Pete Hero Concept: Requested By @Grim_grinning_Ghost

This Concept was requested by @Grim_grinning_Ghost. Enjoy!

:star::star::star: Front-line Damage
Team: Red

“I’m gonna knock you right into next week!”

This wanted bandit uses his mechanical know-how to deal massive damage on the battlefield.


Entrance: Pete rides in on his jalopy then gets out.

Victory: He chuckles and rubs his stomach.

Defeat: He puts his hands on his head in a raging way, frowns, and steam blows out his hat.


Basic Attack: Pete punches the enemy.

White Skill: Air Strike!
Normal Damage :fist:
Pete runs of screen and comes back in his plane. He flies across the screen and fires a total of 15 missiles at random enemies that deal X damage each.

Green Skill: Busted Jalopy
Normal Damage :fist:
At the start of each wave, Pete will ride across the screen in his Jalopy, dealing X damage to each enemy hit and knocking them back.

Blue Skill: Steamboat Willie
Normal Damage :fist:
Pete runs off screen and returns in Steamboat Willie, then he rides across the battlefield dealing X damage to each enemy hit. Steam will also blow out of the boat, blinding all enemies for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill: Take The Loot
When Pete uses Busted Jalopy, he steals a shield from the hit enemy. This skill does not work if there is no shield present. Pete can only steal one shield.

Red Skill: Mischievous Outlaw
If Pete has been marked with “Most Wanted”, his attacks deal 50% more damage. Air Strike now shreds Armor. Armor Shred may fail if the enemy is above level X

+X Skill Power
+Y Basic Damage
+Z Damage from Busted Jalopy


Pete and Donald Duck
Campaign: A War For The Ages
Disk: Friendly Neighbors- Blinding lasts 2 seconds longer per star.
Description: Pete and Donald compete in Holiday Decorating contest.
Allies: Jack Skellington, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel

Pete and Yzma
Campaign: Time For Some Upgrades
Disk: Crash Course- Busted Jalopy now stuns a random enemy for 2 seconds per star.
Description: Yzma asks Pete to help fix up her Secret Lab Roller Coaster.
Allies: Felix, Launchpad, Tron

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This concept was inspired by these original Mickey Mouse shorts:

  • The Mail Pilot

  • Mickey’s Service Station

  • Steamboat Willie

  • Two-Gun Mickey


Feedback is Appreciated

This is your best concept yet!

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Thank you, I feel like this one is so much better than my first Pete Concept.

I would probably use his sailor captain design other then that very nice concept

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Thank you


10/10. Really good

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