Patch Notes 3.5.11-A

Well, the criteria was recognizability, Malificient is somewhat familiar, Madame Mim is not.

Mostly because Malificient keeps appearing in Disney games a lot, usually Kingdom Hearts as a supporting villianous character, often undermining the Heartless Council to further her own goals.

I’m guessing Disney have a vested interest in Malificient, given she appears in not only the abovementioned games, Once Upon a Time, Descendents (before ending up rather ingloriously as a newt) and her own spinoff movie.


Can we please, oh please, get a break from the double lvl cap raises? Especially on S18.
We’re having a real hard time keeping up, and keeping players active.

If you keep up the double raises, you will drain the playerbase completely dry, unless you turn on doubledrops for campaign (normal AND elite), double trials (inc codebase thingy), double ports… double everything… not just as a 24 hour event here and there, but for the entire period until next raise… unless it’s another double…

Regards from a concerned and extremely frustrated player, that starts to feel it’s pointless to put in money on deals from this moment on, as it will be money wasted shortly after with double raises.
Merry xmas, happy holidays and the like :slightly_smiling_face:



Google Play says (combined total for all servers) there are still at least 10M players…


Don’t force them to add your most wanted character. I learned that mistake the hard way. After all, it’s not like the world revolves around you or something!

EDIT: I just learned you’re the same guy who tried to rig the forums to become the sole maker of concepts. For shame, Dingwall!


I don’t see any evidence that points to this, just that they were spammy with their concepts.


that’s pretty much what i meant

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10Million active players or 10million downloads of the game client?
They are not the same thing.

Someone could have downloaded the game client and then quit playing.


Seriously? I was really hoping for Anna.


Wondering the same! She is overdue!


She will be there soon. You have to be patient.


its only 10M downloads, over 5 years, this is nothing.

all servers have less than 5000 (active) players atm.


That seems about right, 10k who play weekly, but 5k who plays more regularly.

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I’m not complaining about anything. I’m just here to enjoy everything PerBlue plans to share with us.


DHBM was released on May 17th, 2018, so it’s been about 3 years, 7 months.


Just rewatched Raya and the last Dragon on the plane guys and I can see why she’s support

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Honestly think it would’ve made more sense to pair Triton up with Zeus, and as for Sisu Mushu makes sense but Mad Madam Mim? That seems like an odd pairing but ok I’m interested to see where this goes.

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Great heroes and all but S14 and S18 are getting the shaft yet again. It’s getting annoying at this point. I can’t catch up anymore and I no longer get good deals either. -.-


If he was paired up with Zeus, I imagine that Zeus would say that Triton reminds him of Poseidon or something like that.

But I’m still interested in what they plan to make of his friendships with Ariel and Hank & Dory.

As for Sisu, when I created a hero concept for her, I knew she would be paired with Mushu, but the second one turns out to be Madam Mim and not Raya, which I now understand that Sisu fills in her second friendship slot.

Similarly interested in the Sisu + Mim combo tho.

Beta phase…

beta started in February 2018, still not 5 years, just almost 4 years.

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