Multiversus Wish List

With the release of Warner Bros. rendition of Smash, Multiversus is just a couple months away. There are many hopefuls in Warner Bros. library to choose from Looney Tunes to recent Dune. We already have a star-studded roster,

  • Batman
  • Shaggy
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Arya Stark
  • Garnet
  • Jake
  • Taz
  • Harley Quinn
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Superman
  • The Iron Giant
  • Wonder Woman
  • Steven Universe
  • Finn
  • Velma
  • Rick
  • Morty
  • LeBron James
  • Gizmo
  • Stripe
  • Black Adam
  • Marvin the Martian

but people are just dying to see who coming next.

Hence, this thread.

I would like you to share your top 10 ten fighters that you would like to see added to the game. To break the ice, I will go first.

Okay, here we go.


The Mask

Meek bank accountant Steve Ipkiss has in his possession a mask that have been endowed by the God of mischief himself. Giving him the power to turn into the ssssmokin’ super hero persona: The Mask. Once the Mask is unleashed, it’s party time! (P-A-R-T! Y? cause’ he’s gotta!)

This zany mobster has gags and cartoon-like antics that could be easily br used for his moveset. From his “squeeze me gently” horn to his balloon Tommy gun among other thing, he will leave his enemies screaming “Somebody stop him!”



Want to get a pesky human out of place of dwelling? Are kryptonians, gems, and tasmanian devils getting you down? Has a hope eating force kidnapped you to suck your hopes and dreams? Then call the bio-exocist, Beetlejuice, to help you dispose of them. To call him, just say his name three times.

I cannot believe that nobody has suggested the ghost with the most yet. This spooky and loveable poltergeist would be a must have for Multiversus. With a spooky flair of getting rid of his target such as turning into a giant snake, and other ghastly antics to frighten his enemy into submission. It will be show time when Beetlejuice comes to haunt the battleground.


Freddy Kruger

In life, Freddy Kruger was a child murder who terrorized the the children of Spingwood. The parents decided to take justice in their own hands and burned Freddy to death. But that was far from the end. Because Freddy became something much worse: The stuff nightmares are made of. Freddy became a scarred demon that terrorized the dreams of the children of Elm Street. A lucky few have defeated the dream demon but he always returns to invade the dreams of a new batch of kids. After all, every town has an Elm Street.

Now i know what you all are going to say, “Isn’t Nightmare on Elm Street a little too violent and gory for a game with the likes of Shaggy, Tom and Jerry in it?”. In a word: yes. But if Smash can have representation from games like Metal Gear and Bayonetta in their games, I see no qualm with putting Freddy in Multiversus. With his signature clawed glove and his ability to warp reality to his will, you can’t lose. Besides, WB would crazy not to put this slasher icon in this game along with my next hopeful.


Jason Vorhees


Once upon a time, in Camp Crystal Lake, there was a deformed boy named Jason. His defomed face got him picked on by the other campers to the point that a camper drowned him in the lake. Years later, he risen from his watery grave to haunt anyone who would set foot in the camp and kill them in anger and vengeance. Some prevailed over this lumbering figure but he come back again and again and again (as most supernatural killers do) donning his iconic hockey mask and coming back even harder to kill than before.

What this big lug lacks in supernatural powers makes up for in strength and endurance that rivals that of Garnet and Superman (okay, maybe not Supes, but you get the idea). If his strength doesn’t get his opponents out of ring, then his machete will certainly get the job done as he slices and dices the competition into ribbons. This lumbering figure would be a real force to be reckon with.


Harry Potter


Harry Potter started from humble beginning living in the cupboard under the stairs of his aunt and uncle. When he came of age, he learned that he is a wizard. Not just any wizard, but one that survived an attack from the dark wizard: Lord Voldemort when he was a baby. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where met his best friends, Ron Wesely and Harmonie Granger, headmaster Dumbledore and the mysterious Severus Snape among others. A series of magical misadventures and learning of his past leads him to facing Voldemort as well as his destiny.

With Gandalf being speculated for the game, it would be only fitting that the boy who lived would be in Multiversus too. With magic spells aplenty such the simple disarming spell, expelliarumus, the stun spell, stupefy, and the ever famous patronus charm. With the Harry Potter series being very popular as it is, I have every bit of confidence the Harry would make an appearance in Multiversus down the road.



Amethyst is one of the Crystal Gems, a band of alien rebels led by Rose Quartz that fought against the Gem Homeworld and it’s oppressive Diamond Authority. Amethyst is the wild child of the bunch and is more open to Earth and it’s ways. And for good reason, unlike most of the members, Amethyst is made on earth and did not meet up to Homeworld standards due to her short stature. This left her feeling more inferior to normal gems like Garnet and Pearl. But with the help of Steven, Amethyst learn to love herself.

With Steven and Garnet in the game, Amethyst is shoe-in for Multiversus and if Pearl also gets in it would make the original Crystal Gems team complete. Amethyst would be an all-around fighter that would use her whip and spin dash as her main method of attack. Her shape-shifting can also be of good use as she would take the form of her opponents and copy their attacks functioning as a fighter simliar to Kirby as well as shifting into her wrestling persona: Purple Puma. Besides it would hilarious to see Amethyst interact with other wild characters like Harley and Taz.



Pearl is one of founding members of the Crystal Gems along with Garnet. Pearl is the brains of the operation as she is most goal-oriented and graceful of the all the others. However, Pearl is not without flaws. Being one of the first Crystal Gems and Rose Quartz’s closest and most trusted ally, she did everything in her power to do everything in Rose’s name with little regard to her own life. However, with the help of Steven, she learns to give herself respect and credit where credits due.

As mentioned in Amethyst, the Crystal Gems would be complete when Pearl gets on the roster. Where Garnet succeedes with strength and Amethyst with being a well-rounded fighter, Pearl would a master of speed and nimblness. With her spear in hand and the power to make hologram of herself to distract foes and ninja-like precession, Pearl would be an excellent assassin and would help the Crystal Gems and their allies against the Nothing.


Foghorn Leghorn

“I say” “That is” are two phrases that basically describe Foghorn Leghorn. Foghorn is a rooster that resides in a farmyard that believes he knows better than everybody else. But in reality, he is really a loud mouth shnook who dosen’t know when to keep his beak shut. When he’s not talking someone’s ear off, he is either playing practical jokes on the barnyard dog or trying to evade the clutches of Henry Hawk, a baby chicken hawk trying to prove his worth by catching a chicken. Whatever he is doing, you’ll never hear the other end of the conversation around this rooster.

Personally, I would love to see all the major Looney Tunes in Multiversus. And they all have many shorts that the devs can go off of. But out of all of them, I think I would choose Foghorn. With practical jokes and a mean right hook to back him up, Foghorn, I say, Foghorn Leghorn is one hard-boiled chicken, rooster that is. Hard-boiled, that’s a joke forumers, you missed it. One tough egg that is. I keep pitching em’ and you keep missing em’. Don’t, I say, don’t make forums like they use to.

(Sorry for that last part, Foghorn took over a little bit.)




Chowder is a cat-bear-rabbit creature that reside in Marzipan City. He an apprentice to the famous chef Mung Daal and dreams of becomes a great chef just like him. The only problems is that either his incredible appetite or screwing up the strange dishes that they have to make leads Chowder and his friends to a series of very unusual adventures. But when push comes to shoves, Chowder is a sweet little kid who just wants to make Mung proud.

With Cartoon Network characters confirmed to be in Multiversus. This would be a chance of redemption for the characters from Punch Time Explosion. Many may request Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 or maybe integrate all the character from PTE into Multiversus (I know I would like that), but I would choose Chowder. Not only is Chowder my favorite Cartoon Network show, but he would make for a creative skillset such as utilizing his pet fart cloud, Kimchi, or some of the bizarre food that reside in his home series. With Chowder on the roster, a redemption for Punch Time Explosion is within their grasp. (At least I think you.)

I could keep going, but I said top 10. So, before u get to my #1 pick, i will give you the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Connie Maheshwaran

Lapis Lazuli




The Joker

Poison Ivy

Yakko Warner

Wakko Warner

Dot Warner

Daffy Duck

Scooby Doo



The orgins of this mighty monstrosity depends on what you believe. His orginal origin story says that he was a regular lizard until the radiation from a hydrogen bomb caused him to grow into an enormous atomic spewing monster and went on a world-wide rampage. The other more recent one says that he is once part of an extinct race of titans that layed dormant beneath the earth until bombings woke him up. Whatever the case maybe, he has faced many giant monsters in his life-time such as his rival, Kong, his three-headed arch nemesis, Ghidora, and his robotic doppelganger, Mechagodzilla and his destructive power earned him the monarcher of King of the Monsters.

With the Iron Giant’s inclusion, this spring forth a hopefuls of giant proportions including the Diamonds, Kong, Ghidora, and of course my number one pick. Godzilla would be a fighter very simliar to Bowser, with the ability to withstand any devastating blow not to mention his signature atomic breath. So, wheither facing a kryptonian, a caped crusader, a Amazon, a gem fusion, or an alien robot, this monstrous monarch will come out on top.


This is just a friendly reminder that you can make your Multiversus wish list here too.

Ok. Here are my top ten characters: (not ordered by how much I want them)

  1. The Joker.
  2. Daffy Duck. He can be in his Duck Dodgers form.
  3. Harry Potter.
  4. Ben Tennyson. It’ll be cool to see how the Multiversus team can use his alien swapping mechanic.
  5. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles as one character.
  6. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. He’s owned by Warner Bros and it’ll be funny to have Scorpion brutally murder Bugs Bunny.
  7. Jotaro Kujo. He’s also owned by Warner Bros… I just want to know people’s reactions. :woozy_face:
  8. Scooby Doo.
  9. Samurai Jack.
  10. Emmet. We have Mario in Smash Bros and Garfield in Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl, so let’s complete the Chris Pratt trifecta by adding Emmet from The Lego Movie. :star_struck:

I’ve seen too many Multiversus datamine vids to have a wishlist :sweat_smile:
My only wish about the roster is not sticking to a single franchise too much, especially DC. The whole point of a crossover like that is franchise variety.

In no particular order

  1. Beast Boy (Being able to turn into different animals he has such a huge range of moves to play with.)

  2. Wily E. Coyote (I’m really doubtful he would be a Looney Tune to join. They gave Bugs a rocket which is more Wily E.'s thing.)

  3. Courage the Cowardly Dog (Love him.)

  4. Ed, Edd, and Eddy (I’d prefer them each be an individual character or alt costumes at the very least. They’d be quite cluttered if a single unit. I wouldn’t want that. Plus they’re very different personality and ability wise.)

  5. Wally Gator (He’s probably my favorite of the classic Hannah Barbera characters)

  6. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (As alt costumes. They all do have different personalities/abilities like the Eds, but the PPG also have many of the same abilities that could work better as alt costumes.)

  7. Fred Jones and Daphne Blake (As individual characters. But I put them together because I want the full Scooby Gang to be playable. It’d feel kinda incomplete without them.)

  8. Hagrid (He’d be quite unique compared to the other characters in Harry Potter.)

  9. Annabelle (From The Conjuring Series. It’d be so funny to see her be in such a goofy game.)

  10. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (Again as individual characters. It being a Warner Bros game they deserve it.)

I will have Pete from space jam 2 and king clawthorne from the owl house and blobby from hotel Transylvania to be in the multiversus game got it?

Not sure if Multiversus will have characters outside of Warner Bros properties :thinking:

Even though the devs said they’re thinking of doing that. But there’s no way they’re adding Disney characters to the roster.

Ohhhh right it’s warner bros only so I pick clayface to be in the multiversus game got it?

Pete from space jam 2 will be playable in the multiversus game

Here is my top 10 multiversus requests.
10: animaniacs
9: green lantern
8: Marvin the Martian
7: Rick Sanchez
6: Lebron James
5: Road Runner
4: Butch(From Tom and Jerry)
3: Daffy Duck
2: Scooby Doo
1: The Banana Splits

oh no forget Huntress Wizard from Adventure Time.

I doubt that most of these videos are even true. They probably want these characters, say they have been “datamined”, and make up evidence that goes no where. Besides, they take the fun out of wishing and guessing.

Well, the thing is the lists are all the same. Besides, the game already has voice lines for some of them recorded, both their own and those of already playable characters mentioning them.

Ahh yes, the good ol ridley complex.

I was very happy to see the fact you like Steven universe so much. I agree aswell.

Here’s my list yall.

(Didn’t include pictures, didn’t have enough time)


Batgirl and nightwing
(Detective comics)

As a long time batman fan, I’m familiar with my bat family characters, but these two have always been my favourite. Preferably Barbara Gordon’s batgirl, but I would also like to see Stephanie brown as a variant of this character. On the dick grayson side of things, his electric batons and acrobatic nature could make an excellent skillset.


Julian Holtzmann
(Ghostbusters, 2016)

OK, I’m ready for the FBI to show up at my house, but I preferred the 2016 ghostbusters to the original. No, it is not because its all girls, it’s because it was hilarious. I would love to see all the 8 ghostbusters, heck, maybe even afterlife, but as of now I’m sticking with my favourite, Holtzmann.


Ice King

I love adventure time… the end

The number that comes before 8

Road runner


Porky pig


Doc brown
(Back to the future)


Princess bubblegum


Sylvester and tweety. (Similar to tom and jerry)
This would have great potential.


Homer simpson
(him and Shaggy fighting over who gets the last donut would be hilarious)

Honourable mentions

Master chief
Marceline the vampire queen - SIKEEEEEEEEE
Doc brown
The mask


Marceline the vampire queen

You thought I would put her on honourable mentions. That’s hysterical. I love this character. Like love, love, LOVE this character. Her music, her voice, her full out vibe makes me love her character, so hopefully we see my favourite character in fiction ever arrive with her friends finn and jake.

I see your side of the point, and quote me on this, but sometimes knowing its coming can add to the satisfaction its there. For example I’m ecstatic

(datamined character)


Is coming to the game, and the moment he is in the game I will be ecstatic. Seeing stuff coming sometimes doesn’t make it less satisfying when they arrive, although I do see you point.

Your right about a 0% chance of disney, but it’s been confirmed 3rd party characters will be coming. I quote Tony (the creator) “there’s a reason we didn’t call it WB brawlers” which was also kind of savage to NASB :joy:

Never EVER Diss an adventure time character in my presence /j :joy::joy::joy:


Finally, somebody replied so I don’t have to keep editing the same comment. :joy::joy::joy:

You sounded uncertain whether of not you knew so I thought I’d clear the fog and tell you straight up. Bit there are definitely limits of meta, such as Disney and I think Sony.

I doubt Disney will want to share their properties with someone…


Then how did they got sora in smash?

Well, the only Disney representation in Smash is the Mickey icon on Sora’s keyblade and the Disney logo. That’s it.

And also Square Enix is involved.

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