Pain Points In The Game: March 2022

We would like to know where you would like to see some Quality of Life updates in the game? An example of this would be Power Promote. What other Quality of Life updates on things in-game would you be interested in that would solve some pain points to you.


Aside from the obvious big things, inline with the example my ‘main pain’ (:man_shrugging:) is by far…

The ‘needed’ bit indicator

It was fixed a while back but then promptly broke again as soon as the next cap raise happened. A permanent fix for this would make raiding infinitely less unenjoyable! We all know Power Crafting is often not the optimal way to spend stamina.


I don’t think there are that much QoL things that can do much. Most pain points relate more to the economics of the game, rather than to the way of playing.

The only things that come to mind are only a bit annoying, or occur in very rare scenario’s:

  • Raiding in the Codebase could be such a QoL that fixed a very minor thing. Though for me personally, not that important. I’d rather have attention to the improvement of the game economics
  • The other thing that comes to mind is filters for franshises, though it only applies for helping with certain challenges (or maybe doing collections). So not that much priority needed as well.

Concluding, I would say QoL has not the most priority right now, the game economics certainly needs fixing way more, especially related to red skills and battle badges.


Did make stuff quicker, but far enough from what is needed mainly with cap rises.

So I suggest something wider faster…

Enhancement definitely needs it, it’s way too slow and annoying.

Mass Enhancement
This will allow to select multiple heroes at once and enhance all their badges at once. This feature should exclude Battle Badges.

Mass Promote, Mass Badge Equip, and Mass Max Skills
Same as above, but to mass promote multiple selected heroes and mass badge equip when heroes are at max rarity, and to Mass Max Skill Levels of selected heroes, this feature should allow to disable red skills. A button on the bottom “Mass” could be added and there player could select one of the three actions…

Which brings to pick screen…

And I suggest the selection screen to look like this, press and hold to select the hero, selected heroes will be in green, then button on the top to fulfill the task.


I think a lot of people here are going to be bringing up economic issues, so I’d like to highlight something a bit different: Arena/Coli scoring, and how it affects the defense meta:

  1. Stall heroes are king of Arena - Hades, Gaston, Angel, probably Underminer
  2. My belief - this is due to how strong quickfight points are
  3. A switch-up of how points are currently distributed could be a welcome change if done correctly - focusing more on different ways of scoring, with maybe more options per month? Haven’t thought through this part as much honestly.
  4. I think this change would be hugely beneficial for both players and PB. More options, and more variety in defenses (and therefore offensive strategies), is always going to make for a more interesting and engaging game.

Thanks for reading :smiley:


I would like a “Raid the Whole Chapter” button in Elite Campaign.
Especially handy when there is a “Red Skill Chips in Elite” event - it just takes far too long for far negligible amount of Red Skill Chips. If the amount was a bit higher (like 6 or even 10 per raid) and the raiding would be eased, the event would be far more enjoyable.

  1. Auto enhance badges caps at 300 badge bits so it is useless if you have more than 300 commonly used badges that you want to hold on to. Suggest to have a slider (like for skills) which pops up if you touch a badge bit you can adjust the slider.

  2. Skill level limits should be removed or increased substantially.

  3. There are currently 175 toons (with underminer) and growing. The game should be better able to scale to the amount of toons.

  4. Codebase raids. It’s fine if you want me to prove that I can get the max points but I shouldn’t have to do it three times. Code base is a waste of 20 minutes a day for little reward.

  5. Arena and coliseum scoring should be revisited. There are tooooo many work arounds. The reason there are stall teams is that there are toons that can take teams out under the five second window. Stall teams are boring. How is a defense of just fairy godmother and power line worth my time.

  6. I know you guys won’t do anything but war matchmaking is sooooo frustrating. Because of this there are guilds that sandbag war to keep there MMR low. Is this really what you guys want us to do? Come up with ways to fail intentionally? No fun there.

Oh, this pops into my mind, there should be more of a “type how many you want left”.

Typically, I leave 2000-5000 full blue badges. And like 1000 purple ones. But then there are those you use for every hero once, mayyybe twice. And they cannot be really used in Auto.

“Type how many you want” should also be a thing in Gold Crates. While Buy 100 is great, I feel there should be rather a space for typing whichever number above 100 one wants.

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  • Bulk enhance (multiple badges & multiple heroes)
  • Bulk level (multiple heroes)
  • Bulk promote (multiple heroes)
  • Raiding Codebase
  • Changing attacking lines in Coli (switching line 1 and 2, without removing and adding all heroes)
  • Faster way to send spars (copy line from target)
  • Return 30 badge booster crates to contests. It was “moved elsewhere,” but that’s not true. Special trials are gone, only 1 had them, and Prize Walls don’t give that much (nowhere near 120 (30x4, a month). It was flat out nerfed. It saved the game and without them, people will hate the game more and quit sooner.

  • Raid codebase

  • Raid heist (and update, it’s such a waste of time, most don’t do it)

  • Raid invasion (mama bot x10, like breakers)

  • Cap red skills

  • Remove enhancement and remove Yellow enchantment - it’s expensive temporary power. It’s a waste.

  • Remove the scaling on enchanting Yellow battle badges. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Do you want us to only enhance 2 battle badges?

  • Add more power for non-skill mods. Skills mods give too much power compared to everything else.

  • Increase invasion rewards and levels. 90 mod pieces will do nothing when you need 225 for one mod 900 for a full set. Too stingy and not updated for more than 1 year.

  • Move green, attack speed, and shield mods out of challenger rewards. Green are one of the most common mods and yet they are heavily gated.

  • Raid x number of times for specific badges (not just raid 1, 10, or all stamina). 50 and 100 are good additions. Also raiding x (right now, 10) should be as good as power crafting in terms of XP items earned. Power crafting earns a ton of ultras and colossals, but raiding 10 multiple times doesn’t - I want to control which chapter I raid for better bits.

  • Show Black Market and Mega Mart cooldown times

  • Show stamina cap (the GMS limit one, 50k on S21)

  • Increase the skill point cap. 29 is laughable when it takes 900+ to power up one hero to cap. Yes I want to login every hour for 31 hours to power up a hero. Remove the cap or give away skill point consumables in the 100’s (not just for diamonds).

  • Last, but not least… stop capping the newer servers. Atrocious $ deals, low items vs older servers, and generally less everything than older servers. We’re at Yellow now.
    The deals have been garbage for 6 months now. The best I’ve seen is 2,000 packs for $10. Actually now that I think about it, stamina is useless now since badges are too expensive. If you’re not going to bring back more badge booster crates, at least sell them: 200 for $10 then I’d go back to spending money.


This would be nice but since it was indeed flat out nerfed, my hopes are minimal.

Well this won’t happen. I am all for lowering OR capping the costs for some time, but capping the Red Skills altogether will just make heroes deteriorate again.

Actually it’s not a waste since many heroes gain like 60% more HP and also quite some other stuff.
I agree that the cost didn’t have to go that much higher compared to Red badges tho. And since we have All Yellow ones on S1, it is quite pitiful.

Just battle badges. The XP should go down. Best would be 1/10th cost. Or 75% of XP should be reimbursed when levelling one.

Oh, I forgot this pinnacle. YES!

Where are the pre-merge contests? We were getting like 200 of each upgrade in some contests and then suddenly none. For over 4 months now.

Just… don’t.

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I’ve got pains of my own to point out later, but first quoting some others I agree with, starting with my main one:

It’s so frustrating having to drill down through eight levels of badge crafting to find out it’s Flubber bits being the roadblock again. Having it pop up in the Needed indicator would save so much hassle.

(I’d prefer 100 and 200, or even a slider going up to 1000, but almost anything is better than the present three choices.)

(There’s other stuff mentioned above I agree with, but feel is outside the scope of QoL changes, so I’ll try to reference those in the general Q&A thread.)

Other suggestions, more or less in order of decreasing pain:

  • Have saved teams, and teams in different modes, remember which disk is being used for each hero. It’s extremely annoying to check my war defense, and find out that one or two heroes are using disks that I only use for invasion or heist.

  • When crafting a single-bit badge, have the crafting logic default to the “favorite” stage (the one marked with a heart), rather than defaulting to some semi-random choice that’s rarely optimal. Even better, allow Power Crafting and Power Promoting to choose the “favorite” stage for any bits that aren’t covered by raiding stages yielding multiple needed bits.

  • Allow us to donate to XP requests in Guild Aid with whatever stamina items we have on hand. If we’ve got 100,000 Nitro XP Drinks but have run out of Turbo XP Drinks, we shouldn’t be prohibited from donating to most Guild Aid XP requests, especially as the supply of Turbo XP Drinks is getting drastically curtailed by the introduction of Colossal XP Drinks.

  • Better guild record keeping in general: it would be very beneficial to see how much effort members put into the previous day’s Creep Surge, how many members have attacked each invasion bot, who changed the war target(s), even (assuming we ever get any more) who spent the influence on that guild perk.

  • Allow people to see who is off-duty for a particular war, especially during Sabotage phase. Placing a button or tooltip for that purpose just under the Sabotage/Battle Phase timer might be the best way to fit that information on the screen.

  • Allow Guild Crates purchased through the consumable guild perk to be collected with all the other mailbox items when choosing Collect All


1… Skill point cap should be increased or removed like what you guys did with raid ticket. The cap is horrible :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  1. Have a hero fight counter during heist and update heist while you are at it

  2. Allow us to post saved lineup and search heroes by name when posting spar

  3. Auto quick fight in Invasion boss battle, the same as auto quick fight in breaker quest. You guys said it was on your plan last year and surprise (not!), It has disappeared into thin air

  4. Allow us to mass lv up and mass skill lv up our heroes. Clicking on every single main heroes of yours every cap raise us NO fun

  5. Quick fight in campaign, arena and coli. This will be useful in time of contest

  6. Arrange ALL heroes 3 stages of elite. There are some only has 2 elite stages for a really long time. And they are not new heroes (Mickey, Shank,…):roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  7. Needed Bits in badge crafting should be fixed. It has been broken far too long

  8. Sort heroes by collection-available when you have a collection need to be done. That way, I don’t have to scroll through A LOT of heroes just to find the one with a C on them :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  9. All Markets refresh

  10. Mission limit should be scaled with our increase in heroes. It has never been enough. And it is all because of your fault for increasing it too much

  11. There should be a STOP button in Codebase or a quick fight system. It is no fun fighting a battle for a whole 5 minutes 3 times a day

  12. Team trial bits should be scaled with our lv cap. It has been useless for far too long. Even with triple drop

  13. Crafting tree should (must) be less complicated. You guys said you would adjust it last year but once again, all just words, not any action :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  14. An easier way to change disc for heroes before battle. I don’t want to go to my hero tab every single time I want to change a disc then come back to change it back. It is just too much work

  15. War defense lineup should be saved like Arena/Coli (without cooldown) so that I don’t have rush change a disc back to make sure my war defense is not badly Infected

  16. A cooldown timer for Mega/Black Market

  17. A notification/mail to remind us when there is a consumable perk ready to purchase. You guys said it was an easy thing to do and yet, it hasnt happened. Do you even remember what you told us players or as long as it doesnt give you any revenue, you simply forget it?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  18. Adding “.” Or “,” in hero stats so we can have an easier time to know how much is it. Right now, the stat is confusing. For example, Max HP is now shown 7000000, and I would like it it be 7.000.000. Much easier, don’t you think?

  19. Please reveal hidden bits in campaign

2q. I would like to spar against myself so that I can know which team is better at defense

Well, I Saw in badge map how they made it less complicated. But the way the devs did it is just soooo disgusting.

-Add the players total power underneath or above days played when clicking on players’ profile instead of guild leaders have to friend request and wait for the response.

-stop decreasing scores in ftn the contest , only change the stamina if you insisting on something to change and not the diamonds. Also only have one ftn per month and add some other way to score with it. Or make a ftn contest a server wise contest once a month.

-if not going to give more perks in near future updates, change the prize of guild coins to something else for those guilds that are maxed and can’t buy anything other than consumables. Like maybe turn it into a wildcard store currency.

-a game friend exchange shop where like the guild help area can help their friends but more so with badges and hero chips etc.

-maybe a bank that stores some daily xp once new level is reached and transfers over when new levels are released or some kind of exchange for stamania once max level for month reached.

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  • Raid Codebase option : Once the game recognises you have hit lvl 30 you should be able to raid the codebase

  • Use 100 x10 Diamond crates : I find diamond crates useless currently so have around 1000 x10 diamond crates it takes too long doing use 10

p.s too make the diamond crates good again bring back new heroes as diamond crate exclusive

  • Raid Mama Bot : I think this would be a good feature for people who don’t have time to manually fight the mama bot 1 breaker at a time, I would add that this should only be available on your own personal bot not the guild bot
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Can you elaborate pls? And how could you see them?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’d like to see an Auto Rematch option. Where before you start a battle you can set the option of auto rematch on and the game will automatically rematch the same stage until you turn it off or you run out of stamina. Or possibly a limit number of 50 in case someone falls asleep or something. They can turn it off at the battle result screen. Maybe leave the results up for five-ish seconds.

I think I will love to something done to low the stamina price of badges currently in game. I know that they should be a challenge but reaching this rank is already painful and it not for being competitive is for complete the friendship campaign you decide for those characters.

I suggest these as a alternatives to reduce the pain these does.

  1. Revisit some Guild Perks (double drops chance and cap), and adding some consumables ones for the guild contest coins (double drops, energy premium packs, etc)
  2. Consider reduce the energy needed for do early chapters in the game: let’s face it. Yellow rank is now the minimum in all servers, so why make reach at least red rank a pain experience? Reduce the energy cost of early chapters will also make less painful do more advanced badges in the yellow ranking too.
  3. Consider doing new ports/trials that provides badges market currency.

And for the UI about heroes:

  1. Add a heart :heart: option to heroes you want to focus on. These will be the ones that with another option in the menu could activate the red dot in crafting and other stuff. In that way you aren’t using resources in heroes you don’t want to work or you aren’t focusing currently.
  2. Add the option to save teams (the 3 people icon) to add titles or icons that allows us to remember what team we use for what occasion.
  3. Increase the effect that have the friendship boosters in the friendship campaign: if the resources topic isn’t going to be fixed soon at least make those boosters make strong enough our heroes to pass the campaigns.
  4. Consider allowing more helping options to the guild aid: maybe ask for badge bits to other members, in some cases they could have leftovers that will be happy to give to other members. Same with other resources.
  5. More options where to use our guild coins: maybe have a different crate that gives resources once you beat a certain chapter in the game. Or reach a certain level.
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Because I and two of the Discord friends made this:

And the first release of it was at R19, only I was updating it till now, so I saw what they did with the crafting tree and it is disgusting.

It did scratch some badges from being too necessary. On the other hand, some badges are needed much much more. So not a good payoff.

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