Mr and Mrs Potato Head - Unlikely Concept - Remake

Mr And Mrs Potato Head

Mr. Potato head bravely takes in Mrs Potato Head into battle, both ready to smash the battle field.

“You saved their lives? Oh, My Hero! And they’re so adorable! Let’s adopt them!”
Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Mr potato head punches the closest enemy.

Entrance: Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head walk into battle while holding hands, when they’re in position Mr. Potato Head angrily looks at the enemies right in the eye.

Victory: Mrs. Potato Head hugs Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head looks into the sky with a brave look on his face.
Defeat: Mr. Potato Head’s extra parts fall out of his back causing him to fall over, Mrs. Potato Head looks shocked and then frowns.


White Skill: My other eye :white_circle:
:fist: Normal
Mrs. Potato Head takes our her eye and points in towards her enemies dealing X damage, Mrs. Potato Head Studies the enemies for 10 seconds, then she puts her eye back in.

Green Skill: Tortilla Takeout :green_circle:
:fist: : Normal
Mr. Potato Head grabs 3 tortilla’s and throws them, each tortilla flies past all enemies once dealing X damage every time one passes.

Mr. Potato Head will stun the enemies for 6 seconds on the last thrown tortilla.

If the enemies are studied when Mr. Potato Head performs this attack, Mrs. Potato Head will give Mr. Potato Head X basic damage.

Basic damage increase has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Blue Skill: Out with the old and in the new :large_blue_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Mrs. Potato Head grabs Mr. Potato Head’s old hat and replaces it with a new one, the new hat gives Mr. Potato head confidence which gives him a shield that blocks X damage for 8 seconds and a 50% speed increase for 6 seconds.

Mr. Potato Head:
Once Mr. Potato Head gets the new hat he puts it on giving him X max HP for 10 seconds, Mr. Potato Head then uses his mustache as a boomerang, his mustache flies through all enemies twice (there and back) dealing X damage and saps enemies for 10 seconds.
Max HP increase has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: Take extra parts :purple_circle:
Every time Mr. Potato Head uses a normal damage attack it has an 80% chance to crit.

Red Skill: Reinforced Parts :red_circle:
“Take Extra Parts” Now makes Mr. Potato Head invincible for 4 seconds

“Out with the old and in with the new” Now deals X more damage

When enemies are studied Mr. Potato Head will heal Z hp over 5 seconds

The invincibility has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

+X Basic Damage
+X Max HP
+X Damage for “My other eye”


Friendship: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and Woody

Campaign: Andy’s Coming!
Description: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and Woody must work with other Toys to defend Andy’s Room
Allies: Buzz, Rex, Slinky Dog
Disk: “Toy Masters”
Star Disk:
When Mrs. Potato Head performs “My Other Eye” Mr. Potato Head will gain a 5% damage increase permanently (+5% every star)
“My other eye” now has a 60% chance to stun all enemies for 8 seconds
Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Disk Power
+X Basic Damage
+Z Reality

Friendship: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and Miss Piggy

Campaign: Working Together
Description: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and Miss Piggy find themselves stuck on what to eat. Can they decide on what they’re gonna eat or skip food all together.
Allies: Disgust, Goofy, Mickey
Disk: “Bad Girls”
Star Disk:
“Take Extra parts” Now gives Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head a 10% speed increase (+10% every star)
“Out with the Old and in with the New” now deals X more damage

Disk Power
+X Max HP
+X Damage while sped up

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