Patch Notes 3.5.11-A

l also thought that King Triton would be friends with Zeus, as the two are powerful in their place. About Sisu’s friendships,l already knew that one of them would be Mushu and l didn’t expect Mad Madam Mim.




This might have been the “more detail”


None of this are.

and Olaf´s adventure is what? Next Herc-type Trials.

@Loutre sad to not see a Winter Wonderland Invasion. And yes, I know you are not here due to the break. :smiling_imp:

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they could just say it’s trial event it’s nothing to bragging about, not new, it sounded like something new or expanded like Fozzie’s event.
and still, nothing was given about on forums as said.

better not. it’s trash.

well, the thing is they wanted to keep it secret

Loutre still said info will be posted on Friday, so… :woman_shrugging:

The new olaf trial is something most people won’t complete again it’s just annoying right now in the game tbh all these cool trials and most of the player base is shut out due to not having the heroes


To bring up a similar situation, why do even HAVE extra trials? The 3-year-anniversary trial made sense, but now we just have another unneeded space in the trail page.

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It’s to boost resources to keep the whales happy I guess I’m not really sure

Is this a metaphor? I’m not familiar with that wording.



Whales = Players that spend a lot


… what is your problem?

Yes. -80M gold and 17 red skill crates is a big brag. :roll_eyes:

All I wanted to know was why we were given extra trials. That’s all.

They trying to spice the game up lol I guess

Why would a player not have the necessary team for the Olaf trials?

I didn’t pay to acquire my team and I have them.


because not everyone upgrades the same heroes as you


S14 (former S16) Double cap raise again just after 4 weeks? No compensation? This is getting ridiculous. Where were the special double events? I must have missed them all or they didn’t happened? @Loutre
This step is a complete devaluation of former S16 accounts.
Thanks for the so called Christmas “gift”.
Can I just issue one time “gth” without being banned?

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