Please Unrefresh Kim!

There’s enough evidence that Kim isn’t ok, no testing will solve that.

@Polaris will she get HP increased and some parts of old skillset returned, like stun or AOE dart effect, which shouldn’t be nerfed as it wasn’t mentioned in patch notes.


I hate this refresh!

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Will be there any response… what was the point moving here from known issues thread if there’s no visible activity…

I did respond - in this thread.

We have no immediate plans to change Kim’s refresh.

But it doesn’t necessarily address why many of her utilities were removed


Yesterday… it’s not like there wasn’t tons of new replies in this and other thread… without answer.

About yestarday’s reply

  1. What was the feedback?
  2. There were suggestions
    No reply to them
  3. Why she got nerfed at some parts of her skillset?
    Still unknown.
  4. Why her HP was decreased on Monday?
    • If it was known… what was with ‘‘great’’ boost replies, or at least update to this, it wasn’t and still isn’t great. ‘‘including a great increase in her stats’’ was said by you on Tuesday.

But her HP-boost from a refresh, as SP and BD was changed on Monday…

  1. Well… once again, good can’t happen.

Polaris@ I hope you don’t mind me replying, but the thing in terms of damage is the fact that power is ruled by Power Creep, so if a character who is similar to Kim Possible ability wise yet a lot stronger, so in that case why should we use Kim Possible?

That’s the core issue, there are characters in the game stronger than Kim Possible damage wise, so why should we use her for Damage.
Kim Possible need to be at least the power of Mulan if the refresh didn’t already, ideally at the power level of Disgust or better in order to be desirable to use these days.

I posted this video in another place and I hope it is okey that I post it here as well, it is a good insightful video.

Power will always be ruled by Power Creep and there is no getting around of that at the core.
However non-power based things such as Utility skills and Counter/Crowd Control skills can, which is why older characters can be good as their skill sets have skills that aren’t purely based on power, which in this case Kim Possible’s Team Heal, Stun and Slow would represent.
Without the non-power based skills whether or not she is good relies entirely on her power output, which unfortunately isn’t as good the newest of the new character’s power so due to that she is already considered outdated.

It isn’t just to try a different team combination necessarily, if someone is stronger power wise and can’t compete with Utility or Counter skills, why use them which is the case for Kim Possible unfortunately now from what I understand.


Her HP was not decreased. The number you’ve mined out of the client aren’t real numbers. We have to put in something when we submit the client, so we do a best guess, but we need the time between Friday and the actual release to refine a hero’s numbers to ensure they’re balanced in relation to other heroes. (Kim is now in the top 5 overall).

When we refresh a hero there is always a give and take. We want to bring the heroes up to be more useful but not totally destroy the meta. With Kim we wanted to make a significant change to her damage, but that meant we had to adjust some of her other skills. She wasn’t nerfed, she’s just different. Having Kim keep all her old skills plus all the new numbers would make her break the game.

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No there isn’t. Some examples are Maui, Felix, and Facilier.

The only ones where it was give and take was with QoH, Gizmo, Mim, and Kim.


She still got less HP than older heroes - Jumba and Amelia, despite being always in front.

Of what…?

Clearly… not.
Mim got removed stun but added hex (+stun) which more widely is applied to enemies.

No… she has plenty of counters. Same with stun.

And did the balance team checked Wasabi, Dash and (the_upcoming).

No refresh… so, at least…

This can be applied to the game?

(And keeping the Y0 badges as they appear in data)


What means “immediate” though - month? two? three? more? because after 3 months all new heroes will have 15% higher base stats anyway and the refresh is pointless.
I am all in for refreshes, but actually, more worthy would be to at least make every month 30 heroes’ stats raised to at least Honey Lemon’s (as in, a character 2-3 months old), disks and everything. Otherwise you are making an awkward situation where 20-25 characters are sort of good, the others are near unusable since their stats are too low to matter.

It was increased by 4% and anyone with an R19 fully badged and enhanced Kim.

Honey Lemon, anyone? How come she has the slip? Oh wait, I forgot, new heroes can be broken, my bad.

Of what?
HP? No.
Damage? You tested it? More people did?
Anything else?

not even in this situation, it already happened like half a year ago, before Kim was released, she didn’t get any HP boost with this refresh :joy:

@Polaris Something I said in our Discord.
Current situation of the game:

Jim Hawkins also deals a TON of damage and shield.
Kim is allowed to deal more damage (well… said, not really proven), but can’t slow as she used to? Or stun? Why?

Okay, let me put this out there, Kim’s new skillset is intended to make her work with a team, but you remove her team wide heal, so the statements are mutually exclusive.

In my personal opinion, the changes were to make her a soloer character, with no abiity to assist her team.
Given Kimmie’s story is all about helping others, this is inconsistent.



Must mean you wanna fix her in the far future :thinking:

Like Numi said

Let’s all hope to bring white skill glasses heal back!

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Remember you all wanted this refresh, and then you got it. And now you want a better refresh for her? Why didn’t you vote for a different hero, if that happened, all this “Kim needs a better refresh” stuff wouldn’t have happened.

:expressionless: :man_facepalming:

We Trusted Perblue On This Refresh… We didn’t think this Refresh would be horrible and have a hidden nerf!


I did vote for a different hero, I voted for Belle.

FYI, in the feedback topic, comments opposing the refresh were reported as inappropriate/off-topic.
Think about that deeply, posts about Kim’s refresh in a topic about Kim being refreshed were off-topic.

I don’t know what everyone else here did, but me personally, I didn’t trust the refresh would work and so, wanted to avoid it happening at all!
Then it went wrong and my suspicion was confirmed.


I agree, the heal was decent enough, the stuns too, I guess these are some of the “consequences” lol.

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