New book for Challenges

Guild members have completed all Challenges and asking for a new book. Anything in the works @Loutre ?

Challenges are discontinued

Well that stinks if true

it is true, otherwise @Filadae_Djaq would not have confirmed it.
Original post:

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what’s silly is that they never did “officially retire challenges” until that post lol, they just said that old ones were going to be repeatable but gave the impression that new ones would still be added.

It was a poor decision, especially to string people along with 2 blank spaces in the final book.


I’ll admit that even at the time of the original announcement of repeating older challenges, I had the feeling that they were about to stop making new ones, but for at least a few months I thought they would at least release two more new challenges to fill up those last two spots in the final book and to correspond with two of the sticker avatars that are currently unaffiliated with any challenges.

I guess those will remain forever unfinished, with the rewards for completing that last book never to be attainable.


While looking for something else in the forum, I ran across this comment from CommanderJack during the previous Dev Q&A; when asked about the two sticker avatars referencing challenges that don’t exist (Low Battery and Mayor for a Day, IIRC), CommanderJack replied:

Thanks for bringing this up. We have a ticket to address these, so you should see a fix sometime soon.

@Loutre, can you confirm this is still in the queue to be worked on? It would be nice for my previous comment to be proven wrong. :grin:

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I get challenge books are retired and all, but @Loutre , can the team at least close out this book at 10/10 challenges and issue our challenge coins (full book I think usually 2,000 coins) for it instead of showing two challenges coming soon to finish the book off? Kinda an eye sore to the game if you ask me to have a book that will always be 10/12 and never could be completed Becuase game developers decided to end challenges without a warning except stated they were done in a q&a.

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