The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind


Professor Ratigan
:star::star: Front-line Tank
Team: Yellow

“Oh this is wicked. So delightfully wicked!”

Despite his name, Ratigan is one of the most devious mice of our time. He will stop at nothing to become the ruler.


Entrance: Struts into position

Victory (Superior Mind): Puts on his Royal robes and shows them off.

Victory (Rat): Laughs maniacally

Defeat (Superior Mind): Gasps

Defeat (Rat): Growls


Basic Attack (Superior Mind): Pokes an enemy with his cane

Basic Attack (Rat): Scratches an enemy

White Skill: Ring The Bell


Normal Damage :fist:
Ratigan rings a bell, calling for Felicia. Felicia pounces at the enemy who most recently damages Ratigan, dealing X Damage and stunning them for 9 seconds.

While in his Rat form, he will pounce at the furthest enemy, dealing X Damage to them and shreds Y armor.

The armor shred can fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: The Robot Queen


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, Ratigan moves to the back line and takes control of the Robot Queen. The Robot Queen has X Max HP. The Robot Queen bumps into enemies, dealing Y Damage. Enemies prefer to target The Robot Queen with their Skills and Basic Attacks. When The Robot Queen is defeated, Ratigan moves to the frontline.

While in his Rat form, Ratigan scratches the closest enemy, dealing Z Damage over 11 seconds.

Blue Skill: Marvelous Trap


True Damage :shield:
An anvil will fall on the enemy with the most remaining HP. This deals X Damage to them and instantly KO’s them if they are below Y HP.

The instant KO can fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: The Rat


The first time that Ratigan reaches 0 HP, he transforms into The Rat, reviving himself for X HP. While in The Rat form, Ratigan Basic Attacks deal damage over 4 seconds. Ratigan’s Attack and Movement Speed is also increased by 150%.

Red Skill: The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind


Ratigan receives X less Damage from all sources while in his Superior Mind form and an additional less Y Damage while in The Rat form. Professor Ratigan heals for X HP each time he damages an enemy with Damage over time.

+X Armor
+Y Basic Damage
+Z Damage from Ring The Bell


Professor Ratigan and Randall
Campaign: Invisible Tactics
Disk: Superior Sneaking - After Ratigan revives, he gains berserk for 3 seconds per star.
+X Armor
Description: Randall helps Ratigan defeat Basil
Allies: Megara, Shan Yu, Oogie Boogie

Professor Ratigan and Yzma
Campaign: Animal Armada
Disk: Potion Professions - Ratigan and Tank role allies heal for X HP whenever they deal damage.
+X Basic Damage
Description: Yzma and Ratigan create potions to turn others into animals.
Allies: The Evil Queen, Sally, Tia Dalma

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Feedback is appreciated

So… umm, before he is a…?

He didn’t like to be called a rat and when he was fighting Basil in the ends I guess that’s what he means, it’s confusing

Sorry if it’s confusing. The Rat is the name of his form in the ending scene where he is a big monster rat. The Superior Mind is the name of his form when he is normal.

Now that it is November, leave requests below and make sure to @ yourself. It’s a wiki so you can edit it yourself


I can try to do Greta since I’ve never seen Roger Rabbit, but I haven’t also seen Gremlins in forever lol

She’s from gremlins 2: the new batch lol

Never seen that one :sweat_smile:

You can rent it on YouTube (for $3) or order it from a store or something or just watch clips of it lol

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