Philip Hamilton (Hamilton Concept)

The polls have returned and we have 4 equally amazing and awesome characters left to join the cast of the amazing musical Hamilton! I suggest that you check out the musical if you have not already (all of it is on music platforms, and if you want to watch it, it is on Disney+). As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the concept!

Philip Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s son, who loves his family and will protect them with his life.

“My name is Philip. I am a poet, and I’m a little nervous but I can’t show it.”

:star2: Backline Support

Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Philip walks in nervously but then works up his confidence.
Victory: Philip smiles happily and bows a little.
Defeat: Philip’s death from the musical.
Basic Attack: Philip shoots his gun.


White - Poetry Slam
Philip reads one of his most recent poem creations for everyone on the battlefield. This reduces enemies’ armor by X and gives that same amount to his allies. Armor boost lasts 9 seconds.

Green - Blow Us All Away
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, Philip does his entrance as his 9 year old self. He then turns into his 19 year old self, showing everyone who he has become, as a large gust of wind blows. The wind deals X damage to all enemies and knockback per second over 6 seconds. Knockback over time may fail against enemies over level X.

Blue - Un Deux Trois
Philip impresses everyone with his ability to count in French. This gives his allies a stack of hardy. It also heals himself and his allies X HP per second for 7 seconds.

Purple - That Kid is Pretty Great
“Blow Us All Away” now stuns the enemy with the most Skill Power for 6 seconds. It also gives Philip 4 stacks of hardy. Stun has a chance to fail if the enemy is over level X.

Red - Poetic Talent
Each time Philip uses “Poetry Slam,” he gains a 10% damage boost and gives his allies a 5% damage boost. Damage boosts carry from wave to wave. Damage boost may fail on allies over level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power
+X Armor reduced in “Poetry Slam”


Philip Hamilton/Alexander Hamilton
“Father-Son Time”
Knockback & Hardy
Knockback in “Blow Us All Away” per second lasts an additional 3 seconds. +2 per star “Un Deux Trois” gives all allies an additional stack of hardy.

Allies: Ian Lightfoot, Mr. Incredible, Dash

Philip Hamilton/Miguel
“Poetry in Music”
Armor & Damage
Armor boosts in “Poetry Slam” last an additional 2 seconds. +1 per star
+X Damage dealt in “Blow Us All Away”

Allies: Belle, Powerline, Baloo

Hope you enjoyed! :smile: Vote for the next concept and feel free to provide feedback!

  • Aaron Burr
  • Angelica Schuyler
  • Eliza Hamilton
  • Peggy Schuyler

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Love it, as always!


Closed this early. Eliza will be next. After that I am doing Peggy just because I have really wanted to do her for a while.

This is great!!

Thank you! I do my best. Glad lots of you are enjoying this series.

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Just stop

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If you actually understood the characters, you would know. He is nervous because he gets nervous because he is a young adult and he has his first duel as a 19 year old. He ultimately dies in the duel. Please stop trolling on my concepts.

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I have no idea, I saw some other people doing it so I thought I’d try it out

opps wrong one :sweat_smile:

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