PBs greed has no limits - Best time to cut your losses is always now

I’m done with upgrading rank

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I just ran the numbers on this R18 badge. To power craft this from scratch (assuming you don’t have any of the parts needed at all, and not accounting for those which are available from trials) you would need 40,914 stamina for this one badge!

And whilst this might be one of the worst (I honestly don’t know, I just chose one that I could see I needed a lot of stamina to craft) it certainly isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Every character needs multiple badges like this one, for every rank above R10 and as new ranks and new stages come, bringing new badges with them, this is expected to become an even worse problem.


Hoarding it up used to be the only viable option for people who didn’t buy it, but that changed with an update a few months ago - the stamina refresh rate was increased - now the best way to use the most stamina possible is to just use it and never let it hit the refresh cap, otherwise you do miss out on quite a lot. Obviously if it’s like the week before you plan to use a double drop bag, then sure hoard it up for that, but as a general rule always keeping it below the cap & using it as you get it is the best way to get the most.

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At least it is good to see that perblue do care and responded your post. So game is well and in good experienced hands.following Dragonsoul route to abyss

Ah, DragonSoul :sob:

Imagine you’re a master metalworker and you create your very first significant piece - spent ages toiling away, carefully sculpting & crafting to produce something beautiful.

Everyone loves it, but alas - a couple of years into your project and you run out of resources. You can’t continue - it’s just not financially sustainable.

If you’re a human being, you seek out a way to continue. Any way possible - finding people to help, getting new equipment, anything. Encouraging more people to contribute in order to keep you going. As a last resort you could sell the project to another experienced metalworker to finish it and display it proudly for the public to enjoy.

If you’re PB, you sell it to the highest bidder, in the full knowledge that they know nothing whatsoever about metalwork. It’s your pride & joy & it will meet a sad fate, but that matters little for the :moneybag: being offered. They prop the half-finished piece on a stand, out in the rain, so the people can enjoy it while it lasts. They even give candy to people who come to see it. But in the end, it rusts and is rendered worthless - at which point it’s melted down for scrap.

PB knew this would happen, but handed it over regardless for :moneybag: . GREE are game publishers, not developers. They did an acceptable job of keeping the game afloat and actually making it less P2W than while PB were managing it, but they didn’t add much new and the population slowly declined to very few. Eventually there was nothing to keep anyone playing.

I know this can be how business works & there’s little room for sentiment, but without anything new to do other than the same endless grinding, we are quickly running out of reasons to play here, too :scream:

We could have 300 iconic Disney characters in the game, but if we can only enjoy using… well, for most players it’s probably 5-10 of them - doing the same things over & over, every day, for weeks, months, years… then what’s the attraction?

This post proves that even for players who can use every hero, it’s still just grind & more grind. As with any investment in a product, they want to see their money being used for improvement & to make their experience better. The experience is of the same flavour it’s always been and is worse than ever. That’s not a good investment.


Contest mean nothing but more grinding too
and contest progress rewards are plain rubbish not helping in anyway

Where did they respond?

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Sarcasm I suppose

I suspect that the majority of players that have been around since the early days (I’ve been playing since day 1 in the UK) have at this point given up on all hope that the situation is going to change or that PerBlue are going to significantly acknowledge players genuine grievances in this regard.
The horrible truth is that eventually all players will come to the same conclusion as Emitz and realise that they will never be able to spend enough to really keep up. But, unfortunately, so long as enough of them spend enough before coming to that realisation then financially there isn’t really sufficient incentive for PerBlue to try something different.

Sad times indeed.


And When Raid Tkts gets ended then?

You can raid without ticket, for 2 extra stamina( I mean who is below vip 3)
I think it’s worth it as we get more free stamina now.

Ik. But Usually Per week You get double drop event, Better Spend The stamina In System Event rather than switching your own.
PB is decreasing rate of getting double drops in quests to crap.

Well I guess it’s the same. Me using 60k stamina without any double drops and you using 30k stamina by saving during that event.
(The 60k and 30k are just an example)

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You can get about 4000 stamina a day freely from stamina refreshing itself. Then 2x684 you can bank for 100 diamonds a day and 3x1030 (or 3x1090 if guild has a perk), which you can bank too.

Overall that´s 4000 stamina you can´t bank AND 4458-4638 stamina you can bank. Thus banking the stamina for double drops is better if you are low level AND ONLY MARGINALLY better if you are at the cap.

Thank you very much Emitz, I buy and sign every word you have said. Best of luck with everything😊


@Emitz I doubt we will ever see anyone so dedicated to the game as yourself, PB have lost out majorly by letting it go this far. Take care of yourself!


Thank you, @Pipsqueak for articulating this so well. I was the number one player on my server and your aforementioned reasons are precisely the reasons why I quit over a year ago. I returned a couple months ago hoping to discover new modes and fresh content only to be confronted with the same stuff. New heroes, yes, but they are accompanied by, as you said, “astronomical” costs for resources. Unfortunately, I don’t see PB making any changes in the near future that would yield an equitable return on investments (time and money). I wish all the departing players best of luck. My days are numbered, too.


According to the feedback from other players, I wasted my stamina and badges on characters who were not the best, so now I need to spend it on those they deem to be the best.

Some of those are not my personal favorites, to put it politely, so I disdain using them.
Others I want to level up because I see their potential use, but I now know from practical experience that it’ll be a sizeable investment of real money to get them up to R13 Red 200, vague estimate: $100.

SquareEnix are bringing out the Kingdom Hearts series on PC soonish, so I’d rather save that 100$ for those products then spend it on this game!

And in a few months, there will be a whole new batch of characters deemed the best and they’ll expect me to pay for them too.
There has to be a point where common sense says “stop paying to level up” and I have gotten there.


Really every single one with all the stuff you got on console?

Because I’ve been considering getting a PS4 to buy the complete version you can get that contains everything with extras. Me a pure pc gamer lol.

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Its coming to the epic store.

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