Perry The Platypus - Hero concept

Perry The Platypus

Perry is a secret agent, but poses as a platypus. But in this glitch fest there is not time for Perry to hide.

"Platypus Noises
Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Perry punches an enemy dealing damage

Entrance: Perry walks in like a normal Platypus, when in position he stands up and puts his hat on

Victory: Perry grapples onto the ceiling and goes off screen, then he slowly comes on screen from the top with grappling hook in hand

Defeat: Perry’s hat falls off as he turns back to a normal platypus, falling over


White Skill: Agent doings :white_circle:
:fist: Normal
Perry grabs a smoke bomb and throws it beneath his feet. This makes Perry invisible for 12 seconds and the smoke bomb deals X damage to nearby enemies.

If an enemy has precise while Perry is invisble he gains X armor and takes 50% less damage from all sources for the duration of his invis.

Green Skill: Perry Hop :green_circle:
:fist: Normal
At the beginning of each wave Perry flies in onto enemies, on landing Perry stuns all enemies for 8 seconds and deals X damage to the three enemies closest to Perry.

If all enemies take affect to Perry’s stun Perry pulls out a pair of binoculars and points it towards all enemies, Perry studies all enemies for 12 seconds and deals X damage.

Every time an enemy attacks while studied Perry gains X armor and X Basic Damage

Blue Skill: Handy Dandy Grappling Hook :large_blue_circle:
:fist: Normal
Perry swings through all enemies dealing X damage and Perry gains 3 stacks of hardy and gains X energy. When Perry lands he energizes himself and all allies for 12 seconds.

Energized allies gain X energy every basic attack

If enemies are studied, stunned or frozen while he performs this skill he gives all enemies 3 stacks of weakness for 8 seconds and gains X armor.

Purple Skill: Perry! :purple_circle:

When Perry falls below 0 Hp he revives himself, healing himself for X Hp and is invincible for 6 seconds

After the invincibility Perry becomes invisible for 8 seconds and increases his basic damage by X and heals himself for X Hp every second he is invisible

Every time an enemy tries to attack Perry while invisible enemies who hit Perry lose X armor and X tenacity

Invincibility has a chance to fail on enemies above level X

Red Skill: Agent P :red_circle:

Perry gains X max HP and distracts enemies for 6 seconds after landing with “Perry Hop”. If Perry falls below 20% Max HP while distracting he gains invincibility for 7 seconds and instantly removes the distract.

If Perry removes the distract he gives it to an enemy, the distract is applied to the strongest enemy for 10 seconds. While the enemy is distracted Perry and allies gain a 120% speed boost and X basic damage and X skill power for 10 seconds.

+Z Skill Power
+Z Basic Damage
+X Damage in “Handy Dandy Grappling Hook”

Friendships: :handshake:

You're not just a platypus?

Perry The Platypus and Phineas and Ferb - Hero Concept
At the beginning of each wave Perry silences the three enemies with the most reality for 6 seconds, after their silence Perry and allies gain a 40% movement and attack speed increase

Disk Power
+X damage for allies and Perry to silenced enemies
+Z Tenacity

+20% each star

Allies: Jasmine, Aladdin, Mike


Perry The Platypus and Darkwing Duck
Allies are now given Perry’s invisibility from “Agent Doings”
When Perry gives allies invisibility his tenacity is increased by 10% and his reality by 5%

Disk Power
+Z Basic Damage while invisible
+Z armor every time Perry uses his basic attack

+5% each star (for both)

Allies: Kim Possible, Pleakley, Hank & Dory

Which friendship would you use
  • Scar
  • Phineas & Ferb

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Please give feedback, things you dont like and want to be changed etc


Doo bee Doo bee Doo bah Doo bee Doo bah Doo bah


Epic! Needs to be on Disney Heroes!

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Thank you!


I like this concept Perry needs to be inthe game :smile:

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I just have a question.

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Thank You!

You mean darkwing duck?

DW = Darkwing duck

Yeah that would have probably been better, i’ll switch Scar with DW

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