Challenger Seasons Feedback Wanted!

The only issue i have is that if you ever miss a 2 level promotion you basically have no chance of getting into Division 1.



Anyone complaining they liked the old format better is surely being hard-headed & lazy, and caring more about the potential rewards, rather than the gameplay itself. The old format was very boring :sleeping: and besides, if you can get to C1 now the rewards are even greater.

The complaints about not being strong enough to participate are equally silly in my opinion - previously Challenger was limited to 50/100 players, and it’s now 500-600 - so if someone isn’t strong enough now, they wouldn’t have been anywhere close before anyway?!

  • The fact that rank now depends mostly on your offensive capabilities rather than defensive. It puts much less weight on having the absolute best heroes / power, and more on strategy & creative team building.

  • No cooldown on arena fights.

  • Much better chance for lower powered players to gain better-than-P1 rewards, while the paying players should still rise to the top - unless they are lazy. I don’t really understand how people think the new format is worse for F2P players.

  • Not having to check your rank every X hours in case you “fall out” of Challenger.

  • Much more enjoyable and involved, you have to actually work for rank rather than just hopping up to the top of 30 other meta teams with your own meta team.

  • We could do with some extra daily Coliseum attempts - 5 doesn’t feel like a lot for the new format. Match it to Arena - 8 would be great!

  • The weekly rewards so far (gold, chips and mod upgrade pieces) have felt a little lacklustre / low amounts. It remains to be seen if that will be offset in the higher leagues.

The points-for-healing one. When I’ve tried and am clearly unable to defeat a team, I can still get a few points by throwing in Beast (for example) and stacking up on healing points.


:man_shrugging:let’s get creative!

I focused mostly on winning the battle, and once I’d done that I experimented with different teams (eg. using Beast) to try and get a ton of healing points. More often than not though, keeping all 5 heroes alive resulted in the most points, so that was the main goal.

Votes: 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 3

As recompensas semanais da arena e Coliseu são muito baixas, da 7ª divisão até a 2ª não muda quase nada, mas dá 2ª para a 1ª divisão os prêmios são aumentados consideravelmente, tanto que o 1º lugar na divisão 2 é o mesmo da pior premiação possível na 1ª divisão. Enquanto o prêmio do 21º lugar na 2ª divisão é o mesmo que no 1º da 7ª divisão!!
Ps.: Eu estou em 3º lugar na 5ª divisão de desafiantes da arena e estou decepcionado com os prêmios semanais

I added some poll questions at the top - please complete those also!


In redesigned Arena, selected 5 heroes portraits’ size is smaller than previous portraits size.
I think bigger portraits are easy to see :thinking:

I don’t participate in arena or coliseum, 101 heroes are enough work to keep up with. Maybe have 5 heroes already chosen and only use those for the week. Have 5 random heroes to use only. Not player chosen

If you can’t be respectful of everyone’s opinions weather they are similar to yours or not , you probably don’t belong on the forums in the first place :wink:. Everyone’s opinions matter.


It’s very frustrating
People have only one hero defenses.
The f2p players can’t even get anywhere bear Challenger’s.
Not to mention the rewards are horrible.

Is that frustrating? Why?

WHERE?!? I can’t believe that.

Look at the top arena rankings in server 1

Poor unfortunate soul that I am. Server 2 will NEVER EVER do that.

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  • Do you find the challenger season to be more engaging than the previous challenger? Are you having more fun?
    I do not find this mode engaging. Compare to the previous challenger i barely needed to go online as often as i usually do because i am stuck on one placement and i dont need to be worried i would be constantly knocked out of promotion.

  • What is the best improvement in challenger seasons over the previous version?

  • What areas could still use some work?
    High reward.

  • What is your favorite division rule in this challenger season?
    None it takes the fun out when my team or enemies get bonus stats.

  • What is your least favorite division rule in this challenger season?
    The bonus scores. The one i have is points for remaining hp from heroes and healing points. I want something done with some nasty tactics one of the players that purposely have 1 hero team in coliseum. That exploit can make any player to challenge him earn no heal points at all. That player can be first place if he attempt to while no one can get the highest points anyone can reach because one player decide to set a 1 hero defense team.

  • What division rules would you like to see in challenger seasons in the future?

  • What was your strategy to get the most bonus points possible?
    There are too many stretegies in this point system that takes too much work and it hinders me.

Okay, I’m not going to bother with the polls because I’m not sure I can quantify my feelings like that, but I’ll have a shot at voicing my input.

In general, I don’t find this setup that engaging, it’s very design removes the timing factor that caused me to keep an eye on the situation (even when i didnt have to worry about dropping out, id need to wait for the right moment to take first)

As is, challenger for me is basically “got a key, look for something i can feasibly beat, try to beat them, that’s me for the day”

…to the point where I’ve outright forgotten to do the 3 daily arena attacks multiple times.

Not helping is that the point system removes a great risk/reward mentality, as now, rather then trying to maximize gain by risking attacking a strong team at the top, I’m just hitting those i can and ignoring those i can’t till the last day or 2.

I’m going to once again raise my general opinion that if you wanted arena/coli to be engaging, then you’d just have to make sure all the heroes are at least moderately fairly balanced.

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I’m not a Challenger, seeing as I’m currently in Platinum 1, but there is one question I can still answer

Mod Upgrades, or rather, the fact that they’re locked behind Challengers, when they should have been made available to all players, regardless of level and rank

I find it odd that, in this thread, nobody’s talking about how the other Mod Upgrades are locked to Challengers only

It goes without saying that this was a very low and dirty move to pull, especially after announcing that they would finally come into Invasion after a year of being announced, that being in February,

only to never be implemented; which was a proverbial slap in the face of every player who isn’t part of the playerbase that’s close to the max Rank and level, especially after saying

There is more irony to be found here than in a blacksmith’s foundry


1 more slap I could tell you is that they offer an exclusive hero in Challenger (who, btw, seems very strong). Ok, I know I may not have the resources to update or use them, but if I have them, at least that is an option

Now, I don’t even have that kind of option. So, yeah. way to close the gap between F2P and P2P


It almost seems the intention is too force ftp to either fall beyond larger then p2p or maybe the gap they were referring to is not spending compared to those that do :wink:. There are way too many toons and little resources compared for a ftp player now to a point no one can catch up with how expensive everything is , especially with cap raises every month. I see more and more people quit the game with every update. Personally would think that quitting volume should speak louder then the maybe ten people demanding for more expensive things. Would hate for the game to be left to just those ten players in one guild when all said and done, and they can’t battle in wars because everyone else quit or is too low it’s a breeze and pointless to attack in wars.

Didn’t read any comments. So if it’s been posted I’m sorry.

Need to eliminate defences with single
Hero’s. Boring and counterproductive to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Simple solution. You can only attack with the amount of hero’s you have in your defence. One hero in your defence. You can attack with one. 3 hero’s. You can attack with 3.

Also. Move any mod related items to invasion. You stated that invasion was to me the main source for mods. Then you move brand new mod items to a different mode?

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I’m not sure I agree about the whole 1 hero exploit thing. For a couple of reasons -

  • the next season could have totally different rules that make the 1 hero defence less / not hacky
  • those players are essentially giving up a free 1000 points at least (plus probably 5 hero alive HP bonus) - there could’ve been opponents unable to defeat their full defence and only gain 30-100 points
  • everyone in the league has to attack them (other than themselves), so it’s the same for all

No, nothing ‘‘fun’’ found.
First two weeks give terrible amount of diamonds, and if someone is lucky enough then 3rd and 4th week will give more diamonds, but otherwise, it will always give less than before.

Gameplay is terrible, but at least leaderboard looks nice, that’s everything.

Everywhere, or just give previous version.

They’re all stupid. What’s next, off duty?

It shouldn’t affect player’s heroes, but only opponents (if ‘‘effect’’ is negative).


Crying, praying and shouting.
Remove rules and point bonuses ASAP, it’s terrible. (or make it fair for everyone)
It enlarged only gap between F2P and P2W.

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