Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s my first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Puppy Caper

Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps


Allies: Anger, Elsa, Miguel Rivera

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Pongo and Perdita and Judy Hopps are now friends!

Perdita: Judy, when we first met we’ve been meaning to ask you. What’s it like having 275 brothers and sisters?

Judy: Let me think. You know, I’ve never been asked that question before.

Pongo: Then I would assume it gets chaotic then?

Judy: Well, yeah. But it never feels lonely and we always have each other’s back no matter what.

Campaign Story: Puppies from all over the City are going missing, including the 99 dalmatian puppies! Pongo and Perdita team up with Judy Hopps to save them.

Perdita: Oh, Pongo this City is so different from home! How will we ever find our puppies?

Pongo: Now, now, Perdi. We can’t lose hope yet, let’s try the Twilight Bark.

Chapter 1: Lost Puppies

Chapter 1-1: In a last-ditch effort to find the 99 dalmatian puppies, Pongo and Perdita use the Twilight Bark.

Chapter 1-2: Unfortunately, the barking only succeeds in drawing creeps into the area.

Chapter 1-3: Soon the entire Covered Market is swarming with creeps, surrounding Pongo and Perdita.

Chapter 1-4: Pongo and Perdita get ready to battle by baring their teeth and claws at the creeps.

Chapter 1-5: Judy Hopps overhears the commotion, and jumps in to assist.

Pongo: Officer Hopps! Boy, we’re glad to see you!

Judy: Yeah, those creeps can be hard to handle for the two of you.

Pongo: chuckles Thank you. But not yet, Perdi and I need your help.

Perdita: It’s the puppies! They’re missing!

Judy: Ninety-nine missing puppies?! It sounds like a job for the ZPD! Let’s stop by the station and see if anyone’s heard anything.

Chapter 2: Fuzzy Blues

Chapter 2-1: Pongo, Perdita and Judy head downtown, where they run into a horde of creeps.

Chapter 2-2: Just before Judy could play dead. Pongo charges at one of the creeps with Perdita not far behind.

Chapter 2-3: Two of the creeps derezzed after the surprise pounce. The others retreat in fear, leaving Judy impressed.

Chapter 2-4: When they arrive at the ZPD, Judy goes to find Officer Nick Wilde.

Chapter: 2-5: Pongo and Perdita decide to help her find Nick. The sooner they find him, the sooner they can find their puppies.

Judy: I wonder where Nick went?

Perdita: From the powder on his desk. He must’ve gone on a doughnut run with Clawhauser.

Pongo: Perdita, I don’t think that’s the case. I also see some claw marks on his chair. I think he’s been taken by force.

Perdita: So this puppynapper is also kidnapping officers?

Judy: Sweet cheese and crackers. First, so many puppies are missing and now my partner Nick is missing? It sounds like more than just a puppy caper I got here.

Pongo and Perdita: Huh?

Chapter 3: Undercover Dogs

Chapter 3-1: Judy explains to Pongo and Perdita that they weren’t the only ones to report missing puppies.

Chapter 3-2: Reports have been flowing in of missing dogs all over the City.

Chapter 3-3: Miguel can’t find Dante, Penny is missing Bolt, and no one has seen Lady or Tramp.

Chapter 3-4: The one thing they all had in common was they all happened on the same night.

Chapter 3-5: Pongo suspects that this could mean something. Cruella De Vil is behind it.

Judy: Now let’s not jump to conclusions just yet Pongo. We don’t even have any evidence yet.

Perdita: Besides for all we know they could be caught by creeps.

Pongo: Well let’s start with talking to the owners of those dogs, maybe they saw something.

Judy: That’s a good start undercover dogs.

Perdita: Undercover dogs?

Judy: Of course! With my partner Nick missing, and you two have a possible lead on this caper, I’m going to need your help.

Chapter 4: Questions and Answers

Chapter 4-1: The trio heads out to find out if the owners of the missing dogs noticed something.

Chapter 4-2: The owners of Lady and Tramp didn’t see anything other than a strange truck in front of their house.

Chapter 4-3: Miguel also saw a truck in front of his house and notice Dante sniffing inside.

Chapter 4-4: Penny said Bolt saw a strange truck outside her house. But before she could get a good look, Bolt was already running towards the truck.

Chapter 4-5: Perdita realizes this could only mean one thing, Jasper and Horace are the dognappers!

Perdita: Oh, Pongo! Judy! We should’ve known sooner! It was them!

Judy: What, who?

Perdita: Jasper and Horace!

Pongo: They’re the dognappers?! But I thought they were in the City Jail.

Judy: Actually, someone bailed them out, just after they were put in for animal cruelty. Wait, you guys don’t think, that maybe…?

Perdita: It was her! The Devil Woman!

Friend Level 7 dialogue

Judy: Why is it that you two call Rodger and Anita your pets? Aren’t you technically their pets?

Pongo: US? Their pets?! That’s rather ridiculous if you ask me.

Chapter 5: All Paws on Deck

Chapter 5-1: Perdita is certain that Cruella De Vile is the one behind the missing dogs.

Chapter 5-2: Judy is still not sure about Cruella being the culprit. But suggests they find Jasper and Horace.

Chapter 5-3: As Pongo, Perdita and Judy head downtown, they see Jasper and Horace harassing some dogs.

Chapter 5-4: Pongo and Perdita see creeps coming their way. The two dalmatians fight them off.

Chapter 5-5: When the last of the creeps vanish, Judy hauls Jasper and Horace into the percint, with Pongo and Perdita not far behind.

Perdita: Pongo, I think you and Judy should interrogate Jasper and Horace, and I’ll stay out here.

Pongo: Perdita, darling, is everything ok?

Perdita: Oh, Pongo. I’m just worried about our puppies. I’m worried, we might be too late.

Judy: Don’t worry Perdita. I’ll make sure your puppies are found. Come on Pongo, let’s get Jasper and Horace to talk.

Chapter 6: Lone Canines

Chapter 6-1: Pongo follows Judy to the interrogation room, where Jasper and Horace are.

Chapter 6-2: The good dog, bad dog routine was hardly necessary, but they managed to get Jasper and Horace to spill everything.

Chapter 6-3: Meanwhile with Perdita, she hears creeps outside the station. She goes out to stop them.

Chapter 6-4: When Pongo and Judy exit the interrogation room, they see Perdita surrounded by creeps.

Chapter 6-5: Pongo pounces onto the skeletons that were about to strike Perdita. Judy kickboxes the mages from behind.

Pongo: Perdita darling, are you hurt?!

Perdita: I’m fine Pongo. I’m sorry, I was being wreckless there. Thank you for your help.

Judy: No problem. Anyway, Jasper and Horace finally cracked. They are working for The Devil Woman.

Pongo: Cruella De Vile. I knew it!

Chapter 7: Un Fur-gettable

Chapter 7-1: The trio begins to make their way to De Vile Manor.

Chapter 7-2: It was no surprise that they once again, they get ambushed by creeps. But this time they were ready.

Chapter 7-3: They made quick work with the creeps. But now they had to make a quick rescue before it was too late.

Chapter 7-4: The thoughts of the dalmatian puppies and Nick Wilde were all in vain. Could Pongo and Perdita save the puppies and the other kidnapped dogs? Could Judy reunite with Nick?

Chapter 7-5: The chance of seeing them again was speeding fast, as they head to De Vile Manor.

Judy: I gotta say this was great detective work here you guys pulled off today.

Perdita: Thank you. Though I still don’t get why Cruella wants with other dogs and a fox?

Pongo: I shudder to think about it Perdi. It’s also crazy how she went to further measures with kidnapping other dogs and an officer.

Judy: Honestly, how crazy has it been up to here today anyway? And don’t worry, I’ve got a good feeling we’ll get there in time.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Perdita: Judy, was it always your dream to be a police officer? Or did something happen that inspired you to become one?

Judy: It’s always been my dream when I was a kid. Ask my parents, they had no idea where it came from.

Chapter 8: Furry Stop

Chapter 8-1: When they arrived at De Vile Manor, Pongo and Perdita noticed the same truck that kidnapped the other dogs.

Chapter 8-2: They also noticed Cruella De Vile, hiding something under a bedsheet. Judy tells her to pull the sheet down immediately.

Chapter 8-3: Cruella quickly refuses, Pongo decides to pull the sheet down himself. As he does, the trio sees that it’s Officer Nick Wilde all tied up! Nick said Cruella was going to kill all the dogs she had Jasper and Horace kidnap, and turn them into furcoats. She was even going to turn Nick into a fox scarf.

Chapter 8-4: Judy, disgusted, and terrified by Cruella’s sinister plot, places her under arrest. While Pongo and Perdita untie Nick.

Chapter 8-5: After they untied Nick, he leads them to one of the doors in the manor. Behind the door, are all the dogs that were missing, including the dalmatian puppies.

Nick: Thanks you guys. You really saved our tails there.

Pongo: Well of course, it was our pleasure Officer Wilde.

Judy: Nick, how did Cruella even capture you in the first place?

Nick: Funny you should mention that, Carrots. I had some suspicions that Cruella was behind this. But the second I found the dogs, she knocked me out.

Perdita: I sure am glad we found you and our puppies. I don’t know what we’ve done.

Judy: Well I couldn’t have done it without you two that’s for sure. Anyway, Nick and I are going to take Cruella De Vile back to the percint.

Nick: And, I hope she gets a heavier sentence this time for her crimes.

Pongo: Perdita and I will make sure the rest of the dogs return to their owners, safe and sound.

Perdita: Until then. It’s been great working with you Officer Hopps.

Judy: You too, Pongos.

Campaign “Puppy Caper” complete.

“Puppying around” unlocked.

Hope you enjoy!


Very well made dialogue. Good job! I like it

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Thanks, I did put a lot work and heart into it.

No big deal. Will there be more?

Sure will. I’ll do the Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala campaign next. Not sure when it’ll be done.

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That’s okay. Take your time


Nice my Dude

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