Patch Notes 4.1.10

Exactly as Musk says.

I think Teddy refers more to the invasion rankings. Anyone getting Audrey and having time to push buttons will get high into the rankings, now also in Yellow week. Less people have invested in Mim + Elastigirl and getting their disk fully to 5-stars, so less competition until now.

For me, I doubt it is going to make a difference, I’ll keep using that combo and don’t really care about the rankings anyway :man_shrugging:

Something else here doesn’t make sense though… :upside_down_face:

So why you even said that Gummi Bears has nothing to do with Disney at the first, eh.

If I recall correctly, all the previous heroes in patch notes who were listed to appear as an event exclusive heroes all appeared in some sort of token crate or special crate. I could be wrong by stating all, but most probably did appear in crates.

I think it would be better if the patch notes included which crate heroes would be appearing in to avoid confusion in the future.

That has happened before, but Lately, that hasn’t really been seen too often.
They usually do it on Random occasions, but most ‘Event Exclusive’ Heroes are obtainable by Prize Wall.

This I do agree on, them explaining what they’re gonna do with Event Heroes before releasing the Patch Notes will get rid of all the confusion. Though, it is pretty fun to predict and whatnot.

@TotallyNotDash and @Elytrion
There is a crate called “Event exclusive crate” that is different from the Token crates
This crate gives 7 free chips for the hero and thereafter costs diamonds.

It has been in rotation since Princess Jasmine was released

This is its rotation guide
However when a new hero enters the Challenger reward it adapts slightly for a month or two.
I will update the rotation later to show where Flik is going next

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I know what an ‘Event Exclusive Crate’ is my guy…

Where will Filk land Diamond crate

So they then this whole confusion?

It was basically me making a Prediction, him trying to Deny it, and then me noting the fact that the outcome could be anything really, sense they didn’t say what exactly they were doing with Flik, which is why I made the prediction.

I’m glad Audrey’s coming in the game I fell like this month is about Atlantis the lost empire


look at the forum and it feels like 90% of the players here are paid bots. “add this hero, add another hero”, “finally my favorite (insert name)”. guys, are you serious? it feels like there are no problems in the game and everything is fine. @loutre there are huge issues with arena lineups. in the chat they constantly complain about the same commands. 100 times wrote what the problem is. will you do something with points in the arena?
Surge. it is necessary to reduce the strength, because half of the teams cannot be overcome by anything at all. people do 2 fights and that’s it, I can’t take it anymore.
when will there be a normal store, and not these deals with a bunch of garbage? I want to buy energy, not the things that come with them, and because of this, the price for 5000 bottles increases by 2-3 times.
I want to buy some mods for $5-10-20 instead of buying mods + a bunch of junk for $100. a normal store is your income, why the players should persuade you to make a simple store. the first time I encounter when a developer does not want to make money.


I’m always happy for more Atlantis stuff :heart_eyes:
I really thought Audrey was going to have friendship with Milo lmao, but I’m glad Atlantis characters finally broke the Month log-in “curse”

What happened to your lie “you don’t need to work on all heroes”? Or you guys just don’t even bother to pretend anymore? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It doesn’t change the fact that we need THOUSANDS of hero chips to work on red skill :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: or is it conveniently forgotten???

And NO refresh this update :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: can’t you guys follow your own schedule???

Long story short, terrible update with zero excitement :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

We have never guaranteed Hero refreshes in any specific patch versions.

It does not say you need to upgrade all Heroes. This was just us letting you know that it’s an Atlantis Trial Event so it will involve having Atlantis characters ready to be used in it. You do not need ALL Atlantis Heroes for the trial event.


I have NONE of them worked on :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: and if I could finish that event with those heroes at low rank (they just need to stay there to die) and still get all rewards at 3 star, I would take that back

But judging from last Buzz trial event where many of my members couldn’t reach last stage at 3 stars, I highly doubt it

That movie has never been my favourite. I haven’t even watched it. Don’t understand why they get that special treatment while you guys could focus on more popular collection. Like villains :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: only god knows why

I understand if that’s perblue’s decision. But there are probably many people who miss ‘Choose the Next Hero Refresh’ post.


Oh, so something DID change

Can this number be a 0?

But if it goes like last ones, it will be so easy all you do is watching enemies and their defeat animation.

Nothing has changed. We’ve done this before where we do not have a refresh in a .10 update. This is not new. We will continue doing refreshes, but they are not guaranteed in specific patch versions.

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