The Imagineering Vault (Imagineer_V Concept Collection + Requests)

Welcome to Imagineer_V’s Vault of Concepts! I will feature my entire collection of concepts, post polls to vote, keep it up to date, and more!

Mary Poppins Series:
Mary Poppins
The Penguins
Jane & Michael Banks

The Little Mermaid Series with @Grim_grinning_Ghost:
Chef Louis

Coco Series with @Tragic-Magic
Pepita & Dante
Mama Imelda

Broadway Series:
Beetlejuice the Musical (the Musical the Musical)
Miss Argentina
Adam & Barbara Maitland
Delia Deetz
Lydia Deetz

Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
King George III
Thomas Jefferson
Marquis de Lafayette
James Madison
Hercules Mulligan
John Laurens
Philip Hamilton

Likely Concepts:
Isabella (Phineas and Ferb) Requested by @Xavier_The_Great
Go Go Tomago Requested by @RPH85
Honey Lemon Requested by @RPH85
Wendy Darling
Tarzan Requested by @Defender_Momo_LV

Unlikely Concepts:
Squirrel Girl & Tippy Toe

Other Big Projects:
Concept Making Guide
Walt Disney World Recreation in Unity
“How To” Guides


I love all of your concepts you’ve done so far


Mary Poppins update! She now has her 2nd Friendship

i am in need of an explanation of red skills and help creating one for a concept I am working on

I can help you.

awesome i will PM u


Too Many Bert Friendships
10 Homer Simpson

i do not think so… Bert has a strong connection with Mary and the Penguins so those make sense and he has two disks with non Mary Poppins characters

I decided to not do King Triton because he would be too hard

Maybe you could do prince eric


I am doing an Elimination Game!
click here to join in the fun

You can’t bold that

i know. i wanted to make it not the blue color lol

Quick update! I am no longer making Kaa (one of my concept requests), since although his skillset is easy to make, the source material he has is not a large amount, so it is hard to create skill names and other aspects. Sorry to anyone who may be disappointed.

You could actually combine him with another character like shere Kahn, that would be easier

thanks for the suggestion! I am going to move ahead with my future plans and slate Kaa for later.

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I thought this would be the best place to put the announcement so…
check out a guide I made for heroes with passive skills! I want to try to not just say what the skill does, but also how it performs in battle (pros and cons) and I need some people willing to help!

I will now take requests here, but I have to know it. I am also no longer doing the Halloween contest because my concepts are not quite ready to compete against others.

Can you do pete please?

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