Pac-Man (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Pac-Man (from Pac-Man)
Description: Pac is back, he will take snack brakes all the while chomping on the competition
Quote: “This is a wrench”
Trial Team: Yellow
Stars: 2
Entrance: Pac-Man will enter the battle field while in his classic design as his theme plays in the background before turning into his Pac-World design image
Victory: A sign will appear next to Pac-Man that has a score of 256 on it before he gives a thumbs up
Death: Pac-Man will turn into his classic design before the sides of the quarter circle meet causing him to disappear
Role: Frontline Tank

Basic attack: Pac-Man will kick the enemy

White skill: TURN-TO-BLUE: True Damage
Pac-Man will a power pellet and transform into a huge version of his classic design. He will then dash through the enemy line dealing X damage to each enemy hit and healing X health for each enemy hit

Green skill: Bonus Fruit: Fantastic Damage
Pac-Man will hold his hand in the air giving him a randomized bonus fruit
Cherry: Pac-Man will eat it healing him X health and increasing his health bar by X
Watermelon: Pac-Man will eat this, giving him a shield with X health and giving three stacks of hardy for the rest of the wave
Key: Pac-Man will throw this at the enemy with the most health, sapping and stunning them for 10 seconds
Galaxian Starship: Pac-Man will throw this, dealing X damage to any enemies hit by it and giving X health to Pac-Man

Blue skill: Hydrant Toss
Pac-Man will throw a fire hydrant into the enemy line. It will stay there for 20 seconds and for those 20 seconds, for every 5 seconds it will spurt water out of it. Knocking enemies back with the other end, and healing Pac-Man for X health

Purple skill: Chomping Time
Pac-Man’s total damage dealt to enemies will be split in half and be given to Pac-Man as X health at the end of each wave

Red skill: Arcade Escapades
Pac-Man will have his health bar increased by X whenever an ally is KO’d, this can only happen once every wave


Pac-Man and Swedish Chef
Disk: Pac-foods
Pac-Man will gain a shield with X health after using “TURN-TO-BLUE”
Pac-Man really likes the foods in the city and Swedish Chef is his go to
Allies: Goofy Linguini and Remy Colette

Pac-Man and Waluigi
Disk: DX kart racing
Pac-Man will gain X health after KOing an enemy damaged by “Bonus Fruit”
Walugi challenges Pac-Man to a kart racing tournament
Allies: Duke Caboom Launchpad Mcquack Tron

Good concept!

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Thank you. I thought this was a pretty fun one to make, glad you liked it

If I were you I would put PAC-MAN on the Blue team because he was in Wreck it Ralph

But Pac-Man isn’t explicitly from Wreck-It Ralph like Ralph, Vanellope, etc. are; he just made an appearance there.


I chose Yellow because Pac-Man is yellow but that is a good thought

I know that but still

Well that make sense

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