Patch Notes 4.3.10

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.3.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.3.10 Update! This release features The Mayor from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, a refresh for Miguel Rivera, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! The Mayor from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Hero Refresh: Miguel Rivera!
  • Bug fixes and game improvements!

The Mayor

The Mayor is a back-line “Support” hero on the Yellow team. The Mayor will be available in the Prize Wall starting October 13!


Fully Endorsed

Passive: The Mayor’s Basic Attacks depend on his mood. The Mayor is Happy when he has X percent or more of his Max HP, otherwise he will be Worried. When the Mayor is Happy, he uses his megaphone to encourage the ally with the lowest percent of their Max HP, Healing them for an amount of HP. When the Mayor is Worried, he uses his megaphone to stress out the frontmost enemy, Scaring them for a duration and dealing Fantastic Damage.

Active: The Mayor removes all Disables from allies and provides them with an increase in Movement and Attack Speed for a duration. After an ally has completed a number of Basic Attacks, their next one will Heal them for a percent of their Max HP and apply a Random Disable to enemies hit for a duration. Allies can only gain these benefits once per use of this Skill.

Jolly and Horrible

When The Mayor becomes Worried, he Scares and Saps all enemies for a duration. The frontmost enemy hit is dealt Fantastic Damage over X seconds.

Scares and Silence

If the Mayor is Happy he waves cheerfully at all enemies, Scaring and Shattering them for a duration. If the Mayor is Worried he screams at all enemies. Enemies take Normal Damage while being Silenced and Sapped for a duration.

Sound the Alarms

The Mayor and allies Heal for a percent of their Max HP per enemy he Scares with his Skills. The Mayor and allies deal bonus Fantastic Damage with their Basic Attacks.

Face Switch

When The Mayor is Happy, his Basic Attacks now Heal an additional percent of the Hero’s Max HP and remove Disables. When The Mayor is Worried, he gains Attack Speed and his Basic Attacks now apply a random Disable for a duration. Each enemy can be Disabled this way once every X seconds. The Damage Over Time effect from “Jolly and Horrible” now additionally gets applied to the farthest enemy.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Heroes perform Basic Attacks
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Yellow Team Ally
  • Effect Buff: Attack and Move Speed Increase


  • Jack Skellington
  • Dr. Drakken

Hero Refresh

Miguel Rivera from Disney and Pixar’s Coco is getting a refresh! Here are the updates coming to his Skills and Memory Disks:


Miguel’s Healing Notes now target the Hero on his team who currently has the lowest percent of their Max HP, and last the entire wave.


Miguel now applies a Sharp Note to the Damage Role ally with the least amount of Skill Power, which lasts the entire wave.


Miguel now applies a Flat Note to the enemy with the least amount of HP, which lasts the entire wave.

Uplifting Music

Increasing allies’ Max HP per Healing Note with “Crescendo” now lasts for the entire wave and no longer has a chance to fail.

Frozen Melody Memory Disk

When Miguel or his allies are Frozen, they will gain a Shield for a percentage of their Max HP for a duration in seconds, and Enemies will now lose Reality if they are Frozen.

Lost Dog Found Memory Disk

Miguel and allies will gain Basic Damage, Movement, and Attack Speed per Note on them, and Miguel and allies will now gain Armor and Reality.

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the scale of Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger so they appear to be a smaller, more accurate size compared to other Heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where Gaston’s Invincibility from his “Five Dozen Eggs” skill could not be copied or stolen by other Heroes.

Other Improvements

  • New The Nightmare Before Christmas Collection!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on October 11.

New Heroes

  • The Mayor will be available in the Prize Wall starting October 13

Existing Heroes

  • Meilin Lee will be an event exclusive hero

  • Agent P will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards

  • Milo Thatch will be an event exclusive hero featured in the Arena Crate

  • Duff Killigan will be available in the VIP Crate

  • Prince Phillip will be available in the Guild Crate

  • Pacha will only be available in Diamond Crates

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Loutre and Nugget will both be out of office on Tuesday so for all server update questions on Tuesday, October 11th please contact support.


Question, Miguel’s stats are also buffed, right? Those changes sound amazing but his stats are also outdated


This must be the most hilarious way to scare people. I got a laugh reading it. Can’t wait to see it in battle.


Following that

@Nugget any information regarding this? Please?

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I’m putting the mayor on my team when I get the chance


Okay… Mayor’s skills look good…
And Miguel refresh yay

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We are getting Nightmare before Christmas trial event and you guys decide to refresh…Miguel???:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Where is the logic behind this???


Preparing terrain for Coco events in November?


@Nugget @Loutre @Polaris or who correspondence this question:

Will Miguel still remove the notes after the use of the white skill?

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That movie currently only has 1 hero in game :joy::joy::joy: unless they decide to bring more…

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They can do it. Or do a Olaf adventure thing but with Miguel. Forcing you to bring him as your only support character.

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Spooky update!

Eh, I don’t like him, but need to admit, his skillset sounds great, hopefully it will be supported by good secondary stats and disks.

I honestly have no idea what’s going to be changed, something will be removed or what?
It’s poorly described.
It sounds like full refresh, but base stats are going to remain the same and numbers on his skills too?

No idea. It’s nowhere said!

That’s unnecessary? Toy Story characters are also toys, yet in size of humans.

Wonder if the buff will be good…

So basically impossible to get until next prize wall, thanks.

Just remove these useless event crates, pb!

Ehhh, when he will become farmable?

Gosh, finally, but lost my entire interest, bye?
It takes way too long.

Have nice holiday, I assume it’s a holiday?

He can be accompanied with other musicians.
Like Kermit or Powerline…

Or undead characters, I assume the NBC collection?


Yay!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
What took so long, I’ve been waiting for him to get Refresh for 1 year.

👈🏻 Here are my pictures

Basically, the characters in TNBC and some other characters only deal fantastic damage. :sparkles:

A Hero Shatter in Yellow Team :eyes:

clapping-gif (42)

Good Patch Note

Apart from the fact that his blue skill does normal damage :joy:

@Nugget I hope we will get more info about Miguel’s refresh, no clue from the details given.

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After 85 years…

Miguel was chosen because he’s been asked for many times and Day of the Dead is coming up which is what the movie is based around.


Oh, no, someone again is bypassing their suspension.

Can we please get more details about his refresh, it’s hard to pick things from what we got above.


I thought Jack Skellington will finally have some love… His skill set is nice, he just lack some useful stats…

If Miguel’s refresh came sooner, it would be great. Nowadays, he is just forgotten. There are some uses him but what are the odds others will work on him after this? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Besides, we haven’t had the confirmation that his stats will be buffed as well

And why we don’t have Prize Wall for Miguel? Because the last refreshed hero prize wall was so bad???

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The Mayor? Amazing!

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Jack or Oogie could get stat refresh before the trial event, numbers needs to be increased A LOT, but numbers alone could save him and push him (Jack) to A-tier tbh.

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