Ned Land (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Hero Concept)

Ned Land


Ned is one of the few seafarers that survived the frothy depths of the ocean, much less the sea monster inhabiting it. If he could survive that, he can certainly handle a bunch of creeps.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “Freedom is worth paying for.”

Entrance: Ned walks into the battlefield with his harpoon in hand.
Victory: Ned laughs and holds up his harpoon in triumph.
KO: Ned drops his harpoon, falls to his knees, and salutes.

Basic Attack: Ned pokes enemies with his harpoon.

White Skill - A Whale of A Tale - Normal Damage
Ned plays his guitar, bringing Esmeralda the sea lion to waddle through enemies and deal X damage to each enemy hit.


Green Skill - Harpoon Launch
Ned throws his harpoon at the furthest enemy, dealing X damage and stealing X energy.

Blue Skill - Wait For Me
Ned runs through enemies, stealing X HP from each enemy he hits. Offscreen cannibals throw their spears at him, but deal X damage to all enemies instead.

Purple Skill - Energized Shock
Every 3 times Ned performs his “Harpoon Launch” skill, there is a 50% chance of the targeted enemy getting electrocuted and having their attack speed reduced to 35% for 6 seconds.

Red Skill - Voyager
Ned deals 75% additional damage after performing his “A Whale of A Tale” skill. His reality is increased to X.

Ned Land + Jim Hawkins
Campaign: Land, Sea, and Space - After rescuing Jim Hawkins from an unexpected run-in with a horde of creeps, Ned shows him how to survive in a life-or-death situation with big and dangerous monsters.
Disk: Whaler’s League
Disk Memory: Ned takes 70% less damage from ranged Basic attacks.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Ursula, Mulan, Calhoun

Ned Land + Scrooge McDuck
Campaign: No Rest For the Greedy - Scrooge asks Ned if he had ever found treasure during his underseas voyage. Upon hearing a no, he invites Ned to help search for underwater treasure. Ned, who told himself he would never return to the seas after his battle with the giant squid, finally decides to come out of his shell and join Scrooge in his search.
Disk: Golden Opportunity
Disk Memory: Ned gains X additional HP each time he deals damage with his “Wait For Me” skill.
Disk Power: Z shield power
Allies: Violet, Goliath, Jafar

Is he likley charther? You should mention this in the title either way so it will be clear

Any character from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is likely, including Ned. Feel free to google it.

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