New War system is rubbish change it back please


The new war matchmaking is not good it’s made war to be my favourite mode to my least favourite. You keep getting matched with the same guilds over and over again because of the matchmaking rating. You should be being match with guilds in the same division as you. Currently we are in diamond and being match with a team in legendary

Please revert to the previous matching settings


Guild War Feedback Wanted!

I completely agree, I’m on the 4th ranked guild on my server and we have faced the #1 guild this season already 3 times and #2 guild twice so far. They have twice our power so it’s automatic lose pretty much. We might not get to legendary this month if we face them again. While the are guilds already at legendary that have 6 active players and a total power less than our top guild member. Doesn’t seem to make much sense.



I agree with both of you completely. I think a good compromise would be only letting guilds one league away from each other faceoff. This would help guilds earn the positions they truly deserve as they wouldn’t be constantly facing off against the top two guilds over and over. (Coming from #3 guild on server 3)



Exactly my guild is 5th on my server and we have been matched 3 times with the number 1 ranked guild who easily has a 19million power adavantage over us so automatic loss and my guild is considering not bother playing the match @Polaris



The current system would only work if you could war across servers. The pool of war teams is just too small. It is like everything else and will just become stagnant. No one wants to war the same guilds over and over again. It was too much before the changed and now it’s worse



Funny you mention that someone in my guild said there same thing the current system would only work with a server merge

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Absolutely agree. In the same boat. Stuck in a constant cycle of matching up with the top 3 that dwarf us in team power. If u are going to do this mid month then reset the MMR and don’t use prior rankings. Because there’s a gap between the top 3, the next 3, the next 10 etc. Maybe in the long run it’s better overall, but right now it’s a joke. If anything handicap based on team power differentials. Points scored reduced by team power advantage. I get u want to encounters spending, but really you just depress engagement.

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Ugh…no system is perfect. Someone is always gonna be unsatisfied. Fact of life.

Perblue can only try to make the system work for the majority…



And it’s not working everyone so far in this thread agrees with me so @polaris should take notice

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OMG. Me too. Me guild is 21st on my server (I know, it’s not that high but still…) we get to legendary every time, but this month…

Mean while, many other guilds, who is not as strong as we are (based on total power, guild member level) easily get to legendary but we struggle to even win a single fight :frowning:

This is not fair to us… so not fair…

Because our point may not be that different but our power is…

I really really hope Perblue considers change this

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Again we get the same opponents not in the same division as us

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This needs to be addressed. I’m surprised they didn’t forsee this in testing

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Used to have a topic like this right after change, and I totally agree with thread owner. My guild is in the same situation, stuck and lost when fight with many guilds stronger than us and we just meet weaker when our MMR score down after lost at least 4 continous wars … and currently I just hope my guild can win up coming war, last chance for us to reach legendary rank - used to be easy in previous …

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Facing the number one guild again for the 4th time this season. Almost a third of our total matches this month have been against them. All loses because of the massive power diff. My guild currently 4th ranked probably won’t reach legendary this month. I know not every system is perfect but this one obviously has major flaws when top guilds can’t reach legendary and minor guilds with few active players reach it fairly quickly in the season.



@Polaris has ignored my tags so far wonder how many more untill this is discussed

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Serieusement c’est la merde cette guerre nous sommes la 5 eme guilde du serveur… toujours etait challenger avec classement 2 3 3 4. Et la nous ne pouvons meme pas atteindre le challenger…nous tombons que contre les 4 premiers… super bravo le staff. Continuez ainsi



I consistently and regularly spend real world $$ on this game because I love it. The war matching chages have so significantly impacted my enjoyment that I’m done spending. I’m contemplating quitting altogether. Facing a giant once or twice a season is rough but understandable. Being matched with giants repeatedly and exclusively is a grind. Forget that. I hope PB is listening @Polaris, because they just lost a good customer.

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We do hear your feedback on the new matchmaking system, and we are watching the data!