Ortensia (Mickey and Friends Hero Concept)


Although she gets herself pulled into tons of bad situations, Ortensia has quite a short fuse, a perfect weapon to use on invasive creeps.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “You’re not the only one who has adventures.”

Entrance: Ortensia parachutes into the battlefield by her skirt.
Victory: Ortensia eats a sandwich out of her lunchbox.
KO: Ortensia gets angry at the enemy.

Basic Attack: Ortensia waves her fist, damaging enemies.

White Skill - Spread the Love - Normal Damage
Ortensia teasingly waves at the enemy with the least HP, charming them for 6 seconds.

Green Skill - Rejected
Ortensia deals X less damage to allies when charmed. While charmed, she gains X HP each time an enemy attempts to deal damage to her.

Blue Skill - Lunch Feud
Ortensia opens her lunchbox and finds it empty, prompting her to shout at enemies and silence them for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill - Sky Scrapper
Each time Ortensia performs her “Lunch Feud” skill, enemies are silenced for an additional 2 seconds. The time increase can only occur 3 times per wave. Ortensia’s max HP and reality are increased to X.

Red Skill - Raging Twenties
Ortensia gains X energy each time she damages, charms, or silences an enemy.

Ortensia + Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Campaign: Sing Me a Song - On their date night, Oswald sings a melody to Ortensia, until he messes up on some notes. They travel to the music shop to look for different songs to try out.
Disk: Old School
Disk Memory: Enemies take 30% additional damage while charmed.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Merlin, Yax, Tron

Ortensia + Kermit
Campaign: Banjo Lessons - Ortensia takes banjo lessons with Kermit the Frog, training to surprise Oswald with a new talent.
Disk: Be a Dreamer
Disk Memory: Ortensia takes 60% less damage from all enemies she applied debuffs on.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power, Z energy gain
Allies: Rex, Go Go, Basil of Baker Street

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