Next update, when? [Season 2]

So you don’t remember Ursula getting impaled? :thinking:

All the Gravity Falls badges released prior to this didn’t mention or depict much. Alex Hirsch is very forgiving when it comes to bending the rules. Disney straight up made a book without asking and he opted to forgive them instead of pursuing a lawsuit.

… she was “teleported” to the City BEFORE that, same as Scar came here before killing Mufasa, it’s all in friendship stories…

Well then how is Syndrome in game if like you said he’s already dead? :thinking:

Time paradox.
He got teleported before his death even if the Incredibles didn’t.

No idea, but he’s the only one now.
It wasn’t then shown or told he is dead tho… but that’s too much to say.


when will there be a hero rotation?

Probably the end of this week, we’ll see sign in notes and hero rotations should occur on the 1st of June :thinking:

The actual Hero/Shop Rotation will be next week on Monday, but the Sign-In character and Shop Rotation patch notes should be this Friday :-).


@Polaris Could I ask if there are some specific conditions when the team discusses a merge happening?


  • Amount of players
  • Changing it into other servers (not sure if it works, but were those holding 9 and 16-18-20 repurposed into 23 and 24?)
  • Activity of chat
  • Contest ranks
  • Anything else I can´t quite recall?

Are there some servers you can right away tell they will never merge one into another?

Arena/Coliseum Leagues and how many can be active at a time. Is there consideration in that?

I´d say you could technically even have like 10 Arena/Coliseum Challengers leagues at 7 players each and still be fine. Mainly because if you are inactive, you´d just stay in VII forever.

Y cuando van a regresar los hilos de disfraces de algunos heroes @Polaris ? :thinking:

No se hasta PB van a decir en viernes

I thought that there were 24 servers total…

Obviously not… there have been server merges before


I’m not sure why you say that. What if all servers are merged into one? Does that mean the cap increase to all servers are equal?

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I bet the sign in hero will come sometime this week


More merging = less servers

  1. How is this question relevant?
  2. Disguting, no



When if there are less and less servers until there are 2 left?

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