No More Fortify the Network

Last weekend’s contest was fortify the network. Those contests has to my least favorite. It’s incredibly hard to get any of the prizes. You can only do two things in this contest and they aren’t very lucrative in points. So, the meter goes very slow and hardly rank at all and rarely get the prizes on anything.

So, i ask Perblue to stop putting up Fortify the Network contest indefinitely.


While I don’t think they should flatout remove them, I believe that they should stop pushing it so much. I honestly think that the only people who can really get all the rewards are people above level 190-200. Otherwise, it’s not worth spending a lot or trying to get the rewards.


I think the biggest problem , as a ftp perspective , with fortify contests is they keep decreasing the point system everytime even though we don’t get more free gems with logins , daily videos etc and the slight increase in stamania we get with cap raises is not proportional high enough, but decreasing the points every time for these too almost makes it seem to a point of stamania is pointless for the contest.

Then again, I think that’s the point, because as a lot call this type of contest “fortify their wallets”, and as such why a lot hate it.

Maybe as a possible solution for both parties, @Loutre , maybe these fortify the networks can be guild contests or server contests only going foward, as a lot struggle with this type of contest. As the hints say on loading screen, a lot of people, especially ftp players, rely on the progress rewards to make a dent in overall game progress with the rushed (I know perblue doesn’t think they are rushed, but most of us do as long as the badge costs aren’t going down anytime soon as it seems) cap increases keep happening monthly.

I know honestly as a ftp I would like to at least be able to upgrade 15 toons fully with each update period but never do bc of the costs, as a result it’s usually 3-5 tops with each one.


You know what would be something…?

  1. Make it so that the points don’t decrease after every contest.

  2. Make it so that spending gold earns points too.


Obviously clear infected areas no longer exists , but have made several suggestions on different types of possible contests with this topic Before @Loutre if u guys need some ideas. Polaris I don’t think ever commented on it, it’s been a while I posted this and I am not scrolling through all the answers from said post.


I understand why PerBlue wants to have a Fortify the Network contest every three weeks to coax players into spending their reserves of diamonds and stamina, and I’m sure they’re not going away, but it would be nice if the point values for diamonds and stamina didn’t keep going down while the rewards themselves stay fairly constant.

For a while I would try to get all the progress rewards in FtN, or at least all the ones up to the 750k mark if I didn’t have an interest in the contest hero, and normally I’d have enough diamonds saved up to make it worthwhile. But the number of diamonds and amount of stamina now required to reach 1M points is so high that I’ve stopped bothering, even though I’d really love to have more Swedish Chef chips.

Still, I’m sure they’re getting enough participation from the 1-2% of players really chasing the top rewards that they don’t mind losing out on the middling players like me. :man_shrugging:

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This is where PerBlue makes most of their money. They’re not gonna change it. Because money.

And eventually it’ll be less money :confused:

The contest has to be changed.


Tbh, the rewards they offer are terrible. I could easily get those without spending that much resources. I have been skipping FTN contest lately and I truly suggest you guys do the same

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Bueno en la competencia de la semana pasada aumentaron los puntos como en el servidor 1 ya que gaste 20.000 de resistencia y no me llevo a 1M de puntos más adelante viendo cómo fue la competencia de la semana pasada las competencias del servidor 22 se volverán como el servidor 1

Fortify the network is contest that per blue makes the most cash off of. It won’t go away.

Well it shouldn’t go away completely. Diamonds required should just stop scaling, something like 2500-3000 would be fine I guess. The current 8000+ is ridiculous, you don’t even get that much in 3 weeks, MAYBE if you’re in Challenger I you do but still


From what I remember PB said that “FtN is balanced to the server´s economy”. So, I guess most people just buy the diamond deals?

Honestly tho, it makes no sense, since the same could be done with S22 due to their diamond deal being the best around. And it´s not.
So indeed there is a problem with diamond scaling in the contest. That should be eliminated. Cap it at 72150 = 2100 diamonds :slight_smile: That´s what a bottom Challenger VII Arena/Coli player gets in a week. Or max twice that, like stamina (which generates roughly 35k-40k a week)


Im In server 21 and do not like fortify network. It used to be easy to get the prizes with grinding but now its so hard. You need to spend real money to get last tier and i dont like that. I am in challenger tier, diamond drops is not enough.

just thought I’d mention that I never have an undue issue with reaching 1m in FTN on server 2, without spending any money.

I just bank my stamina for that week and as long as I’ve got more than 5k or so diamonds saved up, which isn’t a huge amount, I’m good to go :man_shrugging:

On weeks where I remember to bank my stamina for FtN, it’s possible for me to reach the 1M mark, it’s just usually not worth it IMHO. Getting that many points usually requires spending at least 6000-7000 diamonds, and in order to do that I either have to buy stuff I don’t think is worth the price, or spend a dozen or so refreshes on the Mega Mart on a day when there’s no discount. I’ve just decided that I’d rather save my diamonds for purchases that offer better value.

Question is, how do you even save 6k diamonds in 3 weeks to begin with…

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Challenger :man_shrugging: and in the FTN I tend to use them with stamina cost resets, to get the most points and decent value

Well I would prefer to use stamina resets and diamonds in bonus stamina buy. 70%/100% more profit. Best place to dump your diamonds TBH

But PB never gives Bonus Stamina Buy in FTN which sucks.
@Loutre Can you request the team to have bonus stamina buy in Fortify The Network Contests, It would be really good iniative for FTP player :smiley:

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Many players from my top 5 guild (server2) didn’t even reach 3rd star because even with the necessary rewards were not good… I myself saw that I only needed to go to 2nd star… perblue will not stop unfortunately.

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