • PURPLE: "Sore Loser”, when Donald is defeated, the enemy who defeated him takes damage equal to how much extra damage they dealt to Donald beyond 0 HP. Deals Normal damage.

APPEARANCE: Based off the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

ENTRANCE: Moves toward the enemy team and adjusts his hat, showing he means business.

VICTORY: Hops up and down in place while swinging his fists, still eager to fight.

DEFEAT: Throws his hat onto the ground, stomping on it while quacking in anger.

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@DroneIX It’s cool to be posting again! :grin: Part of why I stopped was a lot of IRL things going on at once, but I’m in a much better place now and figured, I still got some old concepts I never shared or new ones I’ve created after talking to tons of players, so figured why not? :heart:

@Pika89 If you had a character in mind, I’d love to hear about them :smiley: I can give my two cents on the matter that way too~


I have 1 charther to name which is wanted for10 months but is stil pupolar lighting mcqueen and did not got added to the game yet so he should be here

Mulan can be added there as well she is very requested but she is not confirmed to come yet

Do you remember popular vilians for haloween? It can be fiting to add some in this time

@Pika89 Personally, I think Lightning McQueen would be a very awkward character to add in. Considering he’s a car and much bigger than a person, he’d take up too much of the screen that could cover the other characters. And if they did shrink him down, he’d look too tiny, since with Shank’s White skill we see the scale between a car and the rest of the cast.

Mulan though is someone I’d really like to see in game! I should give her some more thought for the future~ :smiley:

As for Halloween, I’d like to see Dr. Facilier, Randall Boggs, and Oogie Boogie next month for old hallow’s eve :jack_o_lantern:

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The thing is mcqueen is popular he needs to be shrunk and just beacuse he is car does not mean he can not be added 2 charthers s skils involvolving driving shank and duke caboom so it would not be that strange add him as for randal bogs i done copcet on him maybe you will post it here if you ask i agree than my answer i will agree if you will ask me

@Pika89 Well the thing is, and again this is my personal opinion on the matter, Lightning would be much different than Shank and Duke.

Duke for example, is shown to be a very tiny toy in Toy Story 4 compared to Woody and Bo Peep; they can fit him and his motorcycle without it seeming out of place.

And with Shank, her car appears, runs across the screen, and then disappears. Its a much more of a brief moment than a constant Lightning on the screen at all times.

Having four wheels and no limbs would make it more challenging to create a skillset as well. I don’t doubt Lightning has a good following with fans, and he can certainly be mentioned as roaming the City on his own, but its the spot as a playable character that makes it feel very forced to me.

Oh, I do appreciate the offer, but it’s alright :slight_smile: I’ll make my own concept from scratch, I like putting them together anyhow~

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