Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the other friendship campaign for Pongo and Perdita!

Campaign name: Cat and Dog Chase

Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala



Allies: Nick Wilde, Joy, Judy Hopps

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Pongo and Perdita and Simba and Nala are now friends!

Pongo: I gotta admit, you two really know how to handle yourselves out there.

Simba: Really? My dad says the outside world is dangerous.

Perdita: Well you and your friend certainly surprised us.

Nala: We SURPRISED you?! What’s that mean?

Pongo: Nothing! It’s just our job as parents to look out for kids. But you two seem to know how to handle yourselves.

Campaign Story: Since meeting the young cubs. Perdita has shown concern for them in the City, Pongo suggests they keep a watchful eye on them.

Pongo: Now, what are two young cubs like yourselves doing out here?

Perdita: City’s certainly too dangerous for two kids like you.

Simba: Danger? Ha! We laugh in the face of danger.

Nala: You want dangerous? We’ll show you dangerous hyenas!

Chapter 1: Joking With Danger

Chapter 1-1: Pongo and Perdita try to stop Simba and Nala as they rush towards a group of creeps.

Chapter 1-2: Simba tries to roar at the creeps, to get them to stop, but fails.

Chapter 1-3: Pongo and Perdita begin to pounce on the creeps, saving Simba.

Chapter 1-4: There are creeps behind Pongo and Perdita! Simba and Nala tumble their way in to help.

Chapter 1-5: Our heroes are surrounded! Pongo and Perdita’s barking scatters the creeps.

Pongo: The creeps aren’t going to be gone for long. I suggest you two get somewhere safe.

Simba: No way! We’ve got creeps to hunt down! Smell you later you spotted hyenas.

Chapter 2: Roaring Consequences

Chapter 2-1: Simba’s roaring attracts some nearby creeps! Pongo and Perdita fight back the creeps.

Chapter 2-2: Pongo bites into a Brute’s bat, swinging it into a horde of robots.

Chapter 2-3: Perdita asks if they’re okay. The two cubs roll their eyes.

Chapter 2-4: Nala gets curious of a nearby ally, creeps come flooding out!

Chapter 2-5: Pongo and Perdita rush into battle while Simba and Nala make faces at the creeps.

Simba: There. Now you see? We don’t need a babysitter.

Pongo: Okay, we’ll admit. You two handled yourselves there nicely.

Perdita: But that still doesn’t mean we’ll let two cubs run around unattended.

Nala: Fine. We’ll let you follow us.

Simba and Nala: If you can catch up!

Chapter 3: Lion Cub Chase

Chapter 3-1: Simba and Nala are off in a dash. With Pongo and Perdita far behind.

Chapter 3-2: Once again, Perdita is worried about the cubs’ safety.

Chapter 3-3: Simba and Nala are determined that they lost the two dalmatians.

Chapter 3-4: But it wasn’t long before they run smack into a group of creeps.

Chapter 3-5: They fought the creeps long enough for Pongo and Perdita to catch up.

Nala: You two again?! How do you catch up to us?

Perdita: We have ninety-nine children. We’re used to chasing after kids who think they are faster than us.

Chapter 4: Crossed Paths

Chapter 4-1: Simba and Nala do admit that taking care of so many children is impressive.

Chapter 4-2: Pongo also admits that Simba’s roar is getting better every day.

Chapter 4-3: Suddenly, the four are ambushed by creeps!

Chapter 4-4: Simba and Nala tumble left and right, defeating creeps.

Chapter 4-5: Pongo and Perdita pounce on the creeps as they retreat in fear.

Simba: Wow! That was some awesome pouncing! How’d you learn to do so good?

Pongo: It just comes naturally to us.

Perdita: Your tumbling seems effective too. Do you two do that a lot?

Nala: Every once in a while. Seems to work against creeps.

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Simba: Why is it that you tell us not to go near De Vile Manor?

Nala: Yeah, you never really told us why?

Pongo: It’s best you don’t know.

Chapter 5: Far From Home

Chapter 5-1: Pongo and Perdita ask Simba and Nala about their life in Pride Lands.

Chapter 5-2: Simba delves deep of talking about the many parts of his kingdom, friends and family.

Chapter 5-3: Pongo and Perdita were amazed of their bravery in the elephant graveyard.

Chapter 5-4: When the dalmatians ask were they live. They told them they stay in the park.

Chapter 5-5: It was the closest place to their home in the Pride Lands.

Perdita: If you two live in the park, who takes care of you?

Simba: Usually our friends, Timon and Pumba.

Pongo: Are they trustworthy?

Nala: Well depends on how you look at it. If you ask me, they’re weird.

Chapter 6: Long Live the King

Chapter 6-1: Next, Simba talks about his dad Mufasa, and his Uncle Scar.

Chapter 6-2: Mufasa and Scar didn’t really see eye-to-eye, especially when Mufasa found out Scar tried to kill Simba and Nala.

Chapter 6-3: Perdita and Nala take down some Ghouls, and Simba continues. Things start to get more intriguing and suspicious, when Scar had a surprise for Simba.

Chapter 6-4: Pongo and Perdita both raise eyebrows when they heard the two cubs wandered into the elephant graveyard alone.

Chapter 6-5: When Simba told them how Mufasa died, the two dalmatians couldn’t help but gasp.

Pongo: You killed your own father?!

Simba: It was an accident!

Perdita: O.K., but what did you do?

Nala: From what I can remember, Mufasa saves Simba.

Perdita: And then?

Simba: I couldn’t see what happened. But Dad fell and died, then my Uncle Scar said I killed him!

Simba: Ugh! You won’t even understand!

Pongo: Simba! Wait!

Chapter 7: Runaway Cub

Chapter 7-1: Simba rushes off, with Pongo, Perdita, and Nala close behind.

Chapter 7-2: Upset with Pongo and Perdita, and even himself, Simba takes it out on some nearby Mages.

Chapter 7-3: Pongo and Perdita run over to a group of incoming enemies, while Nala runs to Simba’s aid.

Chapter 7-4: Simba finds himself cornered when Nala comes scratching her way through the horde.

Chapter 7-5: Together, Pongo, Perdita, Simba and Nala take out the last of the creeps.

Perdita: Simba…please.

Pongo: We’re so sorry you had to see your father die, and that Perdi and I got upset.

Perdita: It’s just that as parents, it’s easier for us to ourselves in your parents paws than yours.

Pongo: BUT. We don’t think you would kill your father.

Simba: I’m sorry too you guys. You don’t think I killed him?

Nala: Of course not, Simba.

Simba: I felt so guilty that day… That I ran away from home.

Perdita: Pongo and I may not know your father. But we know he wouldn’t want you to cling on to a lie like that.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Pongo: Simba, if you’re going to be future king. Does that make Nala a future queen?

Simba: What?!

Nala: Me? A queen?! EW!!

Perdita: Why do you hesitate? We were just asking.

Chapter 8: Secret Family

Chapter 8-1: Simba is relieved that someone doesn’t think he really killed Mufasa.

Chapter 8-2: Pongo has some high suspicions that Scar is the real mastermind behind Mufasa’s murder.

Chapter 8-3: The Park still has some roaming creeps. They decide to finish them for the night.

Chapter 8-4: After the fight, Simba and Nala thank the dalmatians for following them.

Chapter 8-5: Before they left. Pongo asks the cubs if they would like to stay with them and their puppies.

Simba: We really appreciate your offer guys. But we’re quite happy in the Park.

Perdita: You sure?

Nala: Yeah, you two already have to look out for ninety-nine kids anyway.

Pongo: That is true. But we’ll make sure we visit you kids if you’re alright with that.

Simba and Nala: Yeah!

Perdita: it’s getting late now. We should get going, Pongo.

Pongo: See you kids tomorrow.

Simba: Bye, Pongo!

Nala: Bye, Perdita!

Campaign “Cat and Dog Chase” complete.

“Royal Guardians” unlocked.

Hope you enjoy!


For a first timer, your pretty great at this!!


Thank you. I had some experience with making stories before I joined the forums. You should check out my Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hoops friendship campaign concept.

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