Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Mickey and Friends Hero Concept)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

One of Mickey’s oldest friends, Oswald takes action against the menacing creeps with nothing but his powerful ears.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Tank
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “[Not only can I] hold [my] own with competition, but [I’ll set a pace] to make the others hustle as well.”

(The quote above was paraphrased from a quote by Walt Disney regarding Oswald.)

Entrance: Oswald walks into the battlefield, brushing off his shoulders.
Victory: Oswald jumps with joy.
KO: Oswald grumpily turns his back to the enemy.

Basic Attack: Oswald throws rocks at enemies.

White Skill - Ear Flight - Normal Damage
Oswald flies into the air with his helicopter ears and lands into enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy hit while also giving them a 20% attack speed reduction for 9 seconds.

Green Skill - Blow ‘Em Away
Oswald jumps, turns sideways, and spins, blowing frontline enemies back and dealing X damage to each one.

Blue Skill - Gimme Some
Oswald performs a secret handshake, linking with the ally closest to the opposing team and absorbing all damage and debuffs dealt on them until the end of the wave.

Purple Skill - What a Breeze
If Oswald reaches 0HP, he regenerates his HP completely and performs his “Ear Flight” skill while applying a random debuff on the strongest enemy. These debuffs include those exclusive to any hero that is on the player’s performing lineup.

Red Skill - Been Here Since ‘27
All allies gain X energy each time Oswald takes damage until he reaches 0HP.

Oswald + Mickey Mouse
Campaign: Plane Crazy - Oswald finds an old plane that Mickey used to fly, and he hopes to get the plane to him so they can relive an old memory.
Disk: Retro Rotor
Disk Memory: Oswald’s max HP is increased to X.
Disk Power: Z reality, Z HP gain

Oswald + the Rocketeer
Campaign: Fight or Flight - Oswald is amazed by Cliff’s jetpack, as is Cliff by Oswald’s helicopter ears. Could they possibly work as a team during patrol per chance?
Disk: Sidekick Applicant
Disk Memory: Oswald deals X extra damage each time he uses his “Blow ‘Em Away” skill.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z Green Skill power

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If your gonna paraphrase. The gammerly correct thing to do is use brackets ([ ]) on words you replaced.

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