PBs greed has no limits - Best time to cut your losses is always now

And it gets worse.

I starting raising up Winnie the Pooh’s skills to 200, because I was advised he was good.
I’m not finished yet, but when I am done, I’ll have depleted just over 50% of my stored gold.
Several times before, I’ve taken it down to 0 gold when trying a similar approach on other characters.

They’re selling gold for money too in their ingame store.


Really to bad I don’t use spyware.

Maybe when it comes to a serious store I might be interested


I’m done with this game after this last update nerfing Wasabi’s viability in invasion, you spend all these resources to make him usefull for a specific event only for the following week to become useless. Heaven forbid they offer an uno reverse card for useless characters you’ve spent way too much time and money on.

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No many heros already

So true. I was still using Kim before they wanted a refresh. And now the refresh is here but they removed all I needed from her. Bring old her back, PB. :face_vomiting:

Yeah, if you check the patch notes thread, you’ll see I did not approve of what they did to Kim.

Also, I saw something about a yellow rank, that’s extremely concerning.
It’s already costly enough to get into the high levels in terms of stamina, I estimate this new rank will require even more paid stamina purchases.

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PB saw the thread, thought nothing of it, and continued on with their greed.
Seen many guilds forced to merge because so many players are quitting the game and theres not enough members to fill out the guilds anymore. Thats a bad sign.


Yes, it is indeed a bad sign for the game. And remember: don’t necropost, ok?

This topic is still active as nothing has changed. It would be completely useless to make a new one.


yeah, need to keep the post visible.
PerBlue think if we stop posting it will necro far down into nowhere where nobody will see it

meanwhile, they are already increasing team level cap again in 3 days, releasing more new heroes and yellow rank so youre gonna fall even further behind unless you spend.

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I think Disney Heroes main issue right now is that there are no natural decrease in terms of the badge bit amount needed after reacting a new rank, mainly from Purple and up.

In RPGs one usually get stronger over time and previous challenges like monsters gets easier as you level and get better gear. There you can feel your getting stronger as you progress, what was hard before becoming easier once you are able to take down the next tier of creature.

What I imagine the ranks RPG creature wise as:
White: Slime.
Green: Rat.
Blue: Large Spiders
Purple: Goblin.
Orange: Orc.
Red: Medium or big-ish Devil/Demon
Yellow: Dragon/Bahamut

If you once could only take down Goblins and later be able to take down Orcs, it would make sense if taking down Goblins would be easier at that point. So if you can take down a Dragon then in comparison taking down a Goblin should be really easy compared to before.

Unfortunately that’s not the natural course Disney Heroes take which is really starting to hurt the game, like you should be able to keep up with 15 characters at once for Coliseum and Guild War yet may only be able to keep up with 1-5/7 characters depending on how efficient with resources you are.
If Disney Heroes went with the natural strengthening by rank as in decreasing the bit amount needed for the previous rank, I think Disney Heroes would be in a much healthy position.
While I can’t say if everyone would be able to keep up with 15 characters, I at least imagine people would be able to keep up with 5-10 characters more so at least.

If PerBlue are afraid of people stopping spending once they have 15/20 characters or so as that’s what they need for Coliseum and Guild Wars, I actually don’t think that’s necessarily the case as Disney characters aren’t just Gatcha characters that people don’t have attachements to.
Rather, Disney characters are beloved characters and I imagine people would be up for paying more if they felt like they could keep up with 15-20, and from there focus on other characters they like a lot.

So I do think it would be an idea for PerBlue to at least beta test this concept of natural strengthening for the player and as such natural reduction in the amount of Badge bits needed from Purple and up especially. While I am sure people wouldn’t mind Blue badges like Wicked Beats being reduced to 3 or 2 bits, but I do think at least Purple and up are the most important ones.

In the end though, it is all about Player Satisfaction as in players want to play and maybe spend, so for PerBlue and companies in general it is better to have a high Player Satisfaction as then they are the most likely to give them money and be happy for it.
So yeah, if you PerBlue test out this natural strengthening of the players as in naturally reducing the amount of badge bits needed I think you could gain more in return than you might know now, so it is a good idea to at least test it in my view.

And yeah, as players what do do we all think about the idea idea of natural strengthening?
Just to check I think I will also add a quick poll just to see:

Would you like natural strengthening, as in the required badge bits per badge getting reduced?
  • Yes please!!
  • Would be nice
  • Not sure
  • No thanks

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So yeah, will be intersting to see what the poll shows and hear what you all think about such an idea if interested in discussing it :-).

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Decrease the stamina required to farm purple/orange bits to 1.


I think even if they just halved the prices of every raid (for example, from 6 to 3 stamina) that would be awesome, because it doubles the amount of raids we can do

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These are two of my active Colliseeum lines:
image image

As I understand it, because these lines include “legacy unlocks”, they’re not really meant to be viable.
So I would go for natural strengthening in preference to a conplete refresh, since I don’t trust refreshes after Kim’s one failed so bad I had to stop using one of my favorite Disney crimefighters.

And case in point, they’re orange because I simply can’t sustain the stamina demands to get them up to R0, not with everyone else I have to raise up.
I wanted to be raising 15 minimum to the cap, but had to cut it down to 5 or 6, because that’s all I can afford in terms of stamina expenditure.

You know… as bad as she could be, Kim on R14 would still be better than basically any orange :grimacing:


In terms of how specifically PerBlue should go about the reduction is up for discussion, but there are 2/3 ideas I can think of.

This would be the idea that once you hit a new rank the previous ranks decreases in terms of their amount needed, which I think is the idea I would like the most myself as they make color rank ups more meaningful feeling wise in terms of accomplishments for ourselves.

    -    | Purple | Orange | Red | Yellow |
| Purple |   50   |    x   |  x  |    x   |
| Orange |   40   |   50   |  x  |    x   |
| Red    |   25   |   40   | 50  |    x   |
| Yellow |   20   |   30   | 40  |   50   |


The second idea would be to have the badge bit amount go 1 down for each rank up you do past the level unlock. Not a bad idea either, so could work if we want it to:

P0: 50 → O0: 46 → R0: 37 → Y0: 17.

O0: 50 → R0: 41 → Y0: 21

R0: 50 → Y0: 30

While this approach would lessen the badge bit amount even more, I am not sure if game balance wise it would be good, and beside cleaner numbers might be more preferred kind of anyway. Though, it is a viable approach so it is something to keep in mind.

The third option would be like you said with reducing the stages stamina requirement, and another idea I just got now would be that the stamina requirement per stage decreases by 1 for each new rank you get.
So it would likely work like this(number glowing not intentioned):

    -    | 1-1>2-2 | 2-3>3-5 | 3-6>5-6 | 5-7>11-1 | 11-2>25-7 | 26-1>42-? | 42>? |
| White  |    6    |    5    |    4    |    3     |     2     |     1     |   1  |
| Green  |    x    |    6    |    5    |    4     |     3     |     2     |   1  |
| Blue   |    x    |    x    |    6    |    5     |     4     |     3     |   2  |
| Purple |    x    |    x    |    x    |    6     |     5     |     4     |   3  |
| Orange |    x    |    x    |    x    |    x     |     6     |     5     |   4  |
| Red    |    x    |    x    |    x    |    x     |     x     |     6     |   5  |
| Yellow |    x    |    x    |    x    |    x     |     x     |     x     |   6  |

So yeah, that would be the 3 main ideas for “Natural Strengthening” or you could say “Natural Player Self Strengthening” or something like that.

While this kind of badge bit and stamina amount reduction would be doable with Guild Perks which I wouldn’t mind either, but if PerBlue don’t want that and think it is too OP I think the option of the players themselves achieving as they play and can feel a self accomplishment.

But yeah what do you all think about these ideas?


I can basically see three ways of how we can cope with the inefficient stamina system…

Would be the greatest option to have Chapters up to 20 costing only 1 stamina. Early Reds could cost 3 as essentially permanent double drop to the current situation.

This would be great if used for Chapters up to 35. (At least) Or as a change to the 3% double drop chance in Guild Perks.

3. Instead of changing the stamina cost, there needs to be a way to reduce the grind needed for maintaining characters. Red Badges use Red Badges and Bits from 7 ranks below (example R3 are used by R10 and those are used by R17), Orange Badges use an Orange Badge and Red Bits from 5 Ranks below (say R19 one would use R14, R9 and R4 badges and badge bits).
Best solution to that would be ASAP change in Team Trials (or, even better, a full revamp of them).

We should have Badge List soon where dev team can see which of them are gained by players and which are deficient. There are many not needed after the initial rank, which can be swapped by necessary ones. Likely after Easter it will be ready with all badges, bits, plans and everything from W to Y0, so if the dev team wants to see it, just let us know @Polaris and we will send the link. Or if anyone from the team wants to contribute to it, we will be even happier. :slight_smile:


This was completed. There is the Badge Map.

Based on calculations provided to me, I ran a basic estimate of what it takes to get a recommended team up to speed to beat my roadbloack chapter, 240000-480000 stamina.
Then two more were recommended as potential solutions, raising that figure by 120000-240000.

That amount of Stamina just to raise 6 characters to R10 is unbelievable!!! :rage: :no_entry_sign: :sob:

It could be bought, but at $15 per 1000 stamina consumables (60stamina per consumable), it would amount to $120 for the base amount and $60 for the additiional amount, $180 in total.

I’m not williing to spend that much on my characters for any reason.
And not especially just to get past one specific chapter…


That doesn’t sound right at all. :man_shrugging:

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