Pongo and Perdita Concept

“Perdita, darling, are you alright?”
“Oh, of course, dear. After all, dogs were having puppies long before our time.”

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Pongo and Perdita walk onto the battlefield

Victory: Pongo and Perdita sit up and smile at the player

Defeat: Pongo and Perdita lay down, looking sad. Perdita starts to cry as Pongo comforts her.f2a30d299b24524e3c29a4bbc926cda8

Basic Attack: Pongo bites the enemy, while Perdita swipes her paw at them.


White Skill: For the Puppies!
:fist: Normal Damage
The player chooses an enemy for Pongo to pounce onto doing X damage. Perdita then pounces onto the closest enemy that Pongo goes to doing Y damage. While on auto, Pongo and Perdita pounce onto the two closest enemies.

Green Skill: The Twilight Bark
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Pongo and Perdita bark at the enemies doing X damage, reducing their armor by X and silencing them for 5 seconds.

The silence has a chance to fail above level X enemies

Blue Skill: Seeing lots of spots
When Pongo and Perdita do damage, they gain 45% damage dealt as HP.

This is less effective above level X enemies.

Purple Skill: Dalmatian foundation
Pongo and Perdita gain an extra X HP.

Pongo and Perdita’s allies also have a 55% chance to resist charms and silence and heal for 25% of their max HP.

Red Skill: Famous Pongos
Once per wave, when Pongo and Perdita fall below 50% of their max HP, they heal for X HP for 10 seconds. They also gain X armor and Y reality for the rest of the wave.

Additional stat boosts:
+Z more damage to “For the puppies!” and “The Twilight Bark”
+Z max HP
+Z skill power


Pongo and Perdita - Judy Hopps
Puppying Around
Disable Immunity

  • Max HP
  • Basic damage
  • Skill power

Pongo and Perdita are immune to disables and gain 75 energy when blocking a disable.
+75 energy per star

Pongo and Perdita - Simba and Nala
Royal Guardians
Sheilds Allies

  • Max HP
  • Sheilds grant allies X armor and Y reality

Pongo and Perdita grant their allies shields for 15% of their max HP.
+15% shield HP per star

Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala Friendship Campaign Concept

Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps Friendship Missions

I hope you enjoy!


The only issue I have with this name is that Simba and Nala are felines…

I fixed it to now say Royal Guardians.

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Nice concept

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Great concept! I don’t get Perdita and Pongo much.

Do you mean as how they could be added? Or why I put them as a duo?

I mean concepts. I’ve seen a few but they’re greatly outnumbered by other popular heroes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see what you mean. I do want some popular heroes to come, but I also like giving the spotlight to others.

One more thing, I’ve also created some friendship campaigns for Pongo and Perdita’s two friendships. Check them out.

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Yeh those campaigns were awesome.check it out!link here!
Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala Friendship Campaign Concept

Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

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You accidentally put the same link twice.

Oops sorry

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