[PG] Darkwing Duck Appreciation Thread

Oh I remember a good Negaduck moment.
I really liked that time he became Mega-Negaduck after he stole Megavolt’s ability to project electricity, Liquidator’s ability to control water, Bushroot’s ability to control plants and Quackerjack’s wackiness…


Even though he also possessed their weaknesses, such as Megavolt’s vulnerability to water and Liquidator’s vulnerability to cement…

Mega-Negaduck was still a total boss :sunglasses:

He’s looks cool

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Yes. But you took things a bit too far with your choice of art. Maybe refrain from using art like
that next time?



Not trying to stir the pot but you think filade was talking about legs?! And then you show a picture of Ariel as a mermaid, who literally doesn’t have legs? And what do legs have to do with this?! The art you shown wasn’t really appropriate for the forums, not because it showed legs but it has suggestive content :neutral_face:

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You know what? Let’s just stop with the suggestive content and continue appreciating Darkwing Duck, shall we?

I have hope that the reboot will be as good as Ducktales!


What if Dewey is in the reboot, there’s a chance

That was in context to someone saying Disney doesn’t show suggestive content such as hips or legs. So I provided examples of both. This is an example of hips & belly button.

Debatable. Y’all think the woman is suggestive, so it’s unacceptable. Yet I think Bushroot is suggestive, and none of y’all care about that.

Drop the sexist nonsense and stay on topic.

Agreed. I strongly recommend that everyone do this.

I think he is more likely to appear for an episode or two, like Gizmoduck did in the old show. Not a full time cast member, but able to “visit” Darkwing sometimes in some episodes. I think Dewey will could do that.

Don’t you think it was pretty hypocritical of you to start talking about this then? They really do not show suggestive content. They are family friendly and rarely do it intentionally, especially in the ‘examples’ you gave. It is the people, like you, that actually cause the issue by sexualizing characters. Some characters are meant to be that for a variety of reasons, but this is a site that does not want any such talk. I have to agree with that policy. It is gross and frankly disgusting that you would even think to post content like that and mention similar things.

Morgana is. And there is also another picture they are referring to… You said it yourself. Look:

That should never ever EVER matter.

I do not think so, and it seems the others agree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anything that can be considered suggestive even by one person is not ok on the forums.

Agreed. If you want to continue to talk about this after my post, PM me. However, you are the one I would hold responsible for bringing it up on your thread. Be aware of that next time and think before posting.

Personally I am not a huge fan of DW, but I understand why people like him. I am more familiar with the DuckTales 2017 version. I like his character, but I prefer Gizmoduck. If there is a reboot of DW, then it will be fun to watch.


I hope you’re talking about Reboot Gizmo. Because Gizmo in the OG Ducktales and in Darkwing Duck is a lot more useless.


Yes of course the reboot version! I love Lin Manuel Miranda and I think the character is spot on.

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Me? Don’t put this on me.
I drew none of those fan arts and I only perceive all those images I posted as acceptable.

It is no surprise that Darkwing likes Morgana. That is established in the show already.
The idea of “suggestive subtext” being an issue here is nonsense.
People showed up with dirty minds and started complaining about what they saw in their own heads.

Again no lewd images are posted here, if you disagree then simply report them and move on.
Let the Admins decide what is rude and what is art.

It’s not my concern if y’all have issues with drawings of clothes, so this conversation is over.

Although I can’t help but notice that of all the messages flagged here while I was sleeping… The original image that triggered y’all, not flagged.
I wonder why that is? Could it be that none of y’all would dare try to flag it because deep down you know your argument is nonsense and y’all don’t have a leg to stand on here?

Ok seriously this is the last message about this.
At the start of the thread when I said people can “post manic ramblings” this was not what I meant :rofl:

Ok Darkwing Duck is the subject matter and the only subject that matters

Everyone say your favorite thing about Darkwing

You don’t have to be the creator of the artwork to be held accountable for posting it on the forums :roll_eyes:

Accept that what you did was wrong, and don’t try to put the blame on others :neutral_face:

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I already said we should refrain from mentioning that kind of art/topic! Sheesh!

Anyways…I like the roster of villains in the show.


You do not get to decide that.

I believe what you are doing here is wrong.

We will let the Admins decide who is right so until then please stay on topic or quietly leave.

This thread is now once again ONLY about Darkwing Duck Appreciation and all other messages will be flagged for Admins.

No, what YOU’RE doing is wrong.

Can you please stop using that kind of art and talking about that topic and put this back on track on what is was supposed to be?

Anyways, to stay on topic, Here’s a concept on Negaduck.


If you see something that’s off-topic, inappropriate, spam, or otherwise violates our forum rules, please flag it so our moderators can take action.

Keep your posts respectful and polite.

Taken straight from community guidelines. Just take responsibility for what you have done. :man_shrugging:

Also, to stay on topic. I don’t really watch Ducktales but I do like the designs of each character.

I have. I have alerted the Admins to the events here and flagged all the necessary people.

As for the fanarts. I posted many images of many attractive characters. However none of it breached the guidelines as none of it was off-topic, inappropriate, spam, or otherwise violates the forum rules.

Since the admins are alerted I expect you all to leave it to them now and behave yourselfs.

This is a Darkwing thread and fanarts are completely appropriate:

What do y’all think of Quackerjack? :smirk:

Trying to get this back on topic: I made some perler bead dwd and DuckTales characters, tomorrow I will make quackerjack (Sorry for bad lighting)

Also if we’re on the topic of quackerjack he’s okay imo, there’s better villains than him…


That is truly brilliant!!
10/10 effort, I truly love them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wish I had the Bushroot one hahaha
So cool :grin:


Alright folks, let’s all settle down and get back on topic, after all, this is a Darkwing/Gizmo post!

I agree, that’s part of the reason why I honestly may prefer Gizmo to DW in the reboot. Maybe not in the OG, DW is definitely better there but Lin is just too amazing not to love. I mean, he’s lowkey like my favorite person ever rn and yeah I mean, he’s awesome! #LinForTheWin

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