New Mod Upgrades

When are we ever going to get new Mod enhancements???
It’s been months and I can still only enhance Normal Crit, Armor, and Purple skills. What’s the deal???


Bumping this because I would also like to know. We’ve had only the same 3 for half a year. I could desperately use some reality upgrades :slight_smile:


Every week I get disappointed how the MOD upgrades ARE THE SAME 3 CHOICES. What’s the point of just upgrading armor, purple skills, and normal critical chance…it just goes to show Perblue doesn’t play it games. Or they just don’t care…

So dumb!!!

We NEED other upgrades. Or else just get rid of the other 6 all together PERBLUE.

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There are new mod upgrades planned for the 1.16 update in early February.


Why has it taken 6 months to rotate out the upgrades? Should we expect another 6 month rotation for the next upgrades?

Also, is the 4 mods per hero the final number or do you plan to go to 6?

Some information on the strategy going forward would be very helpful.

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Why people want Randall and Jafar with Blue upgrade, and Piggy with atack speed upgrade, it would be so broken, hope perblue do a good job because Randall with 4 blue upgrade will make the counter-atack kill everyone in one hit(already do sometimes).

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Because P2P users LOVE this kind of units that can kill entire teams by themselves only to keep as kings of challenger arena and coliseum. And war… And you get the idea.

With the introduction of this they can get a loophole for the debuff that Randall (and more units received before) so we will return to the released broken status they they have that’s why they taken so long to release they. It’s a double sword that can benefit and kill the game in the balance health of it

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It’s a double sword, take Jafar for example:

He was able to wipe out entire teams by himself until they debuffed his blue Skill, now imagine they released blue skill mods upgrade user will put Jafar a LOT of blue skill mods and voila loophole to the debuff and he can kill again teams by himself again.

Do that with Randall and other debuffed units and we will listen again a lot of “Impossible city watch” “debuff this hero” kind of posts and also a dead end formations. Same formations over and over again in coliseum and arena that we will need to face every nod in City Watch even in easy dificulty because this depends of formations in those gamemodes. Is dangerous doing this step that why they taken too long to do it. And let’s hope this benefits more that what can hurt.


That’s a very bad argument.
Perblue exclusively design the game. The game should be designed in a way that content can be rolled out not stifled due to lazy programming.

edit: what I mean by lazy programming is adding features to the game that contradict other aspects. Its more of a challenge balancing everything out, sure, but this is the hallmark of a top developer.

If PB want to sell OP heroes fine but then they must design them in a way that allows other content to be produced and rolled out. By asking their customers to wait 6 months for the next Mod upgrade veriety because releasing it early would break the game - is directly transferring programming effort to their customers waiting “effort”.


Indeed, “we can’t add this promised feature because it would make X hero too strong” is not a valid reason - if that’s the case, the hero is already poorly designed.

That won’t be the reason behind the huge delay.


It’s more than likely a strategy to increase mod sales and therefore revenue.
Considering that they can only be equipped to lvl 30+ mods and that many players will already have their lvl 30+ mods filled with upgrades from the first rotation. So for many - if they want to enjoy the new upgrades they have to buy more mods.


When is 1.16 @Polaris?

Already on another thread somewhere, early February.

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