Next bug fixes, when [Season 1][Bug Discussion]

What’s up! I created this topic so that you can post any bugs you find in this game. You can post them by reply, but try to include screenshots/screen recordings of this for good measure.

Here are the listed bugs that need to get fixed:

  • Powerline becoming targetable before “Electrifying Entrance”.
  • Sarah playing blue skill animation repeatedly instead of death animation when KO’d.
  • Support button doesn’t load at all when pressed.
  • Targets may have both Jim Hawkins’ revive and another revive buff (Tiana’s or Angel’s for example), dying consumes both buffs simultaneously when it should just use one per death.
  • Abu sometimes causes problems in battle
  • Mickey sometimes disappears from battle
  • White city heroes supposed to be red and/or orange.
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Sorry to revive, but this is a copy to Musketeer’s next update, when?

Brand new. Discuss your bugs here. I’m looking for a lot of replies, but how do I add that it’s game chat?

Press the little pencil icon

Then press this:

Then it will take you to here:

Support Mods capped?

All support Mods cap at 2.14 billion regardless of Mod upgrade level.
I’m returning to the game after a break so maybe this has been addressed but I wanted to post feedback and make mention of the issue. Even a level 1 upgrade support mod reaches the capped 2.14b when equipped to a maxed Kusco.

Thanks for your attention.

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