Mr. Wolf/ Snow White Friendship Campaign

Here’s Mr. Wolf’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign Name: Everyone’s Hero

Mr. Wolf/Snow White

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Allies: Melin Lee, The Mayor, Hopper

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Mr. Wolf and Snow White are now friends!

Mr. Wolf: Hey, you! Get over here!

Snow White: Excuse me? Who’re you talking to?

Mr. Wolf: You, of course. Who else?

Snow White: Oh, well. How do you do?

Mr. Wolf: Uhh…

Snow White: I said, How do you-

Mr. Wolf: I know what you said. It’s just, that I was sort of expecting you to start screaming and run away.

Snow White: Run away? Why would I do that?

Mr. Wolf: Well, it’s just, you know. I’m the Big Bad Wolf. The villain of every story.

Snow White: Well, you don’t seem very bad at all. I don’t think you’re scary either.

Mr. Wolf: Really? That’s certainly a first.

Campaign Story: Snow White shows Mr. Wolf that he too, can be a hero.

Mr. Wolf: Say, Snow White. Do you usually try to help others be good and all? Since you’re a princess?

Snow White: Well… I do try to see the good in most people.

Mr. Wolf: I know I may come as a scary wolf. But that doesn’t mean I should try to do good for others.

Chapter 1: New Goodness Mentor

Chapter 1-1: Snow White can kinda understand why Mr. Wolf wants to be good, as most citizens tend to steer clear of him.

Chapter 1-2: But if there are strange residents like monsters and talking animals. Perhaps a notorious criminal can be one too.

Chapter 1-3: Due to some issues with Wolf’s last mentor of goodness. He wanted to find someone that was pure-hearted.

Chapter 1-4: When he meets Snow White and sees how nice she was. He figured she was the best option.

Chapter 1-5: Snow White is unsure, but sees Mr. Wolf wanting to try.

Snow White: If you do want to show people that you can be good, I suppose I can help you out.

Mr. Wolf: You would? It’s not like I’m forcing you to help.

Snow White: Oh, don’t be silly. I enjoy helping others. And I do think this could be a fun challenge.

Chapter 2: Goodness 101

Chapter 2-1: Mr. Wolf meets Snow White at the Defense Workshop the next day.

Chapter 2-2: Snow White tells Wolf that a good person would help someone in need.

Chapter 2-3: But it’s more than just that, he’ll also need to be there for when danger comes around to save the day. With the recent creep attacks and all.

Chapter 2-4: Wolf gets understanding and agrees to start the goodness classes.

Chapter 2-5: Snow White leads him to one of the Goodness 101 scenarios.

Snow White: To start, any good person would help someone in need.

Mr. Wolf: So would something like, saving a kitten stuck in a tree count?

Snow White: Why yes!

Chapter 3: Dwarf Crossing

Chapter 3-1: Mr. Wolf reveals that he did help a kitten get down from a tree when Marmalade mentored him. That gives Snow White an idea.

Chapter 3-2: She calls for her dwarf friend Dopey to help with the goodness exercise.

Chapter 3-3: She has Mr. Wolf help Dopey cross a street.

Chapter 3-4: It starts smoothly until Dopey gets distracted by a butterfly.

Chapter 3-5: Luckily, Mr. Wolf gets out of the street and back to Dopey.

Mr. Wolf: Dopey, I was supposed to help you cross the street. Not to take you sightseeing.

Snow White: Sorry about Dopey. He can be a little distracted at times.

Snow White: Maybe perhaps we can try a different practice.

Chapter 4: Protection Outcomes

Chapter 4-1: Snow White recommends that Wolf tries some of the training parts of the workshop.

Chapter 4-2: As she mentioned earlier, protecting people is also good too.

Chapter 4-3: Wolf practices some basic punches and various gadgets on the dummies.

Chapter 4-4: When Wolf snarls at the dummies, he spots a shocked yet calm look on Snow White.

Chapter 4-5: He quickly stops just as Mr. Snake arrives at the workshop.

Mr. Wolf: Snake, buddy. What’re you doing here?

Mr. Snake: That rabbit cop told me you were getting goodness training from Snow White.

Snow White: Oh, you mean Judy Hopps.

Mr. Snake: Whatever. Wolf, do you not even remember that Marmalade only trained us so he can steal the meteorite and frame us?

Mr. Wolf: Of course I do. That’s why I wanted to find someone that was truly pure-hearted.

Snow White: And believe me, he’s been doing quite well with being good. You can join us too.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Mr. Wolf: As it turned out, Marmalade used and framed us for stealing the meteorite so that he can pull off his own heist.

Snow White: Good heavens! And here I thought he was a nice, cute guinea pig!

Mr. Wolf: It goes to show you. You can’t always judge people by their appearance.

Snow White: I suppose that’s true. Maybe that’s how I fell for that sleeping apple my stepmother gave me.

Chapter 5: Creepy Clash

Chapter 5-1: Just before Snake can question further. Creeps attack the workshop.

Chapter 5-2: Wolf and Snake do their best to fend them off by scaring them and punching them away.

Chapter 5-3: Snow White aids them with the help of her woodland friends.

Chapter 5-4: Unfortunately, the creeps become too much for Mr. Snake and a Thief creep runs off with him.

Chapter 5-5: Wolf pushes a Mage out of the way only for Snake to disappear.

Mr. Snake: Wolf!

Mr. Wolf: Snake! Hang on buddy, I’m coming!

Snow White: Mr. Wolf! Let me help you. Those Thieves can be quite dangerous.

Chapter 6: Thief Tracking

Chapter 6-1: Wolf and Snow White begin to track down the creeps that took Snake.

Chapter 6-2: Snow White has some of her dove friends to search above. But Wolf shows they don’t need to.

Chapter 6-3: He spots a lonely Thief Creep down in the Warehouse District.

Chapter 6-4: Sneaking inside an abandoned warehouse, Wolf and Snow White could see various stolen goods.

Chapter 6-5: And among them was Mr. Snake!

Snow White: Goodness! Look at all the things they’ve stolen!

Mr. Wolf: Tell me about it. It almost puts my past life to shame.

Mr. Snake: Well I’m just glad you found me. Now let’s get out of here, fast.

Chapter 7: Don't Mind Us Robbers

Chapter 7-1: Before leaving, Wolf and Snow White wanted to return the stuff the Creep Thieves stole.

Chapter 7-2: So Wolf calls the rest of the Bad Guys to help them out.

Chapter 7-3: It didn’t take long for Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Shark, and Mr. Piranha to arrive at the abandoned warehouse.

Chapter 7-4: Snow White and her animal friends help to the best of their ability to get everything in Wolf’s car.

Chapter 7-5: When Snow White gets in with the rest of the crew, she’s in awe by the inside of the car.

Snow White: Oh, my.

Mr. Snake: What? Have you never seen a car before?

Snow White: Afraid not. But I’m also surprised at what I was helping you with.

Mr. Wolf: I know it’s normally bad to steal. But we’re doing this so everyone can get their stuff back.

Snow White: Yes, that is true.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Mr. Wolf: Thanks for helping me and the guys with clearing Diane’s name.

Snow White: I was happy to help. Though you sounded a bit surprised.

Mr. Wolf: To be fair, we’re still getting used to people not running away from us.

Mr. Wolf: So aside from some of the ZPD officers, you’re one of the people that’s not scared of us.

Snow White: I see.

Chapter 8: Good to be Good

Chapter 8-1: Just as the heroes start the car. A horde of creeps appears in front of them.

Chapter 8-2: “Don’t mind us. Just robbing this place,” Wolf smirked as they drove off.

Chapter 8-3: But it wasn’t long before the creeps were homing in on the Bad Guys.

Chapter 8-4: Snow White had some doves distract them, while Shark threw Piranha at any straggling creeps.

Chapter 8-5: When they lose the horde. Snow White helps explain to Judy the stuff the creeps stole and that she and the Bad Guys returned.

Mr. Snake: Well, was that close to us being good in the City, Wolf?

Mr. Wolf: If that wasn’t considered doing good, then I don’t know what is.

Snow White: It was a noble deed you five did today. And Mr. Snake, you should be happy for your friend to want to try and be good.

Mr. Snake: It’ll take a while to be good, but I am happy for ya, Wolf.

Campaign “Everyone’s Hero” complete.

“Hero of the Story” unlocked.


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